The Second house ruled by an Earth sign is in it’s traditional comfort zone. Your ability to magnetize and accumulate wealth has to come from a practical and sensible place. The more you can see tangible results from your efforts, from a house being built to the numbers in your IRA or savings account gaining ground will keep you growing. When you find yourself only accumulating wealth and not spending it, that’s a warning cry. You’re not here to be a dragon, you’re here to enjoy life. Take time to treat yourself with vacations, bodywork, and things that make your life easier. 


You attract money through your ability to jump in, take risks, and pioneer new things. You have to take the lead and be willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone to reach new levels of magnetism and abundance. 

Capricorn on 2nd House- 

The emphasis with Capricorn on your 2nd house cusp your possessions are practical and function focused. Your priority is having all of your needs met and a resourced home and putting the rest of your money to work in savings, stocks, bonds, and investments. You get a great deal of pleasure and security by simply watching your money grow. 

$$ Superpower:

Understanding the value of long term investments and ways that people can make their money go to work for them. You can strip expenditure down to the necessities and create ways to turn books that were in the red into viable enterprises again. You’re calculated with investments + money in a way that can really guide others to successful gains. 

Magnetize yourself: 

By keeping up to date with your money and possessions. Having a running tally of your accounts, how much they are growing, your current budget, and checking in on what you do own (plus a mental note of its current condition) helps you to feel abundant and in control. It is important for you to spend on practical expenditures like vacations and health related expenses that keep you performing at tip top shape (and having fun).

Be wary of: 

Not spending for pleasure, enjoyment, or spontaneously. Allow yourself to enjoy your moments, buy something on a whim, and make purchases that make you feel good. Get the massage. Turn off your laptop and stop answering emails at the all inclusive resort. Don’t put off “having fun” until you’re “retired” because you might not make it there, or by the time you do you’ll be such a stick in the mud you’ll have forgotten how to even have fun in the first place. Celebrate your success. SPEND SOME MONEY (on fun). Just to clarify. 

Practical but not exhaustive list: 

Business Executive, Entrepreneur, Financial Planner, Investment Broker, Accountant, Teacher, Science Related Careers, Customer Service

Saturn as 2nd House Ruler


When Saturn is the ruler of your 2nd house your priority when it comes to wealth and accumulation is for practical needs and ensuring long term security for yourself and those you feel responsible for. Committing to long term material and financial growth and creating a structure/plan to meet your goals that you can take consistent regular steps towards meeting the goals is key to your abundance. You feel good watching and secure watching numbers grow larger each passing year and gain a sense of peace + satisfaction from having it tightly controlled. 

The Worst Places:  

Feeling like you have to take big risks with your possessions/money. Workplaces that lack structure or clear objectives. Lack of organization in your finances or feeling like they are out of your control. Spending that is impractical and lavish. Irresponsible practices. 


Activate your Saturn energy through consistent daily actions towards your long term goals. Organizing your financial life and creating a solid framework for achieving your goals. Saturn at its core requires commitment and definition. It’s the mindset of “You can have anything, but you can’t have everything” so what exactly is it that you’re working towards and how do you want to do that. Decide. Commit. Execute. Simple. 

Do this:

Define yourself and what you wish to acquire. Be specific, what do you want? Become more organized in your habits and in how you’re going to meet your goals. Give your life a structure for achievement. Meet your responsibilities. Don’t spin yourself in circles working towards one goal, quitting just before you get the success you most desire. Keep at it is key. 

Avoid this:

Quitting before you reach your goal. Not taking consistent action. Not showing up for your responsibilities. Letting “not feeling it” be an excuse for not taking action. Being disorganized with your finances or goals. Being in environments or allowing your daily habits to not have any structure for success. 

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  1. To clarify: to better understand how best to make money, we look at the sign on the cusp of our 2nd house THEN look at the house of the natal placement of that planet to see the areas that have potential to earn more?

    1. Yes, you’ve got it. The sign shows you the energy you need to be in and the house ruler shows emphasis. So for example to take it even deeper than this course alone, since Saturn is your ruler everything we covered in your Saturn aspects shows you gifts and shadows you use to make money.

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