September 27, 2021

Clearing confusion & distraction by working with your Neptune
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I keep hearing, “everything is so confusing right now”. From all corners of the world, all walks of life, all political and philosophical backgrounds are echoing the same thing. Confusion. Deception. Illusion. 

Collectively, we’re navigating Neptune energy on a grand scale right now. As technology grows, crisis after crisis emerges, and the very fabric of agreed upon reality is fraying at the edges...confusion is a mild way of putting it. 

Neptune is the planet of consciousness. It is the part of us that does or does not understand that we are not this body or experience.  We are not our identities, constructs, or thoughts. WE are one that is capable of holding such things. We are one that experiences physicality and identity temporarily. 

But we are eternal. We are infinite. We do not die. There is a power greater than us, and we are one in the same with that power

Most have experienced a connection to this power in some ways. You may call it prayer, meditation, a mushroom trip, or the “quiet of the outdoors”. But when you’re in it, you feel timeless, unafraid, and unshakable in your spirit. 

You feel real. 

Real in a way that cannot be destroyed, harmed, or die. 

The path of Neptune is one of moving from Ego, which is limited, tethered, and fearful. To Soul, which is infinite, free, and unshrinking.

We are collectively in a call to work with Neptune energy, which begins on a personal level. 

The Shadow Energies of Neptune 

  • confusion
  • Escapism 
  • Busyness & unclear actions that lack purpose
  • Addictions (food, drugs, sex)
  • Delusions (going from 0 to 7 figures in 1 year)

 “With a world in total chaos, how can someone care about what the Kardashians are doing?” 

Saw that gem in someone's stories recently and it summed up the power of Neptune, you can’t spiritual bypass. Before you can see the truth of yourself on the level of the soul, you first must look deeply at reality as it is in front of you.

Many will get a glance of it, and run to distractions or ways to escape it. Make it go away. Make it not be real. I can’t handle it. *turns on KUWTK*

Others will taste the deeper meaning of life and purpose, but fall into the traps along the journey. 

Knowing intimately you are a spirit having a human existence in a sick world, but still attempting to play by the “rules” of said world. Focusing on your money, pride, and what others think of you.

Rejecting the world, for higher spiritual callings, and then feeling “better” than others. Looking down on the people you profess to want to heal. Rejecting all of those who are “unhealed” and detaching from them, rather than giving compassion and love.

When the truth is, you’re on this path to create a new world. To be an example of walking a path in wholeness. That you are no better than anyone else on this planet. That the faults you see in others, are the same that are fractured in yourself. 

On the other side of the Neptune journey, is that unshakable spirit. If you’ve been lucky enough to meet someone in this, it’s an energy that fills the entire space.

It dissipates fear, eliminates all sense of time, and fills you with a steady stream of electric energy.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces

 April 12, 2022 || 23º Pisces 

Working with Neptune is powerful at any point in your life, 

But now is an especially potent time to be working with this energy. 

As we prepare for the Jupiter & Neptune conjunction in Pisces April 12th, 2022 

Jupiter and Neptune as the two planets of spiritual connection, soul, and expansion are co-rulers of Pisces, making this a triply powerful conjunction. 

An event that last occurred in 1856, a year leading up to the American Civil War. Prior to that it occured in 1690, the same year Uranus was first observed, when Uranus was in Taurus like it is now. This conjunction in pisces will not occur again until 2188. 

This conjunction is marked only by a square with Lilith. In Lilith energy we are always talking about liberation. She’s not dangerous, but she feels that way to those who find it safer and easier to not rock the boat. 

This is an energy of embracing the freedom of your soul. Freeing yourself from attachments to what isn’t real and true. It can show up as feeling like you have to fight against your ego and identity attachments, to keep pushing out everything in your mind that is preventing you from being whole, healed, or free. 

But the true challenge here isn’t in fighting. It’s in surrendering. It’s giving over to your High Power, God, or Higher Self.

It’s not extracting what is “bad, unhealed, or blocking” from your consciousness. 

It is instead asking for you to choose oneness. To choose to let in God. To open yourself up each and everyday, and realize that Creator does not die, and You are not separate from Creator. 

