September 18, 2021

When you are struggling with your self-worth, are exhausted, indecisive, blocked in your creative expression, and life feels overly serious it is time to work with your Sun energy.

Your Sun sign is soooo much more than just your "conscious" personality. It's placement rather shows where and what you get your life force from.

 In Medical Astrology, the sun sign rules the metabolism and the overall vitality (or life energy of a person). I like to think of it like your personal battery source that fills you up with energy and purpose, when it balance. 

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When your Sun is balanced 

You are comfortable and confident in your unique expression, even when it’s vastly different from how you were raised. You do not try to mould yourself to fit in, because you know the joy that comes from being fully seen and loved in your true essence. 

You feel connected to a greater purpose in life, and are regularly inspired by this connection. It makes you feel safe even as the world rapidly changes, because you have an intimate knowledge that you are part of something greater. 

You have energy to do what you must do in life #adulting, but you are not overburdened by responsibility. You laugh, play, and feel a sense of Joy in your life regularly.

You feel vital, radiant, and exuberant. A warmth radiates from you that is infectious. You find yourself naturally drawing in new connections that match the energy you’re putting out, and old connections are overcoming past behaviors and meeting you where you are now. 

Your inner child feels safe, healed, and ready to play with you.

You need to work with your Sun energy when...

  • Worry about what other people think of you
  • You do what is expected of you and people please
  • You're exhausted, and even when you feel the desire to create something, you don't have the energy to follow through on it
  •  You feel stuck without purpose or clear direction in your life
  • Life feels overly serious and lacks pleasure, play, and joy

Everyone can strengthen their Sun energy by

  • Taking care of your digestive fire! Eating warming & stimulating foods that aren't too heavy on the stomach. Think starting your day with lemon water, or foods with a sprinkle of Cayenne pepper. (my personal favorite is Fire Cider Vinegar) 

  • Getting moving! When you're sweating, you're in Sun energy. It not only helps to detox your drainage pathways, but it fuels your inner fire. 

  • Connecting with your bigger WHY, of what you're doing. This can be micro like, why you've started your business. Or macro like why you feel you're here now on this planet. 

  • Spending time outside, in the sunlight! Nature is the ultimate playground, stoking your sense of joy and wonder if you're willing to venture out into it!  

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Balancing Fire Sun's

Aries | Leo | Sagittarius

INSPIRATION & PASSION are your life fuel. 

Allow yourself the freedom to try new things to see what has captured your attention in new ways. When following through on long term projects that have lost their spark, you’ll need other places in your life to stir up your creativity, such as new hobbies, travels, or relationships.

As a fire Sun you are more prone to burnout than others. Your sense of adventure or natural taste for competition can keep you moving even when you’re exhausted. It will catch up to you though. Where you place your energy in life should bring you a sense of satisfaction and joy. It also should be balanced with plenty of REST. 

The question to ask yourself is “What am I using to fuel my fire?” 

Is it your love of adventure and competition? Is it fulfilling roles like making your friends laugh, or inspiring people? 

Or is it YOU, that you’re burning up trying to reach some goal that you think will bring that sense of satisfaction you’re currently lacking? 

Aries Sun 

To access the full power of your Sun, tap into your warrior energy. Gamifying your life to create friendly competition is the perfect fuel for you. So much of your energy is linked to being physically active, but it’s best if there is a competitive aspect to it. Pent up energy in you can easily turn to anger and outbursts. This just burns up your energy and doesn’t bring satisfying results to replace that energy. Leave it on the field, court, or pool so that you can channel your energy into starting new projects. Give yourself permission to begin new hobbies or projects frequently (even if you quit them halfway through). A fresh initiation can bring massive energy to you.

Recommended Flower Essence: Spring Beauty , Echinacea

Leo Sun

You’re made to shine, embrace your magic. Embrace life as your stage. Find who your people are. Then you’ll be unstoppable. In your highest form, you’re here to lead by example. When you let go of the criticism of people who are not meant to be part of your crowd, it becomes safer for you to lead, shine, and take center stage the way you’re meant to. When you find that place in your life, which could be an actual stage...or just your kitchen table. Your energy will arise naturally. It gets snuffed out when you are barking up the wrong tree, and trying to be what people expect you to be, rather than who you are.

Recommended Flower Essence: Black Walnut , Daffodil

Sagittarius Sun 

You are an explorer of the best kind. To feed your fire, you need a new experience to add to your wellspring of storied wisdom. You have to break out of routines and take in the world in a whole new way. This can be as small as a new restaurant, paint color in your home, or a new path home. When your soul has become wearier, it calls for big inspiration to restore your optimistic self. Major travels, entering a new trade or higher education, teaching what you have already mastered and personal philosophy. You are not meant to stay the same, or be this fixed thing. When you think you’ve got it all figured out, or your personal idea of “how the world works” feels cemented, it will kill your energy. A simple break of the routine can remedy it and restore your energy. It is also important that you don’t allow people who are inherently pessimistic to crush your dreams. You do not owe your visions and joy to anyone.

