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Leo 2nd House

Lesson 8 Chapter 2 Module 2


The second house ruled by a fire sign signifies you must begin with your own desires and what energizes you. “Not feeling it”or having your rewards for your efforts being too far off in the future will dampen your ability to accumulate. Your money magnetism is run off of your passion. Follow what you can get your heart behind. Just don’t allow it to run you into the ground. If your work lights you up and you’re achieving what you desire, burn out is your real enemy. 


You attract money through your ability to persevere, stick with it, and accumulate over time. How’s your follow through game, because it’s going to be important. Rather than sudden windfalls, you’re here for the long haul to allow big opportunities to grow over time. 

The emphasis with Leo on the cusp of your 2nd house is on accumulating possessions that are an extension of your personality. Your possessions flare more to the dramatic and you feel more abundant when others notice and admire what you have, from your personal style to your home and vacations. The more you’re able to afford the *best* in life, the more abundant you’ll be able to feel. The key is knowing what the BEST authentically is for you. Ferrari’s and a house in the hills aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Know what yours is.

$$ Superpower:

Understanding the value of something based on how others perceive it and what it says about your status and power in the community. Your understanding of social value mixed with your natural creativity makes you a powerhouse for creating popular products, experiences, and raving fans. 

Magnetize yourself: 

By getting crystal clear on what you personally value and how you want to be perceived, and then investing in possessions that are an extension of those values and embodiment. It’s not just about what is mainstream “cool, best” but what you believe to be the best, which may or may not be the mainstream idea of Luxury. The more you feel like you look the part that you wish to play in this life, the more magnetized to abundance you will be.

Be wary of: 

Overspending on luxury items or container investments  just for the sake of power or perception. Debt does catch up to you and will kill any vibe you’re trying to create. Be willing to do the deeper work and choose to find what authentically makes you feel powerful, don’t rely on the mainstream advertisements. Your possessions are an extension of yourself, so sure…spend thousands of dollars on a watch, but only if it actually makes you feel like the best version of you (and you can actually afford it).

Practical but not exhaustive list: 

Physical Product Brand Owner, Artist, Actor, Creative Department, Events Planning, Personal Stylist, Production Artist, Theater Manger, Hairstylist.

Sun as 2nd House Ruler- 


When the Sun is the Ruler of your 2nd house your priority is on accumulating wealth and possessions in a way that lights you up and makes you feel connected to a larger purpose + goal. Receiving recognition, respect, and bringing an Authority in your field is important to your overall success. You need to be able to shine in your individuality and above all be respected for what you bring to the table. Being able to express your creativity is also key. 

The Worst Places:  

This energy would be stunted in workplaces where others take credit for your work, where you couldn’t be creative, and where you are not fully respected and taken seriously in your role. If you work for yourself, you must see your own value and respect yourself for the work you do.


Keeping your personal energy battery charged is the key to your money magnetism. When you feel creative, vital, and “lit up” you are in alignment with your flow. 

Do this:

Exercise, Make things, Play, Connect to a deeper purpose, BE YOURSELF, Self Validate, Remove yourself for situations that are draining

Avoid this: 

Lack of activity, Oversleeping, Staying in situations that don’t recognize your worth, eating a heavy high sugar/grain diet, doing things because it’s what’s expected of you, staying in “soul crushing work”, Negative Self-talk, Feeling undervalued/not appreciated for being yourself 

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