It is holding your hands out and open, and saying 

“Okay, I get it. I feel you. I’ve felt things that are not you, and they suck. I am open to your grace. I am ready to be a vessel of purpose. I will do what you call me to. I believe you know better than I, what is best for me. I am ready to be surprised. I am ready to be of service. I need you to show me the way. What am I to do?”.

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Your  key to surrender lies in your own Natal Neptune Energy.

 Read for the House your Neptune falls in

Neptune in the first house brings distraction worrying about how you are perceived by others, rather than allowing for who you are. You could do everything right. Have every hair in place and accolade won, and people would still find a reason to dislike you. Because, how you are seen in the world has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with who is seeing you. Look to your own heart as to who you are. Then be that, without reservation. Do not worry if you feel like you have to water yourself down for others to understand you. That’s okay. Even a watered down version of you is a gift to the world.

1st House

Neptune in your 2nd house brings distraction by worrying about meeting material ideas of what is successful. Your richness has nothing to do with what you have in this world. Don’t make the mistake of trying to be the wealthiest bones in a casket. Too many others are creating that future for themselves. Detach from playing that game with them. Value the gifts of your spirit, but don’t expect everyone else to see it too. Let go of that. Let go of others validating your worth. Choose instead to turn to your own heart and stand true in what makes you rich. Which doesn’t mean that you can’t be materially wealthy, but you can recognize it for what it is. A tool of this realm. Not a measure of your divine worth.

2nd House

Neptune in your 3rd house is a trickly placement, because it requires you to be impeccable with your perception, listening, and expression. There is a reason why words are a necessary ingredient for spells, or that each creation story tells of the world being spoken, drummed, or otherwise vocalized into being. Words are powerful and can create massive amounts of confusion and distortion. They can enchant, distract, manipulate, inform, and both restore and destroy connection. You have the task of perceiving from your heart and spirit. Viewing the world through this interconnected and compassionate place, and using your words and expression to make it more so, rather than less so. Hunger for the “right” information can keep you from the truth. Allow yourself to be flexible in your mentality, and use your mind as a tool of your heart. 

3rd House

Neptune in your 4th house brings distraction through patterns not made conscious. There is no escaping the need to do some serious soul searching and deep work with this placement. You have to be willing to explore every crevice of your consciousness, while being fully committed to being in this world now. It’s a commitment to universal connection by creating strong roots in places, people, and the present. You are the one who free’s yourself, and must be the one to name what you need in this world. This is exploring unmet needs that are disguised as “shadows” that need to be integrated. This is laying down a strong foundation of what you want in this world, tending deep roots takes work, what is worth growing to justify the effort? The highest manifestation of this placement, is a full surrender to embodying Spirit without hindrance. A giving over to deep spiritual service AND enjoying the pleasure of being in-body. 

4th House

Neptune in your 5th house leads you to distraction by staying caught up in temporary pleasures that cause long term pains. Falling in love over and over again because of the thrill of it. Dabbling in drunk weekends and party drugs rather than finding what actually brings you a sense of joy. Giving yourself over to the mantra that “life is hard, and you have to suck it up” is another distortion of this energy. You are deeply gifted with this placement, as it is an indicator of your incredible creative potential. Where it can be led astray is like the alcoholic author, who feels they have to struggle or sacrifice to create something worth putting out in the world. The surrender to this placement is a return to your inner child. That tapping into your creative powers can come from a place of playfulness. Unlock your massive abilities by following your fun. 

5th House

Neptune in your 6th house brings distraction through busyness. That somehow, if your day is filled with tasks you’re doing something purposeful with your life. Or even, helping people that you care about. The task however, is not being endlessly busy. It’s doing a good job. A job that isn’t just some task drudgery, but something you’re good at. With Neptune in this house, your skill will lie with Neptunian tasks*. Energy work, faith work, healing work, and the arts call to you. Be willing to explore what calls to you in those areas. Be willing to let go of productivity and doing things yourself as your worth to others. Your gift may take years to master, but be delivered in only 5 minutes. Focus on that impact you can make, and be willing to go deeper to explore what your work in this world actually is. 

*other planets, and the sign on the cusp of the house will help you to understand in more depth what that service and gift is. 

