Spring Beauty ∞ Inner Child


Spring beauty is indicated during Inner Child Work and Shifting negative behavior patterns that are rooted in Childhood. For those ready to embrace a new cycle in their lives and return to their true nature, both inside and out.

In a base of honey brandy.


Spring beauty’s arrival marks the true beginning of Spring as it carpets edges of lawns leading into the deep of the woods. Delicate and pink, they grow in clusters looking like soft clouds on the dark leaves and in grey green grasses of earliest spring.

Spring beauty helps to shift one from the depths of fear, impatience, and longing into renewal and innocence of your inner child. Many of us when experiencing deep seated and strong emotions are hearing the cry of our inner child and are pointing to where our needs are not currently being met or how we are expecting our needs to not be met because they weren’t when we were young. Spring beauty lovingly and innocently takes you into your own heart and allows you to heal the wounding and ask for what you need to feel safe in the moment so that you can play again.

As we return to our inner child to it’s natural state of being, we are also invited into new ways to be in the world. Discover how to shift out of negative conditioning states of fear and into play. Spring beauty often begins at the edge of the wild spaces and leads into the heart of a forest. As she asks you to tend to your inner world leaving the safety of cultivated space and into your own wild heart, she is also a supreme ally for returning to the nature of the outside world. For those wanting to re-wild and head into the outdoors with an open heart, Spring Beauty can help you fill your eyes with the wonder and excitement of a small child. Suddenly you no longer see a cluster of bushes, but instead a secret hideaway. A tree is now a playground (and gym). And an Acorn on moss becomes home to fairies. You are renewed into playful innocence.

Specific indications: Extreme outbursts of anger and impatience over seemingly simple things, a desire to enter into inner child work, or to embrace innocence and play in the outdoors.

Dosage: 1-9 drops up to 3x a day.

Add to your water bottle when heading into the outdoors.

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