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2nd House ruler in Natal House

Lesson 16 Chapter 3 Module 2


The ruler of your second house is like your money ambassador, showing the area of your life that attracts money to you through certain activities. The sign it occupies becomes like a secondary “money magnetism” energy when using it for the activities of that house. So if your ruler doesn’t fall in the same sign as your 2nd house cusp, be sure to head back to lesson 1 to see what energies to apply to that area of your life to magnetize yourself. 


With the ruler of your 2nd house in your 1st house you up level your income when you up level your appearance and how you come off to the world. When you feel secure about your appearance, you are more magnetized to money. Spending on your appearance, skincare, haircare, jewelry, and wearable tech that fits the persona you most strongly align with are great investments. 

It is also essential you realize that you make money for being you! Building your personal brand and pushing boundaries to continue rising and growing is essential. You’re not made to be in one “status” for too long. Ask for the promotion. Start the business and grow it. Switch companies. Always stay open and available for new opportunities for advancement. 


With the ruler of your 2nd house located in the 2nd house so much of your income potential relies on your personal sense of security and survival. It is important for you to have your needs met and a little extra. Having a full pantry, practical items that can help you survive a disaster in your area, owning your own property, and extra money readily accessible in the bank is key to upleveling your abundance. Whatever makes you feel SECURE, emotionally as well as physically is also key to up-leveling your income. 

You make money from providing a sense of security to others, or by helping them understand what it means to be secure. From actually handling their money, to goal planning around building investments, to providing items/services that provide feelings of safety and security.  From bath bombs, therapy, to real estate services fall under this as well. (But by no means at all are limited to that) 


With the ruler of your 2nd house in the 3rd house your money potential is information, communication, and connection focused. It is often also LOCAL (as the internet can reach you anywhere). Writing, Teaching, and Being a connected member of your community who helps to plan and inspire are all key to our wealth potential. When you're able to grow with your community, and especially your siblings, you’re able to reach new money heights. 

You make money through your communication abilities, from writing, speaking, and connecting disparate ideas and experiences together to make something new. The more you experience new information, events, and chat with people the greater your income potential is. Get out into your streets, get involved with the local school, stay plugged into your town. By all means, use the internet to create your income (and give back to your town). 


With the ruler of your 2nd house in the 4th house your money is dependent on creating security in your home life, both in creating a comfortable home and in cultivating traditions and security in your “roots”. This is everything from connecting with your cultural traditions or creating new ones for your family. It is also creating a home space that is well designed, efficient, comfortable, and has character. When you feel well rooted in this world through a cultural connection, a strong relationship with your family, and a comfortable home your money potential increases. While you may take on the role of head of your family, be mindful of not trying to make them fit your mold or “ideal”. Loving them and letting them be who they are authentically is also key. 

You make money through helping others create feelings of security in their homes. From home design, architecture, buying their home, to home security, or even serving in the military. Your work must be an extension of your personal values and you work best when you are helping others connect to their roots and create traditions and memories with their loved ones. 


With the ruler of your 2nd house in the 5th house your money stems from your own creativity, ability to experience joy, and self expression. The more secure you feel in expressing what is on your heart through art, music, or just creating a good time the more magnetized you’ll be to money. Children (especially your inner child and any children you may have) also become a big part of your money story. The more you’re able to kick back, have fun, and live in the moment the greater abundance you will feel. Physical fitness is also a key factor. 

You make your money through your creative ventures, self expression, working with (or creating for) children and on cultivating any experiences/products that people would spend their “fun money on”. From casinos to performances and games, anytime you can create a product or service that helps people to have FUN, be creative, or move their body (maybe even all 3?) Will be bountiful for you. 


With the ruler of your 2nd house in the 6th house your money making blossoms through your own organizational skills, daily routines, and mind body integration. The more you feel like you can meet your own standards and continue to grow, the more you’ll become magnetized to money. Working to keep a healthy mind/body balance and a lifestyle that brings you energy and makes you feel nourished is key to you feeling secure (which attracts your $$). You have strong values and ideas of what is important in life, when you’re able to do work in service to something greater than yourself and create a positive impact you grow your security. 

You make your money through your ability to create and maintain positive habits + systems. From organizing other’s lives or businesses (or creating software/planners/printable that helps them do this) to working in the health field as a nutritionist, yoga therapist, or animal therapist. When you're able to help others improve their life condition physically and mentally, your income potential grows. 


