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Aries 2nd House

Lesson 4 Chapter 2 Module 2

Aires on the Cusp 


The second house ruled by a fire sign signifies you must begin with your own desires and what energizes you. “Not feeling it”or having your rewards for your efforts being too far off in the future will dampen your ability to accumulate. Your money magnetism is run off of your passion. Follow what you can get your heart behind. Just don’t allow it to run you into the ground. If your work lights you up and you’re achieving what you desire, burn out is your real enemy. 


You attract money through your ability to jump in, take risks, and pioneer new things. You have to take the lead and be willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone to reach new levels of magnetism and abundance. 

The emphasis with Aries on the 2nd house cusp is on surrounding yourself with useful items that make your life easier. It is far less about acquiring possessions than it is being able to have things that serve a specific purpose. 
$$ Superpower:

Understanding the value of a place, object, or service based on the utility it provides the user.

Magnetize yourself:

By being courageous, taking the lead on projects, facing your fears (asking for that raise, applying for a higher position, starting your own business, heading up a project, creating a new service/product). Competitive energy will fuel you. Pushing yourself through exercise and physical activity is important for your energy.

Be wary of:

Not saving money, being overly generous with your spending. You can have an easy come - easy go mentality with $$. Make sure you're protecting your future by saving for retirement. Physical weakness through illness or age without financial padding will affect not only your wallet but your mentality. Protect yourself.

Practical Suggestions (this is by no means comprehensive): 

Fitness instructor, CEO, Results based management, Sales, Competitive atmospheres, Investments, Project Manager, Entrepreneur 

Mars as Planetary Ruler


When Mars is the ruler of your 2nd house the priority is on accumulating wealth and possessions through your own initiative and taking the leap into projects based on your own desire and energy. Forward momentum in creation, upward mobility, and being able to start new tasks/projects/goals/programs based on what you desire for yourself, coworkers, or clients. The key to your money magnetism is your desire for the experience as well as the outcome. A boxer doesn’t just want to win, they also want to fight. Winning is the side effect of being good at what they do. The more clear you are about what you desire and what activities fuel your inner drive will yield big results for you. 

The Worst Places:  

This energy is thwarted when it doesn’t get to self motivate, initiate new projects, and follow it’s impulses. Positions where you feel stuck and aren’t able to innovate and put forth new ideas. Places where your inputs are not taken seriously or where you aren’t allowed to put forth creative solutions. Micromanaging bosses. Where you don’t feel like you can take the lead and initiate. No upward mobility. Unchanging working conditions. Lots of mental activity without a physical outlet. 


Your Desire is what activates your abundance. When you want a result, experience, thing, or want to create such a thing for someone else you naturally get fired up. Being able to keep your creative juices flowing through physical activity and actual creation (arts, crafts, hobby). The more that you feel fired up by the future and willing to take risks, innovate, and motivated to create a new circumstance the more magnetic you will be. 

Do this: 

Stay competitive (sports, games, tournaments etc), stay active, and regularly check in with what you desire and be open to finding creative ways to achieve those desires. Take calculated risks that move the needle forward in your goals (or career). Start new projects/hobbies/creations regularly. 

Avoid this:

 Not taking risks or trying to make constructive changes with your financial situation and becoming frustrated and angry. Spending a ton of money on new projects or hobbies. Beating yourself up for not being into the same hobbies/activities that you were a few months ago. Not being aware of your shadow desires. Not creatively meeting your desires + needs. 

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