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Launching Using Astrology

Lesson 2 Chapter 1 Module 1

What is Launching?

This is for more than just your business itself. This is your social media channels, new offers, projects, or even reaching out to be for PR placements. It can be starting a new way of sharing content, a website, or even a brand relaunch. Anything that feels big enough to go “I want to do this right” can fall under this category. Using houses and transits to find your most aligned timing based on your intentions or what you’re launching.

The Right Timing

There are few places to begin looking for right timing!

#1: The Moon Cycles

Looking at what New Moon begins in that house and then launching in the two weeks between the New Moon and Full Moon. Keeping in mind you’ll also for larger projects want one or more of the transits below to support that launch.

Look at the house that the New Moon is occurring in your chart. (use the moon calculator here)

#2 Transits to your natal chart 

(or business chart if you’re using that which I only recommend to do once you have hired support in your business)

Look at what House the transit or natal planet are in.

Use the Transit Calculator here.

#3 Transits to transits

this is what is going on in the sky like in the Daily Astrology Forecast. This is also what you would be looking at for an Electional Chart for any launch (which is a chart for the moment a business, project, blog, email, etc is “born”)

Look at what houses the planets fall in. In an electional chart the Ascendant Ruler, Sun, and any planet ruling the “thing” you’re doing are all important.

Use the Electional Chart Calculator here.

How to apply this...

In all of these, you’re looking at the houses which I’m detailing below. It’s important to think of your intention and the practical applications. For example, I’m going to list Writing & Communication focused offerings/products under the 3rd house. But if you’re for example wanting to write a book and your intention is to have 100,000+ sales of that book then you’re going to want Visibility and Recognition (1st or 10th House) more than being honored for your words. But let’s say, Jupiter is moving through your 3rd house. Then absolutely launch during that 3rd house. That is still a supportive influence. You would have to wait approximately 8 years before Jupiter is in your 10th house. But maybe in the Electional chart (the day you choose to launch) then you make sure to put the Sun & Mercury in the 10th house of your launch chart, corresponding to a time when your Jupiter in your 3rd house is making a strong supportive aspect.

Again, I don’t expect you to nail this down perfectly. You’ll never get all of the elements aligned perfectly. This is meant to be a supportive guide, not something that keeps you frozen waiting for the “perfect” timing. All right WILL DO.

To Summarize, you’d like to see a launch happening when the New Moon occurs in a supportive house & at least one Strong to Extra-Strong transits to your natal chart below. Any extra supportive Medium - Mild factors or in the Electional chart the better. But not necessary.

1st House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

Gain Visibility, Greater Brand Recognition, Being more open and vulnerable with your audience, sharing more of your life or behind the scenes, letting people get to know you better, introduce a change to your brand.

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Authenticity, Knowing who you are, Jewelry, Clothing, Physical changes to the body (weight loss, style etc)

2nd House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

Increase Revenue, Build your confidence in your work, Create long term stability in your business revenue moving forward (repeatable or evergreen product/funnel)

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Greater Self Confidence, Natural Products, Financial Literacy, Finances.

3rd House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

Educate, Share your Voice, Increase communication, Increase communication channels.

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Writing, Podcasting, Blogging, Books, Unleashing the authentic voice, Introductory courses.

4th House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

I usually don’t recommend Launching during this time. This should be a period of with-drawl and sanctuary for you. However, projects with the intention of creating a sanctuary or intimate space that will nourish you as well as others can do well here.

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Home, Homemaking, Mothering, Retreats, Intuition.

5th House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

Begin a major creative project, have more fun with the work you’re doing, something that is just for pleasure (sounds fun to make, this is absolutely not a time for harsh work or hustle)

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Art, Creativity, Inner Child or Children, Parenting, Pleasure focused activities (vacations, hobby, fun stuff)

6th House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

Create a better work environment for you and is meant to be expanding your ability to serve people in a new way. Offerings that are designed to support not only your health and routines, but also is going to massively serve others. Where you’re ready to have a daily and regular commitment that is very hands on, or focused with helping others.

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Service offers, Health, Healing, Personal development, Organization (of anything from the home, to processes, to finances)

7th House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

Build relationships & bringing in new clients this includes with your audience but also with 1:1 or small group clients. If you’re wanting to bring people intimately into an offering with you, this would be an ideal time to launch that.

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Relationships, 1:1 Work, anything intimate in the container.

8th House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

Help people work through psychological or shadow issues and sexuality. This is another one that unless you’re working in that realm, I wouldn’t recommend launching during this time as you’re more likely to go through an underworld journey yourself with whatever project you launch during this time.

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Shadow work, sexuality, Psychology, healing trauma, Energetic boundaries, Psychic impressions.

9th House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

Step into your role as teacher and master. To create a more expansive world for your students and also yourself. To have people leave their comfort zones, especially physically. When you know your students are going to need a change in their belief system.

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Belief Systems, Faith, Mastery Level Teaching on a subject, Education, Retreats that require long distance travel with an emphasis on expanding your world view.

10th House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

Gain recognition for your work.

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Anything you want to be recognized for. Just make sure that what you launch during this time isn’t a random flex, because it is likely to become something you will be known for at least mildly…so make sure it’s good.

11th House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

Growing your Social Media, Following through on a lifetime vision (bigger hopes and dreams), Growing your community or becoming a larger influence in your community, being a leader in a space where you feel safe to share your truest feelings, values, and goals.

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Anything where there is a community aspect to it (memberships, mastermind etc) Social Media, Influence, Hopes & Dreams (achieving them), Feeling of Belonging.

