Life's too short
not to be yourself

the success strategy you've been looking for

is You.....

You didn't wake up and choose entrepreneurship because it was fast money. 

You chose it, because you want life that is more than skin deep. 

You chose it, because you believe extraordinary is possible...

You chose it, because you want to create the most jaw dropping,

i'm going all in,

have your cake and eat it too life.

Your chose it, because you want a life that feels as good as it looks.

And if you know that feeling, then you know me. 

When my C-PTSD and chronic pain from an incident in my teens that almost robbed me of my life caught up to me, I realized two things...

#1 healing was possible 

#2 an ordinary life just wasn't worth the work to do that healing 🤣

After years of tirelessly learning and integrating Astrology, Human Design, and Herbalism into my life as healing modalities. I opened my doors for business in 2019 offering Astrology readings. 

And quickly got thrown into the next upgrade of the healing ascension loop...

"oh my gosh, I have to learn business and it turns out running one is almost as triggering as my trauma" 


After spending years investing, tweeking, figuring things out, and massive trial and error. I found my way, and a simple glaring truth in the learning to run a business space....

which was that the glistening and shiny systems, strategies, and plans to 10k months won't tell you....

is that soul deep success comes from total expression of your gifts. 

It comes from profound alignment with your unique energy.

It's not a strategy, it's a lifestyle. 

It's an expression of your most raw self.

Soulful success is not something that can be built....

it's something that grows from the seed that is already planted within you.

You can only grow a Lotus in water

and just like a Lotus, your business has its own unique environments and needs to thrive. 

And when you know them, suddenly things you've spent years trying to grow....

are blooming practically overnight.

And it doesn't take guesswork.

There is already a plan in place for your success.

The kind of success that doesn't require hustle, grind, or imbalance in your life.

Authentic, Aligned, & Abundant success. 

Your Cosmic Codes imprinted in your Astrology, Human Design, and Gene Keys

can reveal to you....

  • Your ideal clients and their struggles
  • how best to show up on social media 
  • what message & parts of your story attract your soulmate clients
  • Your most auspicious days for launching successfully
  • and so much more....

How to get started...

In this section, you want to advertise the 3 most important destinations on your website for new Visitors

Single Sessions

Discover the best dates for you to launch, ideal clients for a new program, an eagle eye for your year in business.....

Soul of Service 

The Full Package. Stop trying to "figure out" your business and understand & integrate your ideal clients, messaging, and aligned business structure. 

Free Workshop

Dive into your Human Design & Astrology to learn about your ideal clients and what offers work best for you...