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Aquarius 2nd House

Lesson 14 Chapter 2 Module 2


The second house ruled by an Air sign signifies you must begin with your mindset, communication, and mental energy. Being too lost in your own thoughts that you can’t seize opportunities will thwart your efforts. Restlessness, Anxiety, and poor self-talk is to be watched out for. Instead attract your wealth through quick thinking, communicating your needs and desires, staying present in your body, and not overthinking your actions!! 


You attract money through your ability to persevere, stick with it, and accumulate over time. How’s your follow through game, because it’s going to be important. Rather than sudden windfalls, you’re here for the long haul to allow big opportunities to grow over time. 

Aquarius 2nd House-

The emphasis with Aquarius on your 2nd house cusp the focus is on having things that showcase your authentic and unique self. Which often means your priorities with your money changes quite frequently, so there is a great deal of restructuring how you spend your money over time. The vintage style of your 20’s gives way to backpacking to obscure locations, to creative wall art in your 30’s. (Just an example). Investing in learning how to re-sell your valuable and unique items will serve you in the long run.

$$ Superpower:

Understanding the value of something based on what the product or experience says about who a person is. You’re a whole vibe, and you understand what it takes to create that. Certain experiences, products, and creations are made valuable not by their materials but by the “vibe” they create and the meaning they have. You are also able to rally groups of people behind a certain cause, making you an invaluable thought leader. 

Magnetize yourself:

by investing in your ever changing authentic desires and updating your personal style, Home style, and the experiences you attend based on who you are now. Selling what no longer suits you rather than gifting it or throwing it out magnetizes  you to abundance because you feel more confident investing in pieces that match who you are now, trusting that you will be able to sell it later on when it’s time for you to move on. 

Be wary of: 

not investing in financial padding for yourself, as your financial situation can be prone to big fluctuations as you’re between projects, career changes, or travel situations. Always make sure to keep some money back and be committed to waste not want not. You have the ability to rebirth yourself successfully through the many different iterations of yourself, just make sure you commit to giving yourself some extra security by planning for your down days. 

Practical but not exhaustive list: 

Revolutionary, Non-profit Lead, Teacher, Investor/Innovator, Technology Innovator, Computer Programer, Website Builder, Stylist, Reseller 

Uranus as 2nd House Ruler:


When Uranus is the ruler of your 2nd house your priorities when it comes to wealth and accumulation is through your own innovation, desire for reform, and unconventionality authenticity. You attract abundance by being true to your authentic and ever changing self. Holding onto your wealth is less important than being able to utilize it to create change, innovation, and progress. Always being open to a sudden windfall (and okay with other sudden changes to your possessions or wealth) magnetizes you to your money. Being aware and okay that no matter your circumstances they could change in a moment.

The Worst Places:  

This energy would be stunted when you can’t be unique and true to your own vision and ideals. Being in a workspace or environment that opposes your vision for the future of the world (or that actively is detrimental to your vision of progress) stifles this energy. Not being appreciated and valued for your unique ideas and personality is also a non-starter. 


Activate your Uranian energy though always being willing to create progress in your life, allowing nothing to be fixed. Your style, ideals, visions for the future, and personal goals should be allowed to shift based on your continued experience. Balancing your nervous system should also be a top priority. Seeking out experiences that give you a thrill, like “it’s electric!” 

Do this: 

Be true to yourself and allow your truth + self to change without judgment. Take action to change the world. Build your like minded community. Give time/energy/and resources to a cause. Push for changes that need to be made. Make changes and create innovations that support you as an individual as well. Be in places/relationships/communities that value your ideas and thoughts that you share. 

Avoid this:

 Giving in. Conforming. “Toning it down”. Not sharing your ideas or staying in places that don't value your ideas. Staying stuck in one mindset, place, experience for too long. Isolation. Conventional ideology. Prioritizing intellect and logic and ignoring your intuition.
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