The Second house ruled by a water sign signifies your desire to accumulate for your emotional wellbeing, the ability to give back, and care for others. You, more than other signs, may have a resistance to accumulating wealth because it’s “selfish”, when that can’t be further from the truth. Allow yourself to magnetize to money so that you can have experiences that make you FEEL good. You’re chasing emotional security, connection, caretaking, and being able to give back. Procrastination and lack of action can kill your magnetism. You won’t be able to buy everyone in your life a home with your business if you never start it. 


You attract money through your ability to jump in, take risks, and pioneer new things. You have to take the lead and be willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone to reach new levels of magnetism and abundance. 

The emphasis with Cancer on your 2nd house cusp is on building a secure emotional and home life. The top priority here is to accumulate resources and material things that improve your emotional world as well as building a comfortable home for yourself and your family. (And maybe a lake house too). The more that you’re able to create a safe haven from the world for yourself and your loved ones, the more abundant you’ll feel.

$$ Superpower: 

Understanding the value of something that makes an emotional impact on people’s lives. Some see a room, you see a container for love, traditions, and security. It’s not a weighted blanket, it’s peace after a rough day. It’s not a picture frame, it’s a container for magical memories. You can elevate everyday items into timeless pieces of emotional connection.

Magnetize yourself: 

By investing in the elevation of your own home and emotional well being is the key to your magnetism. Home design that makes you feel safe, balanced, whole, and connected is worth its weight in gold. Investing in wellness practices, therapists, coaches, home cleaners, and others who can support your emotional needs is also key. You give some much, invest in those who can give back to you.

Be wary of: 

Spending all of your resources on caring for other people and creating a home that serves the needs of your children, spouse, roommates, or parents over one that serves your needs. Create a home FOR YOU, not for others. The more you pamper yourself and prioritize your own needs (massage, therapy, special things for you) the more energy you’ll have to give back and caretaker the others in your life. Don’t be a hoarder. Marie Kondo it. Update your home design as you change.

Practical but not exhaustive list: 

Realtor, CEO Nurse, Interior Designer, Caregiver , Architect, Chef, Therapist, Physical Therapist, BnB owner, Hospitality

Moon as 2nd House Ruler-


When the Moon is the Ruler of your 2nd House there is a strong desire for emotional security, and this is where your money magnetism comes from. When you feel unsafe, unbalanced, and rigid then your magnetism valve slows it’s flow. The priority with this is being able to have a strong intuition and receptivity to opportunity, energies, and embrace your own changing rhythm. You may experience big influxes of energy or money that needs to be augmented with a stretch of down time. The more you learn to bring emotional security to your life, self-nurture, and prioritize nourishing your own heart then the more you’ll be magnetized. You need to be in a workplace that respects your sensitivity and ideally allows you to work cyclically with high output when you’re in the flow, followed by periods of rest and reduced output. You shine where you can use your empathy and your instincts/intuition is respected and trusted. 

The Worst Places: 

This energy would be stunted in workplaces that expect you to be “on” constantly and demand consistent high output. Workplaces that are toxic emotionally or don’t respect the emotional nature of life also don't serve. Places where you can work intuitively or make decisions based on your instincts. Last, a workplace where everyone leans on you too heavily for emotional labor without compensation. 


Keeping your emotional self nourished, secure, and fulfilled. Becoming extremely adept at meeting your own emotional needs and asking for specific help when you can’t. Filling your own cup so that your nervous system is robust is key to activation. Recognizing your natural rhythm so you can plan for periods of rest and periods of creative output. 

Do this: 

Therapy, Meditation, Mothering yourself, Strong Boundaries in Relationships, Building your Intuition Muscle, Working Cyclically, Being in Conscious Community/Support Circles 

Avoid this:

Taking on everyone else’s problems as your own, caretaking others until your own cup is empty, surrounding yourself with people that don’t respect your emotional or cyclical nature, not seeking support for yourself, group whining sessions

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