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Sagittarius Newsletter 11/26/19


Welcome to the new newsletter format. Here you will find:

Sagittarius New Moon: Healing Integrations

A story for the honorable hunter (of deals & success)

Why you should start those resolutions this month

Herbs for the season

December Astrology: Healing childhood wounds & becoming the Matriarch

New Moon Sagittarius

This moon brings with it the capacity to heal some deep seated wounding that you are ready to let go. Be mindful of what old pains are coming up over the next few weeks, how did those experiences shape you to become believe certain things weren’t possible? What would happen if you allowed the conditioning and fears that those situations brought up to heal? This next month is about integrating the healing work that you have done to this point and believing that the next level of healing is open and possible for you. Make yourself the promise over the next month to believe that healing is possible for you, that you don’t have to continue to suffer because of what has happened in the past. Allow yourself this month to believe that there is another path forward for you, one where you are able to move through and beyond your wounding into a future free of the suffering that your traumas have caused you. Beyond believing, the most challenging part of healing old pain is that we must feel it. We can’t subdue or push it down, we must allow it to surface and feel it all. As we do, we must go to our support systems. Do not go to the people who have hurt you to be held. Always reach out to a professional if you begin feeling overwhelmed. I have so much love for you and your healing.

head directly to the rest of this months astro energy

Sagittarius season

The season of the archer is in full swing. It is no coincidence that hunting season falls under this sign. As our ancestors would have faced a dead world, with few foods available in during the freezing months, they would have turned to the hunt. Optimism, a trait that most native Sagittarius have in droves relates to these days of the hunt. Our ancestors faced with a frozen world during the dark months would have headed to the woods will their weapons to feed their communities. Hunting requires patience, aim, and a solid dose of optimism to get you through long hours of cold stillness. 

I’m reminded of a story I heard in the book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kilmer, a must read for herbalists and anyone ready to walk in right relationship to our mother earth. In the book she tells a story, that I will recount here to the best of my memory, about some young hunters bragging about their kills, how they could take multiple deer in one day, and even taking some shots that didn’t result in kills. As the young men spoke and elder listened on quietly. At last the elder, who had been hunting his whole life spoke. “I only take one bullet when I go to the woods, because I don’t miss”. He continued on to say how during his hunt he spotted two small bucks early in the morning, and he let them pass. He saw another 6 deer come past him, always staying slightly hidden behind the trees. He let them pass. Another large buck who was looking around warily, keeping to the edge of the hunters line of sight. He let him pass. In total he saw 13 deer that day, and evening was coming on quickly, when a large buck walked directly into his line of sight. The buck paused, looked at him head on, making what would have been eye contact with the elder hunter, as if to say “I’m here, I’m willing”. The elder made a clean shot with his single bullet. 

The story of the elder hunter applies to all of the things we hunt in life. When we hunt for deals, lovers, opportunity, and authentic success. We must be willing to let opportunity that isn’t meant for us to pass. If we take every opportunity that crosses our path it is easier to miss, and be distracted. When the moment that is clearly meant for us comes we must be confident enough to go after it fully (only take one bullet), and above all we must hunt for what serves our highest good and not our ego (hunt to fill your plate, not your bragging rights)

As we move into the next decade, this is the season to begin your goal setting and vision boarding. Many of us have some intention and resolution setting as we step into the new year. Often we get caught up in the rush of the holiday season and find ourselves putting pen to paper during the last days or hours of the year. While the last few days of the year are a very practical time to get specific about how you are going to accomplish your goals, it’s not the most auspicious time to dream big, that instead falls to the energy of Sagittarius season. I encourage you, as I will be doing myself, to allow yourself to break down your mental barriers to what you want to accomplish in the coming year or decade. What are your wildest dreams? How would your life look if you could do exactly what you wanted? What does your heart most desire? What work is your soul most called to do? Now is the time to go far out, dream big, and put pen or images to paper.

Activity for the Season

 My favorite way to work with big dreams is with a vision board. Printing out specific images or clipping pictures from magazine and creating a collage to go on a visible place on my wall. Personally I found creating a vision board much easier once I began using the Feng shui map on my vision boards. In Feng Shui has 9 areas that correspond to the different directions. They are Knowledge, Family, Prosperity, Public Identity, Health, Career, Helpful people/travel, children/creativity, and Relationships. I use the Feng shui map to decide where to put certain images on my vision board and it helps me to get clear on every aspect of my life instead of hyper focusing on certain areas. It can also help you to get clear on the energy set up of your home! A little Feng shui can go a long way. The image below details the feng shui bagua that can be applied to your vision board and your home!

The planetary ruler of Sagittarius is the expansive and optimistic Jupiter, which rules the liver in our bodies. As we head into the season of fatty and rich foods some extra liver support can be a good idea to prevent sluggishness and toxicity building up. Dandelion root, Yellow Dock, Milk Thistle can all help to detoxify and protect the liver. 

Herbs of Jupiter

Taraxacum Officinale

Dandelion Root

Taste: Bitter, Salty, Sweet

Energetics: Cooling & Drying

Tissue State: Damp/Stagnation 

Dandelion root is a premier herb for the Liver & Gallbladder. In my own experience I ended up in hospital with 33 small gallstones. I was recommended for surgery and was asked to come back a month later for a test to see how little function reminded in my gallbladder. During my month away I drank dandelion root in my tea almost daily. Upon my return, I was found to have a gallbladder functioning at 99-100%. Confused they sent me for another ultrasound and I had ZERO gallstones. Needless to say, I still have my gallbladder. 