Recommended Flower Essence: Black Walnut , Catalpa

Balancing Air Sun's

Gemini | Libra | Aquarius

THOUGHTS AND IDEAS are your life fuel. 

You need new conversations, ideas, and experiences to stir up your creativity energy. Switching up your routines, picking up new courses or books, and finding new ways to connect with people increases your energy. 

More than other types you can “get stuck in your head”. Which is to say, you can be deeply inspired, but it doesn’t translate into constructive action and instead verges more on Anxiety and mental pressure. That is your cue to get grounded in your body through food like root vegetables, exercises like weight lifting, or spending time outside in nature. 

Gemini Sun

Following your curiosity, is the key to peak energy and purpose. There is nothing random about the events, knowledge, and conversations that you’re drawn to. You have a gift of taking two seemingly opposite things and seeing how they fit together, it’s your gift. When you try to follow a prescribed way of doing things and don’t bring in your lived experiences, it will drain you. You need variety to be energized. New restaurants, new foods, new books, new friends, new hobbies. When your life becomes too fixed in place, your energy will decrease. Small steps to shake up your routines can have major results.

Recommended Flower Essence: Spring Beauty , Sunflower

Libra Sun

You are an amazing peace maker, but you don’t have to be. Keeping strong and balanced boundaries in your relationships keeps your energy flowing easily. You do not need to fix, save, or try to meet everyone else's needs. Especially at the expense of your own. You need to know what you want, and ask for it, as or more frequently than you try to meet the needs of others. Your energy is at its peak when you preserve your own peace. Conflict can be raging around you, but you can stay centered. It will both keep you energized, and keep you from wasting your efforts on folks who just want to stay in conflict. You do like things refined. Take extra care and attention to make beautiful spaces for yourself to be in.

Recommended Flower Essence: Black Walnut , Sunflower

Aquarius Sun 

What makes you different, is what makes you shine. When you detach from other’s expectations or judgements, you have far more energy. You are here to be unique. To create new paths forward. You can’t be in that energy when you’re tailoring yourself to fit the expectations of others. There isn’t a path already laid out for you, so stop wasting your energy trying to find it. Create your own. Your community, when they accept you for who you are, can feed your energy. Don’t be afraid to let it shift and change as you go through life. Each season of YOU, will require new spaces for you to let loose in. Not everyone wants to be authentic, create change, and be unique. Do not waste your time in spaces that are not ready to accept what you have to offer. Surround yourself with those who are ready for your lighting fast change making energy when it does emerge.

Recommended Flower Essence:  Daffodil , Echinacea

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Balancing Water Sun's

Cancer | Scorpio | Pisces 

FEELINGS & INSTINCTS are your life fuel. 

Water is the most easily imprinted element, which makes A LOT of your life force dependent on the energies you’re picking up on. Think of yourself like a body of water, and everyone you meet dumps a little bit of their water into yours. If you’re not filtering things out regularly, you can get pretty bogged down and feel unclear. 

Water element, which is deeply important to sustaining life, is one that we often don't respect in our culture. Your energy is more fluid, messy, and changeable. Learn to honor your own energetic seasons, rather than trying to keep up with a world that wasn’t made for you. 

Cancer Sun 

“No” is a complete sentence, and holds a great deal of power for you dear Cancer. Just because you are a good nurturer, does not mean you owe it to people. If you’re finding yourself feeling like you need to hide away from the world and put your phone on “do not disturb”, you gave too much of your precious emotional energy to others. Balance this by paying close attention to your emotional cup. When it’s on a quarter of a tank, it’s time to step fully away. Because your energy is so deeply tied to your feelings, give yourself grace during times of grief, stress, and sadness. Honor your seasons, even when that means you’ve got nothing to give to anyone but yourself. Create cozy spaces in your home, car, and office to step away from the world. Or even just a little go-bag of your favorite tea, socks, and lotion to make yourself feel pampered even away from home. 

