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Planets in your 2nd House

Lesson 18 Chapter 3 Module 2


The Sun in your second house shows your desire for individual security through both possessions and your connections. Your wealth is built in part through your own personality and individual will power. You feel good when you have money, but your lesson is to be able to feel secure in yourself and your worth because you are here at this moment and worthy of love, not because of what you have achieved.

No amount of wealth will feel good if you don’t have a solid sense of self-confidence and inner knowing of what authentically lights you up. Money will only provide the security you’re looking for if you already feel worthy, energized, and well loved. Start there, and let the money come from that energy. 

Focusing on increasing your inner fire and taking money making opportunities that bring you recognition will help your wealth grow. Exercise is a key energy to your Abundance.  


The moon in your 2nd house shows that emotional security is key to your abundance. If you FEEL good, then the rest can fall into place. It’s deeply important that you also come to terms with changes in your life and learn tools to help you feel balanced and whole emotionally through all seasons of life.

Having a strong emotional support system in your life will serve you on multiple levels. It’s important not to let emotional energy pile up as it will lower your ability to manifest opportunities or attract abundance. 

This doesn’t mean toxic positivity or feeling like you need to feel “good” all the time. It means making sure you’re actually feeling the whole scale not suppressing things so they can flow naturally. Taking time to restore your inner balance when you’ve been thrown for a loop will pay you in dividends both in physical and emotional stability + abundance. 

Finding your own cyclical nature and knowing your seasons of rest + production are key. It also shows that your emotional intelligence, ability to care for others, heal others, and live in the flow of life brings in your wealth. 


Mercury in your 2nd house shows that knowledge and top notch communication is key to your emotional and physical security. When you know things and can share your ideas, beliefs, or feel able to mold your mindset effectively... you feel abundant. The act of taking in new information regularly (and then sharing it to others) is in part how you make your money. The status of “forever learning” is a key here. Always have a book, podcast, newspaper, or other material to take in daily. 

It is important to become aware of your mental dialog and learn as many tools as possible to fine tune it. Anxiety comes in part from too much mental energy and a mind that simply won’t stop spinning. Learning when it’s time to shut down your super computer and get back into your body is key for your emotional security as well as your wealth. Meditation, time in nature, and tuning into your sensual nature is also important. 

Mindset work is a key to your wealth. Being able to recognize what stories you’re telling yourself about all aspects of your life, and confront them in a way that rewrites any negative self-talk is a tool you need in your back pocket. Your mind, quite literally, is your money. 

On a practical level, money comes to you through your mind. Share, share, share. 


Venus in your 2nd house shows that receptivity, relationships, your personal values, and refinement is key to your emotional wellbeing. When you are able to elevate your surroundings and create a sense of harmony between people you are able to feel abundant (and bring in the $$$). It is important that you’re leaning into money making opportunities that focus on relationships between people or between a person and an item. Refining that experience so that it can be the *best* experience possibly falls under your zone of genius and can really bring in the money. 

A challenge for you though is in your interpersonal relationships. When they are running smoothly, you feel confident and that magnetizes you to $$. When there is trouble in your relationships (even if you’re not involved, say your parents fighting) you can be thrown into a state of upheaval. It’s important to learn how to find your center and feel secure in yourself, even if you’re currently in a season of struggle in your relationships. It too shall pass. 

Your ability to receive is also key to your abundance. Any stories around not feeling comfortable receiving help, compensation, or fully leaning into support needs to be addressed. For your Venus to be running at it’s best you need to feel totally open to receiving wildly. 


Mars in your 2nd house shows that conquering your fears, being assertive, taking risks, and being in a leadership role is how you increase your wealth and emotional security. When something scares you (a calculated risk not jumping out of an airplane without a parachute) it’s important that you move towards it. Let your fear call your forward into abundance. It is through asserting your own willpower and taking an active role moving towards your desires that you bring in wealth. 

Desire is another key factor in your abundance. You are highly motivated to get what you want. Taking time to remove judgment around your desires allows you to get super clear on what you want. Forget the why. Go after what you want. It magnetizes you to your biggest money potential. 

Exercise and competition are keys to your emotional security and to getting into the right frequency for attracting abundance. The more in tune you are with your inner warrior and feel capable to defend yourself and those you love, the stronger your Mars energy and Money making capabilities are. 


