Understanding Your Moon Sign 


April, 9 2020

Caring for our Sun Sign gives us Energy, Caring for our Moon sign is how we direct that energy. 

One of the best things about Astrology is it helps us pinpoint how to take better care, or bare minimum appease, the complex and often contradictory pieces that make us a whole. So often in our masculine energy dominated culture, we value the DOING and achieving over the flowing and peace of mind. It's when we focus on feeding both our Sun that increases our natural vitality & energy, but also doing activities that support our Moon (or emotional state) that we take full control of how we show up in the world. 

Are you not sure how your emotional state relates to your energy levels? Imagine with me for a moment a day that I'm sure you're familiar with. You wake up rip, raring, and ready to go...only to stub your toe, spill coffee, get stuck in traffic...and suddenly they day has barely even started and your battery is drained. 

That's because our energy is distributed by our emotions! How to we keep smooth sailing on our inner waters? By taking exceptional care of ourselves! How do we do that? By meeting the needs of our Moon Signs! Click here to access the free guide, or keep reading! 

The Moon by Element

Fire Moons:

(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Emotional energy in this element are dynamic, passionate, ambitious, and love to start things. In general, they have the energy to chase after their desires and start new projects with huge reserves of energy that also will bring others to their cause. However, if there is not some other benefit to continuing with the project these moons will lose their wind halfway through, as they want to start not sustain things. On the other hand, if there are benefits to back up the project (Prestige, Money, Trappings of Success) they will work tirelessly and endlessly until they burn out.

Two keys to a fire moon are always being tapped into your heart when seeking to achieve. You must always have the good of others on your mind as well as your own needs. Fire should always and only be directed by the heart itself, not the mind or ego.

When Anger, Rage, or Frustration take over you have lost the battle for that moment. Learn to step away and literally cool off. Drink lime water, Rose cordial, or Chomp down on a juicy peach.

Air Moons:

Emotional Energy in this element is very mercurial, changeable, anxious, and thoughtful. Frequently Air sign moons find themselves floating outside their body, lost in their thoughts when trying to process big emotions. They’d rather *think* through their emotions than feel them. Unfortunately, emotions must be felt to be processed. Air sign moons have emotions that frequently change and will often want to talk through them with others. Anxiety is common in these moons as a warning sign that they are thinking through their emotions & not currently in their body.

The key to working with Air moons are to eat grounding foods such as root vegetables and do practices that get you in your body, such as weight lifting. Nervine and Antispasmodic herbs can be helpful for Air people who suffer from tense emotional states. 

Water Moons:

WHEW! The moon is in her natural home in water signs. Emotions in this sign are fluctuating, receptive, and Deep (yes, with a capital D). Just like the ocean, frequently you’ll find boundaries issues with Water Moons. Either literally taking on the emotions of others by feeling out the room or always taking on others emotional burdens. These types have to work to create strong boundaries in their relationships, but also energetically. In times of emotional upheaval, learning to step away and practice separating the emotions pick up from the news broadcast, their friend who called in crisis, and their fussy child from how they actually feel is deeply important.

Learning to step away from situations that are crossing your boundaries and saying "NO" as a complete sentence Is super important. Taking up an art practice can also be super healing to move emotions of yourself or others through your being and back out into the world.

Earth Moons:

Emotions in this sign are practical, grounded, dependable, but prone to getting stuck. These types have a tendency to let things build, and build, and build until they are heavy and stuck. Practical and sound people who are far more concerned with the physical world around them that dealing with the emotional realm they pick their battles, often avoiding them when they shouldn’t. Why break the peace of the day just do deal with some pesky emotional issue. The problems arises when the straw breaks the camel's back and they now have a heap of issues they haven’t dealt with. Learning to break the peace and face up to problems on hand as they happen can save you from either physical hoarding or emotional hoarding. Just because you have been the calm in the storm to so many others doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to storm yourself.

It’s important for Earth moons to keep things fluid and moving. Spending time in water, having a regular good cry, and asking others to hold space for them is important.

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