With the ruler of the 2nd house in the 7th house your money comes from building relationships and maintaining a sense of security in your personal relationships. When you don’t feel emotionally secure with your friendships, family relationships, or romantic partnerships you become less magnetized to money. It is important to move through any codependency tendencies so you can feel secure in your relationships, even when there is conflict. Spending money (and time/energy) to care for your relationships will help magnates you to $$

You make your money from client relationships or creating services/items that improve relationships between people. Business Partnerships can be quite lucrative, but working solo and seeing clients 1:1 also can be. Being a couples therapist, working in human resources, or any other profession that builds and maintains relationships between people is a lucrative path for you.


With the ruler of the 2nd house in the 8th house your money potential is linked to your desire for deep emotional connections with others. It’s less about having steady or secure relationships with people, you’re okay with rocky or intense experiences as long as they have depth, rawness, and honesty. You feel a sense of security from being able to understand the unconscious motivations of others, and if so inclined, help them understand them in a way that improves their lives. You also enjoy working with the desires of other people. Working with other people $$ are also indicated for this placement. Investing your time and energy into going deep in your relationships and on meeting your desires in this lifetime (no regrets) will help you to increase your money magnetism. 

You make your money through the obscure areas of life. Themes include working with people’s unconscious or deepest desires like as a therapist. Working with people in their sexual lives from creating products or as a pleasure coach. Or even working with other people’s energetic lives such as occult practitioners, tarot readers, or energy workers. Midwives, Doula’s, Morticians, and Funeral home directors all fall under this placement as well. Birth, Sex, Secrets, Intimacy, the Occult, and Death are all ruled with this. 


With the ruler of your 2nd house in the 9th house your money potential is linked to your desire for expanding your horizons in this life, and the sense of security it brings you. When you're able to travel, expand your knowledge, and share your big ideas/visions for the world you increase your money magnetism. It is important for you to be able to explore and adventure what most calls your attention, from traveling to immerse yourself in other cultures, to growing in your religion or spiritual practices, to gaining higher knowledge and then sharing it such as with college degrees and then teaching. When you’re able to be around others who are optimistic and share your ideas (or stay open minded and kindly share opposing ideas that expand your mentality) your money magnetism is increased. 

You make your money through sharing ideas and philosophies. If you are spiritual or a part of a structured religion, taking on a paid role in this is indicated. A travel guide, blogger, or writer. A professor. Or any workplace where you can share your ideas, travel frequently, and maintain a cheerful atmosphere. The end goal is to be able expand your mind, while helping others to do the same. 


With the ruler of your 2nd house in the 10th house your money potential is linked to your ability to be recognized in your vocation in a way that lifts you up. When you find your calling, become good at it, and are recognized as someone at the top of your field the money just won’t quit. When you become an authority in your field and your profession is one that inspires you (don’t do it just because of the recognition…it needs to be an authentic calling) you feel secure, confident, and as such are a money magnet. When you invest in building your personal brand, growing your skills that suit your profession, and building connections you grow your income potential.. 

You make your money through your reputation. Having a career where you are constantly rising through the ranks or scaling your business is the key to your money potential. Your goal should be to not only be the best at what you do, but to be recognized as the best at what you do. Increasing your visibility and connections in your professional field is the key to your income growth. 


With the ruler of the 2nd house in your 11th house your money potential is linked to your ability to make good on consistently reaching for your long term goals and wishes. Don’t tamper down your vision for your life, what is your BIG desire? Go for that and nothing less. Especially as it relates to your values and creating positive changes in the world and the community that you involve yourself with. Your security is based in creating a community of like minded individuals or fans to support you in creating the changes you wish to see in the world. Your money magnetism grows as your influence with others grows. Being respected for your opinion and values is the key to your income growth. 

You make your money through working with groups of people and leveraging your influence. Quite literally, influencer culture suits this placement. Working in mass movements, marketing, and creating changes to large organizations is also indicated. Your connections and influence is the key to your money growing.


With the ruler of the 2nd house in your 12th house your money potential is linked to your ability to work in your own creative flow and connect to something greater than yourself. When you create space for yourself to rest, tap into the dream worlds, and increase your spiritual center you magnetize yourself to money. It is important for you to be able to take time away from the “real work” aka the tangible work to focus on the emotional and spiritual realms of your existence. Essentially, you need to spend time putting the needs of your soul first. 

You make your money through your creative endeavors, especially those that are inspired from your dreams or time in meditation. Guiding others with their spirituality, meditation, yoga, and creating products that support others to tap into something greater than themselves is also indicated. Helping others who are going through difficult times such as addiction and grieving. Working in the energetic realms as a psychic or other spiritual practitioner. Working in institutions such as mental health, hospitals, schools or with the underprivileged is also indicated with this placement. 

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