Recommended Flower Essence:  Oak ,  Black Walnut

Scorpio Sun

You are a creature of the depths living in a shallow fish bowl, dear scorpio. Find your people that can meet you in your profundity, and who reflect back your wisdom. You are created to investigate, and so you need a mystery to feed your fires. These can be mystery books, people who allow you into their depths, studying yourself, or working with occult (hidden) parts of life. Modalities such as Astrology, Psychology, Tarot, and beyond are made for you. Not everyone wants to live at the level you do though, so don’t be surprised if you are rebuffed by some who want to stay in the shallow end. Just don’t spend much of your energy on and with them. It will drain you dry. Find yourself spaces where you are recognized for your wisdom, and your energy will follow. You are a survivor and can hold a great deal more than most, but you don’t have to. Be willing to become a master of letting go of what doesn't serve you.

Recommended Flower Essence: Prickly Pear ,  Chicory

Pisces Sun

Dear Pisces, this world was not made for you. These rules of being structured, organized, and hardened are not you. Your energy works best when you can be fluid, messy, and creative. Most people live their lives from the outside in, but not you. Your inner landscape shapes your entire world, and should be protected. Your deep compassion can become overwhelming if you do not have boundaries. You cannot hold the whole world on your shoulders, so don’t even try. Know the safe places where you can unfurl your soft, tender, loving, and expansive energy in peace. When you’re not connected to a greater purpose, story, or understanding of life your energy is lowered. Spending time in meditation, discovering your beliefs about Faith, and making meaning of your dreaming increases your vitality. You’re naturally more intuitive or even psychic than most. Spend time cultivating this gift in your life. 

Recommended Flower Essence: Prickly Pear ,  Catalpa

Balancing Earth Sun's

Taurus | Virgo | Capricorn

INTENTIONAL ACTION is your life fuel.

 You gain a feeling of satisfaction when you can see what you’ve created and done in the world. Bonus points when you can actually see a before and after of what you spent your energy to do/create. It is deeply satisfying to see your energy spent, for example, tending a garden that grows your food. Or laying bricks that become a building. Satisfaction in where your energy is spent is what fills you up for the next day.

You are naturally more structured with your energy, but you are also more prone to be stuck than other people. You can get into a routine and just stay there, long after it’s not satisfying or comfortable to be there. The great test for your energy is learning how to start over and leave habits/situations that no longer replenish you, trusting that something better is waiting for you. Just because you can function without feeling satisfied in your work, doesn't mean you should.

 *I’m using work here to talk about all actions where you spend your energy, from relationships, to parenting, to self care*

Taurus Sun

Once you’re in a routine, you can get trapped in it dear Taurus. Even when you know it’s draining your energy dry. You’ve got to become a master of learning to be comfortably uncomfortable during growth stages when everything is changing. Spending time in nature and away from technology can deeply restore your energy. Create soft spaces in your home where you can be super cozy, and give over to deep rest. Several hours, or a single day a week where you don’t have to do/be/go anywhere or anything. Discover what your luxury world feels like, and indulge in it regularly. This doesn’t just mean the highest price tag items, it’s more sensual than that. What textures make you feel safe? What flavors make you feel alive? What people do you love holding or being held by? Raise your energy by being in your body and giving it sensual experiences that bring grounding, joy, and pleasure.

Recommended Flower Essence: Prickly Pear , Spring Beauty

Virgo Sun

You can be your own worst enemy my dearest Virgo. Give yourself half as much grace as you give those around you. When you find yourself picking yourself apart, know that it is draining your life force. The same goes for staying in situations and places that do NOT recognize the impact you make. You will bend over backwards for people, causes, and projects that mean something to you, but you need to be appreciated for all that you do for others. Regularly. Details are your jam, and your precision is such a gift. But when you find yourself so lost in those details that you’ve lost sight of the bigger picture it’s time to pull back. When you’re stuck in perfection paralysis or being highly judgemental of yourself, it’s time to put what you’re doing out into the world so it can be appreciated. When you feel lost in your head, it’s time to restore your energy by coming back into your body through warming meals, body movement, and time in nature.

Recommended Flower Essence: Sunflower ,  Oak

Capricorn Sun

You can be your own best friend Capricorn, but you have to learn to balance spending time with others and being solitary. Your natural ambitions are not meant to be overnight success stories, it’s the long haul for you. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, as long as you stay on course. One step at a time will get you there, but you have to stop and enjoy the view along the way. Just because you have big plans for your life doesn’t mean you don’t get to play too! Seriousness and being overly responsible will drain your energy faster than you can say “go”. Surround yourself with people that help you to have fun, and be playful. Your worth is not tied to your productivity or even your success. You need time alone to be able to focus on your goals, but when your mood turns particularly chilly and gloomy, be sure to reach out and set time to play. Constant striving will kill your energy, but unlike other types you may still be able to show up for your goals and routines, making it less likely that anyone else will reach out to you to shift things up. Playtime & rest is just as vital to your success as the hustle. 

Recommended Flower Essence: St.John's Wort ,  Buttercup

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