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Pisces 2nd House

Lesson 15 Chapter 2 Module 2


The Second house ruled by a water sign signifies your desire to accumulate for your emotional wellbeing, the ability to give back, and care for others. You, more than other signs, may have a resistance to accumulating wealth because it’s “selfish”, when that can’t be further from the truth. Allow yourself to magnetize to money so that you can have experiences that make you FEEL good. You’re chasing emotional security, connection, caretaking, and being able to give back. Procrastination and lack of action can kill your magnetism. You won’t be able to buy everyone in your life a home with your business if you never start it. 


Your money magnetism comes through allowing things to change form, be optimized, and taking on new roles. Allow yourself to be untethered from your expectations of how you should gain wealth and be free to follow opportunities as they come. Always be willing to make shifts to what makes sense in the moment, even if it’s unexpected. While making aligned shifts are great for you (i.e: multiple income sources or even changing career focuses multiple times) ever present restlessness without success or focused progress is a downfall here. Be careful not to change directions just before you find success. 

Pisces on 2nd House- 

The emphasis with Pisces on your 2nd house cusp the focus is on having possessions that improve your spiritual/emotional wellbeing. The priority is meaningful, refined, artful, and delicate objects that inspire you and make you feel connected to something greater than yourself. When something connects to your heart and makes you feel better on a soul level, then it is worth having and investing in. 

$$ Superpower: 

Understanding the value of art and objects that speak to and nourish the soul. In a sense, you have an innate understanding of what makes something “priceless” because of the sense of connection, comfort, and inspiration that it invokes in people. Then you can put a dollar amount on it. 

Magnetize yourself: 

by investing in pieces that make you feel optimistic, expansive, and connected to something greater than yourself. Objects that provoke feelings of wonder, joy, and bemusement are worthy investments for your life. More key however are experiences that also do this. This could look like traveling to visit buildings and sacred sites that inspire awe, or through retreats to connect with your inner knowing. The more you feed your connection to what is divine or to the “collective unconscious” and unleash your creativity the more magnetized to abundance you will be. 

Be wary of:

not paying any mind to your money. If you ever catch yourself just swiping your card “to try and see”, get yourself someone to help you with your money right away. From low cost budgeting apps to if you can, a professional money manager, it’s the best investment for you. You’re not really “made for this world” when it comes to keeping tabs on the dollars and cents of the matter. Freeing yourself up to enjoy your money while knowing your basic planning is looked out for will help you immensely in the long run. 

Practical but not exhaustive list:

Creative Director, Spiritual/Religious Positions, Yoga Teacher, Artist, Musician, Recruiter, Psychic/Energy worker, Pet groomer 

Neptune as 2nd House Ruler-


  When Neptune is the ruler of your 2nd house your priority with accumulating wealth and possessions is to be able to live a life that inspires and uplifts yourself and others. Your compassion for others and connection to what is greater than yourself is the key to your money magnetism. It is less about accumulating physical possessions (unless they are inspiring, beautiful, and refined) but about spiritual soul level security. Being able to invest in items and experiences that help you to transcend reality by elevating what is ordinary is key to your abundance. Being able to give back to others, especially those who are hurting (or animals) is also a good motivator to wealth. Accumulating from the creative, psychic, mystical, and imaginal realm is indicated here. 

The Worst Places:  

This energy is stunted when the focus is on the practical and tangible aspects of the world. Forget the sensible chair, what about the intricate guided mirror that is simply divine? Practical, Logical, and spaces that lack compassion and empathy are detrimental to your energy and abundance. 


Your Neptune energy is activated through spiritual practices, using your imagination, being creative, and your compassion for others. Living life without words but using symbols and emotional sensations are powerful. Letting yourself live through art. Meditation, Mysticism, Magic, and anything that allows you to enter into the imaginal, energetic, and “otherworld” realms awakens your abundance. 

Do this: 

Meditate, Tell stories, Write Stories, Read Stories, Paint, Draw, Create Art, Pay attention to your dreams, stay open to signs, work with energy, delve deeper into your intuitive gifts, spend time with small creatures, pray. 

Avoid this: 
trying to be practical, efficient, and consistent with your energy. Also avoid using drugs, television, social media, and other escapism tendencies. Workplaces or environments that don’t value you for your spiritual side or ability to tap into the “collective unconscious”
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