July 13


Saturn & Success

By Kacy Danae

July 13, 2020

Are you struggling to stay focused on your goals? Perhaps you find yourself making progress towards a dream, only to bail half-way through - leaving a trail of half-finished projects in your wake.  The head Village Witch shares how to align with soul purpose through balancing Saturn energy with simple flower essences.

We all face challenges as we progress towards our goals.  Reaching for more in your life inherently triggers shadows and setbacks.  The head Village Witch, Kacy Danae, shows #FeelingFree how to balance Saturn energy with flower essences that elevate our ability to achieve our dreams!

Saturn, Success, & Setbacks

Are you unable to remain committed to your goals? Or do you feel like it is nearly impossible to make consistent progress towards reaching your dreams? This is a sign your Saturn is out of balance, and it is time to get back on track!

Whether you are committing to healthier habits, building a business, or changing careers, the difference between success or failure is how you respond when you hit those roadblocks. 

Saturn's placement in your astrological chart indicates your soul's purposes and points to how you will live out your objectives & responsibilities in the world. Saturn shows us what is required to live your most successful life.

Saturn is present to shape you into the person you are designed to be. No one else is like you.  If you are attempting to follow someone else's path in life, Saturn is there to redirect you.  Depending on how aligned you are to your purpose, this can be gentle sculpting, or it can feel like you are being pushed through a rock into a hard place.  

Ask yourself how willing you are to work with Saturn in your life!

Your Saturn placement points to how to best align with our soul's purpose in this life, showing you the unique value you bring to the world.  However, just because you are destined for success in your soul's mission does not mean it will be easy.  Many times, we have clarity and awareness around our purpose but experience significant resistance and fear.  

Saturn works with your energy to support you in being consistent towards advancing your goals, preparing you to live out your life’s purpose.

Saturn in the Body

In the body, Saturn rules the skeletal system & spleen. 

  • The skeletal system is quite literally what gives our bodies structure.  The skeletal system keeps us upright as well as in motion. The way our bones are shaped gives our body a uniform consistency, allowing us to take on a specific form instead of being a big puddle of organs and tissues.  Like Saturn structuring our life around our foundational purpose, the skeleton provides the frame and foundation for our bodies.

  • The spleen is part of our immune system removing damaged or old blood cells out of circulation. It is the control unit for what blood will circulate and what needs to be broken down and repurposed. In that same way, Saturn helps us break down and rid projects that are no longer worth our energy to pursue.

If you feel stuck and unable to progress on your goals OR like you are not consistent enough to achieve your dreams, discover how to balance Saturn energy with simple flower essence remedies below!

Symptoms of an Imbalanced Saturn

When Saturn is in balance, you live your life in total alignment with your unique purpose. You take on responsibilities and challenges in your life with an unshakeable devotion to your mission. Your load is neither too heavy nor too light because you are only carrying the work that is yours to do this world, not others' expectations. You are true to yourself and follow through on your words and commitments.

Do not worry if this is not you right now! It is normal to experience imbalance throughout our lives.  This is where the head Village Witch and flower remedies can support you in rebalancing your energy.

  • Most of the head Village Witch’s clients come with two complaints.  Either: "I can't stay consistent on reaching my goals" or, on the flip side, "All I do is work"  In both cases, the problem lies within Saturn's energy!

The experience of Saturn in our lives is physical and tangible. Saturn reveals itself as something we know we must do (i.e., that feeling like  you are meant to do something, and can’t seem to explain the why).  Saturn is a very palpable presence, showing a vested interest in how we live our soul purpose. 

Without the leadership of your values and personal direction, Saturn can become unruly and rouge - causing havoc and mayhem.

Excess Saturn Energy

When Saturn is in excess, you are wearing the weight of the world on your shoulders.  The persistent feeling that you have to do everything right now for things to be okay.

  • Emotional & Mental: If your Saturn is in excess, chances are you are very responsible. You focus on checking off all of the boxes of what society or your family tells you to do. Unfortunately, even when you know a job, relationship, or other situation is not right for you, you choose to stay - no matter how unhealthy.  Settling for "good enough" quickly turns into "I'm stuck."  You will not risk your checklist to reach for something greater. 
  • Social: Frequently, you engage in “appropriate” social activities for your age & social class, but find little joy in them. You put all of your energy towards doing what is expected of you.  This leaves you missing out on what you actually prefer to do for fun!
  • Physical: Excess Saturn manifests as depression both the mind as well as other bodily functions. For example, the immune system begins to decrease in function. The blood flow can be reduced, leading to circulatory issues. Over time, toxins and other wastes accumulate in the body, leaving you bloated and sick.  Growths on the skin are also a common symptom of excess Saturn energy. 
  • Astrological: A chart with a predominance of earth signs, particularly in Capricorn, can indicate a predisposition towards excess Saturn.

Deficient Saturn

When you have a deficient Saturn, you may find it challenging to stay focused on one goal.  Another symptom is when you frequently switch gears on the projects you take on and fail to finish or make consistent progress.

  • Emotional & Mental: When Saturn is deficient, there are a lot of spinning wheels without gaining traction. If your biggest goal was climbing a mountain, you'd start climbing it, and before you make it half-way to the top, you go "ooh, this is hard or not happening as fast as I'd like," and next thing you know you've climbed down the mountain and start climbing another one.

. There is a lack of consistency in staying devoted & focused enough to make lasting progress on achieving your goals or creating healthy habits.

  • Social:  This can be a hard placement because it often comes with really great intentions but lacking in integrity. It can often be biting off more than you can chew and not follow through on commitments with friends or others. It's learning to say no, and build up consistency in taking action.