6th House

Neptune in your 7th house of relationships, brings distraction through getting lost in others. You may find yourself becoming like the most important people in your life, losing all connection to what brings you purpose, satisfaction, and sovereignty. Codependency and toxic relationship patterns that go unchecked, keep you from your gifts in relationships. When your Neptune is fully activated, you bring depth to the relationships in your lives. You can be a waypoint, in bringing other folks home to their own souls. You can see gifts and goodness in others, and reflect back to them who they truly are. When you find that stable connection to the eternal part of yourself, you become a beacon to others helping them to do the same. Relationships are a playground for you, to explore your own faith and sacredness. Be willing to foster relationships in your life that meet you in those nuanced and fluid depths. 

7th House

Neptune in your 8th house brings distraction through avoiding death. Finding philosophies and activities that help you to not be brought down by how temporary this world is. Often there are obsessive behaviors around sex, either in avoiding it or giving over to it in sometimes destructive ways. Neptune however, is in a solid placement in this house. Giving you the ability to be deeply wise about this life and the energy of those around you. You cannot tap into those gifts however, when you avoid the truth of your existence. Face your mortality and the mystery alike head on. Look past the darkness of what you do not understand. Open yourself up to the study of the unseen realms. Know that you’re made to embrace that work and wisdom. 

8th House

Neptune in your 9th house brings distraction by thinking you know “how the world works”. It’s a giving over fully to your conditioning and a conscious or unconscious refusal to integrate experiences or information that go against your world view. The more stuck in your ways you feel about the world, and the righteous you feel about your philosophies, the more distracted from your soul you are. Your Neptunian gifts reside in your ability to take in numerous world views. To be continuously growing through new information and experiences. To regularly leave your comfort zone menatally, physically, and spiritually to embrace your growth. It is in this, that later in life you get to give back massively, by teaching and deconditioning others. To learn to see the world with fresh and new eyes, each and every day and season. 

*other planets, and the sign on the cusp of the house will help you to understand in more depth what that service and gift is. 

9th House

Neptune in your 10th house keeps you distracted by worrying over what others think of you. That no matter how meaningful, well rounded, and purposeful your life and work is...that somethings missing if you haven’t received recognition, power, and wealth. When you focus your efforts on appearances and being perceived certain ways by others, you lose touch with your soul. You can chase this, for sure. You’d even likely succeed. But eventually you’ll have to contend with empty places, and the only way to do that is through your soul. With Neptune in this placement, soulful success is what you’re here to embody. It doesn’t even mean that the wealth and recognition won’t come. But that’s not what you’re meant to focus on. Get good at following your own heart and intuition. Be guided in your work. Make something meaningful. 

10th House

Neptune in your 11th house of hopes and dreams, brings distraction by just floating through life. Your job, you kind of just fell into it. Your friends, same thing. You find yourself just walking through life where you land, rather than plotting a trajectory for where you want to go. Television, drugs, alcohol, sex. They can keep you satisfied enough that you don’t feel like you have to be anywhere. That is the distraction, a life that is good enough. Be willing to peel back the layers, and be purposeful in going after what speaks to your soul. You’ll have to be strong enough to pull back from distractions. To let go of community that is aimless in exchange for community that supports your dreams and keep you focused on how to achieve it. That you help each other. Be realistic in your dreams, break them into small chunks. Be willing to let your inner artist out. 

11th House

Neptune in it’s own house, brings more of it’s gifts and more of it’s distractions. Who are you? You’re not your thoughts. You’re not your body. So who are you? That is your task. There is a commitment to walking though the world with your own connection to faith that is necessary with this placement. To really step into the world of energetics, consciousness, and spirituality. Not in a new age crystals and drum circles kind of way. But in a, accepting your hero’s quest in exploring the inner terrain kind of way. Slaying dragons. Saving prince’s. Meeting inner mystics. Escaping traps set by the sirens. Embracing the mythic in your world. Should you not accept your quest, it will show up through a series of escapist and destructive behaviors. Drugs, sex, food, and feeling like you just can’t be in such a harsh world. The world feels so harsh to you, because you’re made to be experiencing it through the lens of energy. There are massive gifts in this placement. But the way to those gifts, only comes from exploration of YOU. 

*other planets, and the sign on the cusp of the house will help you to understand in more depth what that service and gift is. 

12th House

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