Spanish Bayonet Essence ∞ Intention



A supportive ally indicated for the beginnings of new cycles and projects, Spanish Bayonet Essence helps one focus on what is important and get crystal clear your aim before you take action. Helpful for Entrepreneurs and during times of change.


Spanish Bayonet Yucca or as my grandmother calls it “Candle of Heaven” keeps it’s green year round. During the early summer, from it’s spiked green foliage spurts a few stems from which the delicate white cupped flowers bloom. It’s a stunning display watching the large rounded greenery shoot white flowers skyward like an arrow, often stopping people in their tracks to get a better look.

Spanish Bayonet essence, just like the look of the plant helps you to set up clear boundaries and get intentional about any actions that you take. The spiked green leaves push aside all extra information that isn’t necessary to making a decision and pulls what is needed together to form a glorious plan of action.

Specifically indicated when you find yourself running in circles unsure of the next step and when you are unable to focus on what is important. A terrific ally for entrepreneurs and during spiritual development work, this essence helps you center your thoughts and get clear on where you are aiming before taking the next step. During times when intentional embodiment is a requirement (difficult conversations, Interviews, being on stage, an as a support person for example) Spanish Bayonet Essence is an exceptional ally.

Also a supportive essence during the beginning stages of any new project or cycle. A supportive essence for the New Moon and New Year.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 2 in

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