  • Physical: Often, there is an excess of mucus or water in the body. Bloating, Bacterial, or Candida infections, Digestive upset & Sinus issues are common. Long term problems with nutrient deficiency, bone loss, and cavities are also a regular occurrence.

  • Astrological: A chart that has Saturn in a Water or Fire sign has a weakened Saturn. Mainly if it is in Cancer, Leo, or Aries, a chart with a predominance of water will also likely have some work to do with their Saturn. 

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How can you balance EXCESS Saturn energy?

  • Do you only do what is expected of you, and struggle to know what you want to do?

  • Are you tired of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

  • Do you desire to see what you like to do for fun? 

  • Are you ready to feel fulfillment in your life?

If you answered “Yes,” or “OMG, that’s me!!” to any or all of the above questions, an essential step towards balance is learning to embrace the “NO!” Practice saying, “No,” to others, and get curious around your decision making patterns.

Do not take on more responsibilities! Start looking at how you can move things off your plate, either through delegation or relishing the tasks.  

Be intentional in reflecting on what you like to do for fun.  Try something unexpected to see how you like it.  Before you dive in, ask yourself, “Am I doing this because I want to? Or because it is what others expect of me?”

In addition to these personal practices, flower remedies also support your ability to act to balance.  Start reducing your Saturn energy with flower essences and foods!

Supportive Flower Essences to Reduce Excess Saturn Energy

  • Mullein: Often, with excess Saturn, there is a buried sensation of grief. This grief is present from all the times you chose to meet an expectation over living in your truth. Mullein begins softening the hardened places in your being, including the stuck, built-up grief energies.

  • Purple Crocus: When you feel afraid to take even the smallest, calculated risk, Crocus allows you to shift away from fear. The first flower to break out of the hard winter ground, Crocus, encourages you to stay open and try something new. It gives you the faith to say, "It's okay that I don't know what's out there, but I'm going to try anyway."

  • Black Walnut:This powerful essence supports you in moving out anything that is no longer serving you. It can be challenging to part with the situations, relationships, or habits in our lives that no longer serve our highest good. Black Walnut allows you to gently create new boundaries and close the chapters that have run their course in your life.  

  • Agrimony: Agrimony helps you to get curious about your inner self & motivations. It fosters the ability to get back in touch with your deepest desires and begin communicating with others. After being consistent with yourself and your loved ones in a misaligned way, it can be challenging to accept the changes. However, as you embrace your full potential, agrimony supports you in understanding yourself and explaining changes to others with ease.

  • Crab Apple: If you do what is expected of you, it is scary to do what you want. Sometimes we are conditioned to follow someone else's life path, and with that, there are inborn feelings of "that's bad" towards what we truly want to do. At times, something might feel physically dirty to do. Notice it and reach for the crab apple. Crab apple helps you to tap into your compass and clear your inner waters. It makes it feel safe and right for you to follow your own heart.

How can you restore DEFICIENT Saturn energy?

  • Are you ready to stay focused and consistent in your goals?

  • Do you aim to face each day knowing that you are supported to crush your goals?

  • Do you hope to create a daily structure that enables healthy habits? 

  • Are you ready to feel devoted to your higher life purpose?

Increase your Saturn energy by committing to one or two small healthy acts every day (like drinking all your water or spending 10 minutes in reflection).  Once you gain momentum, examine how you can better commit to your long-term goals.  Break the big dreams into little steps and get walking! 

Your soul journey begins by putting one foot in front of the other in the SAME DIRECTION, one day at a time.

Do you still find yourself saying,"But... uh, that's my problem. I can't stay consistent & focused!"? Then, start adding in Saturn energy into your life with these supportive plant allies!

Supportive Flower Essences to Increase Saturn Energy

  • Spanish Bayonet: Spanish bayonet is an invaluable remedy for being intentional in your actions. When you find yourself always busy, but never actually moving the needle forward, this essence helps you to take aligned action. Move spontaneously, but intentionally in the right direction. Clearly understand what energy expenditures are not worth your time, and those that will pay off in spades. 

  • Cleavers: This sickly little plant helps you to STICK WITH IT, and stick with it effortlessly. No more quitting just before you become successful or "switching mountains" this essence keeps you on your path

  • Mountain Pride: It is not easy to achieve on a high level, or to show up for your greater purpose. There comes a time when you must align your inner spiritual work with your presence and actions in the external world. Mountain pride gives you the strength & conviction to say the course through challenges and stand up for your truth. When you're questioning, "Should I just give up and be normal," this is the essence for you. 

  • Comfrey:  Many times, what keeps us from standing up for our real purpose is that something is left unhealed. There is a fear or an outdated belief that needs to surface to heal before you can move forward. Comfrey encourages us to believe in ourselves and our mission on a bone-deep level. It is the ability to say, "I know who I am, I know what I'm here to do, and nothing will stop me from being that because it is what I am!" — a true embodiment of medicine.

No matter what your greater mission is in life, simple actions and flower remedies can help balance your Saturn. A balanced Saturn gives you the ability to make your wildest dreams a reality and share your gifts with the world in a very tangible way.

Understand that fully embodying your purpose is not always the “easy” thing to do.  It is not always the “socially acceptable” way to be. How boring would life be if without growth and challenge?

When you align with and balance your Saturn energy, you experience a whole more profound level of life fulfillment.  You feel whole and authentic in your work, home, and relationships. You know what you are here to accomplish.  You get what you want out of life.  You experience the confidence it takes to make your dreams a reality.

Kacy Danae

About the author

Kacy is a Tea Swigging, Cat loving, Astrologist & Herbalist obsessed with cheerleading women to true fulfillment in all areas of their life by living out their charts. She combines Astrology & Herbalism together seamlessly, giving both guidance and support. She lives on a farm in West Virginia with her partner, dogs, and cats.

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