Dandelion helps stimulate production of gall and cleanses the liver. When we have a toxic and sluggish liver we are fatigued and congested. The root has the largest cholagogue (liver stimulating) properties. It also helps one to feel grounded, energetic, and centered. A terrific ally during winter when we are consuming more fatty, rich, and heavy foods. 

Melissa Officinalis 

Lemon Balm

Taste: Sour 

Energetics: Cooling

Tissue states: Excitation & Wind/Tension 

A sedative from the mint family that works best on the excitation & wind/tension states, this is a terrific ally for those who experience anxiety that shows up in their digestive system. For those who suffer from anxiety induced insomnia, depression, and panic attacks. Particularly ones that get a feeling of being choked up and suffering heart palpitations during their panic attack or have trouble with digestion because of anxiety. 

Emotionally Balm is for those who feel unable to experience joy. Their hearts are burdened by tiresome memories that seem to be triggered by day to day events. Balm helps to clear the mind of troubling thoughts and according the Culpepper “causes the mind and heart to become merry, and revivith the heart”

Stachys officinalis 

Wood Betony 

Taste: Sweet + Aromatic 

Energetics: Hot & Dry 

Tissue States: Atrophy, Tension, Depression 

Wood betony is a terrific remedy for Vata constitutions, particularly those that are prone to having unending circular thoughts that result in anxiety. If you are prone to having hypothetical conversations in your mind (thinking through events that may never happen) or other swirling types of anxiety. For people that are prone to dissociation and are often outside of their bodies. Wood betony combed with St.Johns wort will begin to reset and regulate a disordered digestive system that has been suffering from ever changing systems. 

Emotionally, wood betony is one of my favorite allies for chronic anxiety and prevention of a panic attack. When a sedative effect is not needed, but the mind needs to be slowed and brought back down to daily matters Betony is a a potent helper. 

Astragalus membranaceus


Taste: Sweet 

Energetics: Warming & moistening 

This powerful adaptogen, tonic, and antibacterial herb is a must have for a winter home apothecary. Considered the “young persons ginseng” Astragalus is immune boosting and over time will build one’s ability to fight off viruses and bacterial infections. It is particularly powerful for those who have experienced a debilitating illness or are suffering from chronic fatigue. With affinity for the spleen, liver, and heart I regularly add it to my weekly batch of bone broth throughout the winter. 

December Energy

Jupiter in Capricorn December 2nd: Whew! This is a big one ya’ll. After a year of Jupiter in it’s home sign of Sagittarius it’s moving Into it’s debility, Capricorn. Capricorn which is ruled by Jupiters opposite constricting and limiting planet, Saturn is all about practical reality and hard work. Which is awesome if you’re ready to put in the effort to achieve those big goals that you’ve been dreaming about over the last year. Capricorn is the long, sliding, and arduous slog up to the top of the Mountain. It’s less about dreaming and aiming and all about picking the damn mountain you want to climb and going at it. It requires focus, determination, and sheer stubbornness to reach the top. If you’re ready to put in the work, Jupiter is sure to reward you with success and expansion beyond your wildest imagination. Jupiter will be in Capricorn for 1 year, be sure to check your natal chart to see what house and planets you have in Capricorn to see where Jupiters energy will be touching on over the next year. Haven’t decided on what mountain you are going to climb or haven’t been dreaming big over the last year? Use the rest of this week with Jupiter in Sagittarius to dream big! 

Mercury in Sagittarius December 9th: With Mercury moving into Sagittarius our mind finally is able to get out of the depth & intensity of Scorpio and into the buoyancy of Sagittarius. Expect to be able to dream a little bigger and find your communication to be more optimistic. This is a terrific time to set intentions for the next year, make your business plans, and make “hypothetical” plans with lovers & friends for goals, travel, and parties. This is the time to set the goals, but not to flesh them out. Just be sure you come back to them after Christmas to get specific about how you can start accomplishing these big dreams! 

Full Moon in Gemini December 12: This moon brings with in a deep sensitivity and big emotions that can be confusing. Continuing with the healing of the new moon, something is coming up from childhood, especially relating to your relationship with your mother. A deep and old wound, one you likely didn’t even realize you were carrying. This can bring deep confusion and a dreaminess with it. Like you are looking at a memory though fog and you can’t quite get a good look at it. Clarity is not what is required of you at the moment, only a willingness to release this old wounding. Allow the pain & confusion to arise, and then let out your breath and let it go. When we look at childhood wounding, our parents will typically harm us in a way that they were harmed. When our parents don’t love us the way we need/want, it’s typically in a way that they weren’t loved in a way that they needed. Instead of holding onto old pain, we must be willing to transcend these old wounds, heal them in ourselves, so that our relationships may be healed. All of us crave intimacy, safety, and community in our relationships and want to be part of a “big happy family”. Many will search far and wide for that family, only to find that they’ve had one all along. All that is required is take up the mantle of your own healing, so that you may lead by example. When you release old wounds and conditioning, those around you often will as well. Be the Matriarch that your family so deeply needs, you’ve got this. 

A note on New Moon in Capricorn: The new moon in December is particularly auspicious as it occurs conjunct Jupiter. I will write more in depth about it in the next newsletter, but as the energy will be so potent I bring it up now because the healing work and goal setting work you do this month will pave the way for this next new moon. The start of a large cycle of growth, so release, heal, and plot your wild success beloved. Don’t allow anything to get in your way this month. 

Blessings to you and yours over the season of optimism! Are you liking this new newsletter set-up, or would you prefer to old way? I am here to serve you, let me know what you want to see and I will make it happen! Drop me a comment or reach out to me at

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