July 28


Part of fortune

By Kacy Danae

July 28, 2020

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The Part of Fortune is the most widely used of the many Arabic Parts. Shown in the chart by a circle with a sideways x through it, it shows where we "fortune smiles" on us. The part of fortune shows the place where you feel most lucky, blessed, and abundant in life. It’s where the money comes easy, recognition is yours, and you feel the hand of fate working to guide you to exactly what you want. It is through aligning with your Part of Fortune that you are able to most quickly work towards finding the success you desire. The sign, house, and any planets that conjunct it are all clues to how to align with it. 

The Part of Fortune through the signs


With your Part of Fortune in Aries success comes to you when you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and face your fears. When you take initiative and jump into action with the confidence that you have everything you need to overcome any of the roadblocks that may face you, you will find yourself being rewarded. While you can accomplish much on your own, you also have the ability to inspire & lead others to help with your vision. Don’t let your success get to your head though, become too selfish or egotistical and you will find that your luck will begin to turn.


With your Part of Fortune in Taurus success comes to you when you work steadily towards achieving your long term goals. You are rewarded for your consistent and practical efforts having the determination that far outweighs your peers. It is your patience, resourcefulness, and thriftiness that wins out in the end. You have great taste in what you buy, so when you do invest in something it is built to last. As long as you’re not overindulging in luxury for today, without saving for tomorrow, you will be the most likely to live in comfortably and securely. 


With your Part of Fortune in Gemini success comes from your versatility, connections, and intelligence. There is no path for you to follow, except for the one laid by your own innate curiosity. As a jack of all trades, the only mastery in your life is through your own unique expression. Go where the wind blows, do the unusual thing, stay open-minded, and take notes along the way. It is the bigger picture of your life and journey that brings you good fortune. You’re made to talk and express yourself, just make sure when you’re talking…you’re actually saying something. 


With your Part of Fortune in Cancer success comes from tending to the emotional undercurrents of life and nourishing yourself and others on a soul level. From feeding bodies with healing recipes to listening to the cares of others. Fortune smiles when you help to sustain life through the darkest days, and celebrate it on the brightest moments. As keeper of stories and traditions, you help keep everyone together, uplifted, and connected. Just make sure you’re not spending so much time helping others that you neglect yourself. Success will not come if your cup is empty. 


With your Part of Fortune in Leo success comes when you love the person that looks back at you in the mirror. You are noble, courageous, generous, and affectionate. When you are able to acknowledge just how incredible you are, you will find yourself surrounded by people that agree with you. Your confidence and ability to speak from your heart will inspire others to do the same. Just make sure that keep your humility and don’t forget where you came from, or you’ll find that circle of people who see your worth grow smaller.


With your Part of Fortune in Virgo success comes from your analytical and honest view of the world. You are practical and able to take large visions make them a reality through your ability to attend to the details and break things down. You work best when you are able to help others, but must be appreciated for the efforts you put in. Fortune smiles when you tend to your own health and wellbeing. Be wary of being your own worst enemy, or becoming overly critical of others. 


With your Part of Fortune in Libra success comes from growing through partnerships, romantic and otherwise. It is through finding ways to harmonize your relationship with others that exponential growth takes place. Through your honest self expression, you set others free. Through your impartial and sympathetic understanding, balance can be achieved. Fortune smiles as you learn not only to co-exist but cooperate with individuals that are very different from you. Just be careful that the scales aren’t being balanced by betraying your own wants and needs. 


With your Part of Fortune in Scorpio success comes with you engage with the mystery and depth of the human experience. Use your natural penetrating energy to understand lies under the surface of existence and discover the secrets of nature. What motivates people? What is our greater purpose? Fortune smiles on your tenacity to gain greater understanding of the world. When the going gets tough, you find ways to keep rising from the ashes. Be careful using your understanding of what makes people tick against them. 


With your Part of Fortune in Sagittarius success comes through your generosity, optimism, and vision. As you build your personal philosophy of  “how life works” make sure you’re not creating more rules and complication for yourself. If you believe it is easy, it will be. You are naturally expansive and the more you reach out and expect the best, the more you’ll find. Opportunity is drawn by inspiration and grand vision, make sure you are sharing it. Avoid any “get rich quick” schemes and stay clear of the casinos. 


With your Part of Fortune in Capricorn success comes through self-discipline and working to steadily reach your personal goals. Set your sights on your goal and then take efficient and consistent steps towards them and you will get there. Fortune smiles on your ambitions, and your path is a very traditional one that rewards your industriousness and patience on a steady upward climb. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way. Find ways to enjoy your path as you go.


With your Part of Fortune in Aquarius success comes through innovation and humanitarian achievements. When you honor your desire to reform what no longer works in the world and update ways of doing things that are no longer working you are rewarded. Your ability to give back to others and come up with new ideas that create a better future are how fortune finds you. It is your persistence to create the change you want to see is how it actually arrives in your life. Just make sure you act to make your visions a reality. 


With your Part of Fortune in Pisces success comes through trusting in the flow of your life. The more you feel connected to something greater than yourself through spiritual or divine connection, the more you’re able to have faith that everything is happening for you, not to you. It is less about what you do, but how you do it. Your compassionate and sensitive heart becomes a beacon of universal love and truth. Create your art, Sing your Songs, and let yourself be in the right place at the right moment. Just be careful not to convince yourself that your tendencies to escape and avoid showing up in the world is part of your flow.

Conjunct Planets

When a planet is conjunct the Part of Fortune you can use the energy of that planet to reach new levels of success. It is through activating and using the energy of the planet that is within 10° of your Part of Fortune that you abundance flows to you freely. 


Your success is reliant on your ability to build your energy and follow your own heart. Success comes when you step into your unique calling and allow yourself to shine.


Your success is made through your daily habits and emotional well being. Step up your self-care.


Your success comes when you express yourself. Use your voice, words, and intellect to share your views and knowledge to open up to abundance


Your success comes when through identifying and sticking to your values and through your relationships. Other people will help you to grow.


Your success comes as you face your fears and challenge yourself. Step up as an initiator & leader. 


Your success comes as you embrace your sense of optimism and faith. When you feel connected to something greater, you are able to trust life.


Your success comes through your devotion. Focus on your goals and show up for them little by little each day.


Your success comes by being true to your authentic self and being innovative. Metaphysical work is also indicated.


Your success comes through spiritual work, metaphysical work, and art. Avoid any traps of escapism. 


 Success comes from being a good ancestor and building a legacy that you can pass on

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Kacy Danae

About the author

Kacy is a Tea Swigging, Cat loving, Astrologist & Herbalist obsessed with cheerleading women to true fulfillment in all areas of their life by living out their charts. She combines Astrology & Herbalism together seamlessly, giving both guidance and support. She lives on a farm in West Virginia with her partner, dogs, and cats.

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