12th House

Offers Launched with the Intention to:

I do not recommend launching during this time. The 12th house is meant to be place of retreat, ending of a cycle for you, and spending time reconnecting with your spiritual center. If you launch anything at this time, let it be something that is highly guided or that you’re called to do from a your spiritual center.

Offers, Projects, and Steps related to:

Spirituality, Overcoming realities and troubles of life to find inner peace, disabilities, prison, health issues)


This list is transit planet to natal, but it can also be used for electional astrology launching charts. Ideally you’ll have a good mix between transit planets to your natal planet with good aspects also to transit to transit planets. However, I highly recommend working with YOUR chart if you’re new to Astrology. Simply looking up and keeping track of when these planets make these aspects in your chart (and what houses are involved) will help you keep track of good launching times.

Transit Sun

When Launching something under the influence of the Sun this is adding light, recognition, enthusiasm, and vitality to the project at hand. When you’re looking for greater visibility, brand recognition, and otherwise being lifted up in the public eye, these are good transits to look out for. They are also the easiest to look out for because they happen once a year!

Sun trine Jupiter - Extra Strong

Sun sextile Jupiter - Strong

Sun conjunct Jupiter - Strong

Sun trine Mars - Medium

Sun sextile Mars - Medium


Transit Venus

When Launching something under the influence of Venus you’re looking to build relationships, open to deeper levels of receiving, and simply looking to have an influx of cash flow. If your goal is to build more revenue rather than visibility, this would be a great time to do it. Ideally, you’re working with programs or experiences that you already fully have faith in and don’t have any hold ups around receiving for that offering.

If you are working in Art, this is an excellent time as well

Venus trine Jupiter - Medium

Venus sextile Jupiter - Medium

Venus conjunct Jupiter - Medium

Venus opposing Jupiter - Mild


Transit Mars

When Launching something under the influence of Mars you’re adding motivation, drive, and the ability to follow through to the energy of what you’re producing. This is for high octane projects or simply where a great deal of energy is going to be invested for a good return. Mars energy helps you to stay focused and follow through.

Mars trine Sun - Mild

Mars sextile Sun - Mild

Mars sextile Moon - Mild

Mars trine Moon - Mild

Mars trine Jupiter - Extra Strong

Mars sextile Jupiter - Medium

Mars conjunct Jupiter - Strong

Mars opposing Jupiter - Mild

Mars sextile Saturn- Mild

Mars trine Saturn - Mild

Mars sextile Uranus - Mild

Mars trine Uranus - Medium


Transit Jupiter

When Launching something under the influence of Jupiter is when you desire to see something grow exponentially, but it also requires your faith in what you’re producing. It’s easy to say Jupiter brings blessings, which it does…but it also requires you to put some skin on the line. So if you want to see the most exciting parts of a Jupiter energy in your launch then put some skin in the game. Stretch YOURSELF before you put your offering out in the world. Be willing to also grow to accommodate the project or offering coming through you.

Jupiter trine Sun - Extra Strong

Jupiter sextile Sun - Medium

Jupiter conjunct Sun - Strong

Jupiter opposing Sun - Mild

Jupiter trine Moon - Medium

Jupiter sextile Moon - Mild

Jupiter conjunct Moon - Mild

Jupiter trine Venus - Strong

Jupiter sextile Venus - Medium

Jupiter conjunct Venus - Medium

Jupiter opposing Venus - Mild

Jupiter trine Mars - Extra Strong

Jupiter sextile Mars - Medium

Jupiter conjunct Mars - Strong

Jupiter opposing Mars - Mild

Jupiter trine Uranus - Extra Strong

Jupiter sextile Uranus - Strong

Jupiter conjunct Uranus - Extra Strong

Jupiter opposing Uranus - Medium


Transit Saturn

When Launching something under the influence of Saturn let it be something that you’re willing to build over the long run. The combination here is Saturn & Mars which is the stamina to produce a lifetime of work. So it’s really only suited when you’re in devotion to a big vision, rather than a one hit wonder kind of program or offering. However, when there is something massive you’re wanting to accomplish, this energy can be very helpful.

Saturn sextile Mars - Mild

Saturn trine Mars - Medium


Transit Uranus

When Launching something under the influence of Uranus expect the unexpected. Be willing to let the project play out however it’s going to play out. Expect changes, but also this is where sudden windfalls are made. The biggest thing with a Uranus influence is that it needs to be unique, authentic, and it’s going to stretch you as an individual. Let it be something that is going to make you UPLEVEL or strengthen your capacity, and expect it. Nervous system support is a non-negotiable for anything with Uranus energy attached to it.

Uranus sextile Mars - Mild

Uranus trine Mars - Medium

Uranus trine Jupiter - Extra Strong

Uranus sextile Jupiter - Strong

Uranus conjunct Jupiter - Extra Strong

Uranus opposing Jupiter - Medium


Transit Moon

When Launching something under the influence of the Moon, understand this is small energy. But it’s meaningful too. When it touches on Mars this is a time of gaining greater motivation. You’ll absolutely want to look at the Moon if it’s an electional astrology chart to make sure it’s both mostly (or all) positive aspects and that they are approaching rather than separating


Moon trine natal Mars - Mild

Moon sextile natal Mars - Mild


  • Write down the dates where a New Moon occurred in one of your “launch friendly houses” at the beginning of each year or at the start of a 12-month period.
  • Use the transit calculator to write down the dates for any Strong or Extra-Strong transits occurring for you in the same time period. Be sure to also take into account the dates leading up to the exact date listed in the calculator as specified in BOLD under each transit planet.
  • Look for dates where there is an overlap between the above two lists. These are your prime selling, launching, and making big moves in your business for that year.
  • Launch during those dates, or fine-tune the process by using the electional astrology calculator to get things down to the minute for your launch. This step is optional.

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