Discover your Unique Abundance Signature

with Abundance Astrology a course about your unique path to Money Magnetism, Manifestation, and Authentic Security (aka, what actually makes you feel wealthy)

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Find Money in Your Birth Chart

Discover your unique Abundance signature as you discover your what energies, activites, and areas of your life magnetize you to money and how you stifle it. 

Filled with practical steps to start taking action right away to feel more abundant and manifest with more confidence and ease immediately. 

This course will demystify money, wealth building, and what actually makes you feel abundant AF. 

What you'll discover

about your abundance signature 

$$ Superpowers

Stop chasing pipe dreams or wondering if "this is it". Know your $$ Superpower and how you activate it.

Money Magnetism

What planetary energy and activities are directly linked to your feelings of abundance and what brings lack into your life.

Aspects of Money

What aspects are helping you make bank. Discover what energies you can tap into to build your wealth.

Money Transits

Why money cycle are you currently in? Discover the times in your life when opportunity comes knocking. 

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"this course is so incredible and so rich. And I'm only finished with the first few lessons. I hope you jack the price WAY up girl, because this is solid gold 🌟 "

How to Read a Birth Chart

"I learned so much in the first section alone that it was SO good! I was going through my chart in each section and it was so cool to see everything line up."


How to read a birth chart