Pink Yarrow ∞ Boundaries


A gentle tender of boundaries, Pink Yarrow helps caregiver and nurturers care for themselves by creating strong personal and energetic boundaries.

Specifically indicated for caregivers, mothers, and those with a strong presence of Cancer & Pisces in their Natal Charts.


Pink Yarrow is a keeper of our energetic boundaries. Pluck a piece and hold it close to your nose and you will be delighted to find the scent of honey. Many of us will be nurturers and caregivers in some form or another throughout our lifetime,  this can to be our own children and parents or in a professional atmosphere such as a nurse or teacher. When we care for others there is a certain amount of empathy and crossing energetic boundaries that is necessary to help care for the other.  Being open, tender, and loving is simply part of what the task requires. When we do this, we can take on the emotions and energies of the other person and it can become totally draining.

As a caregiver you can recognize that you need help with your energetic boundaries when your batteries or dead, you feel physically and mentally heavy, and like you are walking in a cloud. Pink Yarrow is a supreme ally for these times, helping you to lovingly mark your energetic and physical boundaries. You be empathetic without taking on the psychic upheaval of another. You can be a terrific caregiver and set up time and space where you honor yourself first (tip: this is the most necessary thing you will do as a nurturer) .

Take 1-9 drops up to 3x a day of the essence while you replenish yourself and create your boundaries or anytime you feel like you need to remember the wisdom of Pink Yarrow.

Add to baths at the end of the day or into lotion to help with boundaries.

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