Your path to Abundance + Wealth is as unique as you are.

Stop trying to follow advice that doesn't fit you.

Get crystal clarity on your personal money magnetism by discovering the skills, gifts, and priorities that lead to your greatest abundance according to your unique Money Chart.  

Does this sound familiar?

You have tons of gifts & feel like you have a deeper purpose in this world...but you’re still not sure what you’re supposed to do to actually make money.

You’ve tried manifestation before, but you just didn’t quite get the magnetic results you desired?

You feel like earning the amount of money you most desire has been a challenge, You know you’ve got some blocks to your Abundance, but you haven’t figured out how to bust through them.  

You have struggled with making how little (or how much) you have in your bank account mean something about your self-worth

You’re a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or in a role where you guide/handle other’s money. Learn how to best support others (like your spouse) on how to grow their wealth too! 

You’re tired of getting caught up trying to “make it” through someone else’s system or sure-fire strategy and want to get to the root of your own Abudanance.

Imagine if…

You knew with certainty what skills + gifts you have that you can utilize to bring in the $$$. 

Manifestation became a breeze because you know exactly what energies + activities are top priority when it comes to your money magnetism, so you know what to prioritize. 

You had a unique path to not only physical + financial Abundance, but spiritual + emotional security as well. Your success feels authentic on all levels and it’s more than just your bank account that is thriving.

You’re no longer second guessing what offering  you want to bring out into the world as a coach or entrepreneur. You know what gifts you have that bring the most value to others.

You’re not searching for answers or lured in by quick advice “freebies”. You have your own strategy for growing your wealth + business income.

You actually FEEL abundant.

Your energy is improved, your confidence is soaring, and you have actions to take right now to turn on your cash flow faucet. 

Because there is a way to get that kind of rooted clarity, 

and your money chart is the key to unlock it all 

After helping my clients get results through readings I discovered that my most successful clients are the ones who understand their own chart.

Clients who take what is said in a reading to keep diving further + unlocking the layers of their own chart. Not only does it add more depth, but it’s incredibly empowering and lets you go back to your chart with fresh eyes time and time again for new breakthroughs!

After seeing the incredible results that people had from learning about their own charts, I decided to start teaching the different ways to read charts to gain deeper understanding, clarity, and customized success strategies. 

One of the top questions I got in 1:1 sessions was about MAKING MONEY. (because we totally do need it to live in today’s world).

So now i’m bringing my step by step framework & down to earth definitions to you!


a course to discover your unique path to money, wealth, and authentic abundance

this course is so incredible and so rich. And I'm only finished with the first few lessons.

I hope you jack the price WAY up girl, because this is solid gold! 🌟 

Dana W.

How to Read A Birth Chart Course

What You'll Learn

Your money houses teach you

  • What Skills + Gifts Make You Money
  • Your Top Wealth Building Priorities 
    (So You Know What To Focus On) 
  • What Challenges You Have To Building Wealth
    (And How To Overcome Them!)
  • Money Planets & Aspects Teach You

    • What energies magantise you to Abundance 
    • What activities & habits are the key to your success both financially + emotionally 
    •  What areas of your life & skills bring you to most wealth

    quality representation

  • Hot to spot important opportunities for growing your wealth (and plan ahead for them)
  • Understand which opportunities open the biggest path to abundance
  • Plan for big growth periods! 
  • Here's What You'll Get...

    No Fluff Video & Audio Lessons

    Bite sized Lessons that guide you step by step through your chart + Discovering the keys  to your Abundance. 

    No hard to comprehend mystical interpretation here, just down to earth and easy to implement actionable knowledge.

    Abundance Astrology™ E-Book

    100+ pages! 

    A forever reference that breaks down every sign, planet, house, aspect, and transit! Get easy to access definitions for every Money related piece of the chart! 

    Abundance Astrology™ Checklist & Workbook

    An exploratory workbook and record to get crystal clear on what gifts and energies make you feel Abundant, Secure, and Brings in the $$$

    The checklist makes sure you don't miss a thing, even if you're expanding and looking at charts on your own!

    Get Immediate Access to the first transformative module today!

    ✔ Video & Audio Lessons :Money Houses, Planets, Signs, + Aspects  (Value $199)

    ✔ Abundance Astrology™ E-Book: 100+ pages of definitions (Value $59)

    ✔ Abundance Astrology™ Workbook + Money Chart Checklist (Value $29)


    BONUS: Private Facebook Group (Value $11)

    BONUS: Planetary Balancing Guides (Value $22)

    Total Value: $399

    (or two monthly payments of $33)


    Bonus #1: Money in your Biz

    • Coaches, Boss Babes, and Service Providers discover the key to the $$$ grow in your business
    • Get clear on the priorities + activities that help your business grow it’s wealth + impact
    • Discover How to overcome cash flow challenges in your business 

    Bonus #2: Private facebook group

    • Post your questions & connect with others who are interested in Astrology too!

    Bonus #3: Planetary Balance Guides

    Take care of your Money Planet & stay in Alignment!

    Discover signs of imbalance and activites + flower essences to bring you back into thriving balance!