With Jupiter in your 2nd house you have to let your faith be your guide over your logic. When opportunities make you feel open and expansive, those are the ones to lean into. It is through your own optimism, belief, and ability to guide others that you reach your money potential. Coaching others through their blocks and helping them to find the faith to reach for more in their lives and expand their horizons is a powerful gift that you have to share. 

Hone your gift by putting it into practice in your own life. Always be stretching yourself, reaching for more, moving into the next expansive experience. Be like the plane that always chases the horizon, only to be moving at the same rate the earth spins. There is no destination, just more opportunities for seeing/experiencing the world in new ways. 

Get into the practice of not putting limits on yourself. No limit on what you can build, buy, or experience. Reach for your biggest dreams and don’t try to sell yourself short by starting small. Your money is very much dependent on your belief in going big. Don’t spend your time around naysayers. Find yourself a community of like minded believers and watch your $$ grow. 

Don’t be gullible though. Your expansiveness must be led by your own heart. There are many beings out there who have learned how to manufacture the sensation of expansiveness so they can sell you what benefits them. Keep your own center so you don’t get swept away. Don’t lose your sense of roots. 


WIth Saturn in your 2nd house it is through your own ability to create a structure for achievement in your life that you grow your wealth. You are responsible for bringing your purpose (your sun) into the world in a tangible way. It is your own devotion to your path that brings expansion and wealth into your life. You must have a plan for your achievement and you have to show up for it consistently. This is very much a stick with it and it will pay off kind of energy. As long as you're not switching paths you will get to where you want to be going. 

Being able to stay organized in your possessions + finances is a key to your emotional security as well. You cannot control everything, but keeping a solid hand on what you can keep track of helps you to feel solid, safe, and able to keep growing. Something as simple as investing in proper home organization and financial record keeping will magnetize you to wealth. 

Manifestation isn’t as powerful with this placement without the “traditional” wealth building practices. There is simply no escaping that you have to be structured, organized, consistent, and responsible in building your wealth. Don’t shy away from the work involved and you’ll be able to build massively over time. 

Just remember to also have fun! Don’t let yourself drown in a soul crushing job just because it brings in big bucks. You have a responsibility to your PURPOSE as well. For you the period of your Saturn Return occurring between 28-29 years old is the key to figuring out not only your purpose, but your best wealth potential. 


With Uranus in your 2nd house accepting change is the key to your wealth. Your situation can change at any moment. Which is powerful because if you’re down, you can be up again in an instant. Keep your heart focused on the power of sudden change and learn to be okay with how one season of life fades into the next. It is important to give yourself a financial safety net, then go play hard. Life is meant to be fun, go be free. 

Spending money on experiences will magnetize you to money, as a great deal of possessions can make you feel weighed down. Don’t chase the responsible dream (unless Saturn is hanging with your Uranus), find ways to free yourself. Be unconventional, and allow yourself to be authentically you in all of your iterations. What suits you today likely won’t suit tomorrow. The less invested you are in things that can be changed or dropped in an instant, the more abundant you will feel. 

Memories, experiences, wisdom, and your community are all places that help you to both build your wealth and spend it in a fashion that further magnetizes you. 

Part of your wealth building is in creating a new world. From new technology to organizing movements. You make $$ through creating change. 


With Neptune in your 2nd house your connection to that which is “greater” than yourself is a key to your wealth. Moving beyond faith, Neptune is a lived experience of Spirituality. Associated with Psychic energy, it is where we are tapped into the Collective Unconscious. You use your artist ability, storytelling, empathy, and spiritual self to attract wealth. Feeling into the liminal space between the tangible experience of reality and the spiritual/meaningful aspects should be leaned into. 

Having a spiritual practice that helps you to drop into the deeper meanings of life will have a powerful impact on your abundance. The more “tapped in” you are, the more your wealth can grow. Your dreams carry important messages and images for your abundance. 

This is a very transcendent energy that if not recognized can bring so much confusion about your emotional security and wealth. It runs very counter to what we experience in the real world. Your security and wealth comes in spiritual security and security of your soul. The more connected you can feel to those parts of your life and the everlasting parts of yourself, the stronger you will feel and be. 


With Pluto in your 2nd house building a conscious legacy is a key to your wealth building. Obtaining possessions, stories, and wisdom that transcends just your lifetime both magnetizes you to wealth and will bring you to most satisfaction in spending $$. 

This energy can show up one of two ways. Either A: Focus on making a name for yourself. Grow your wealth & security through becoming well known and someone who will be remembered for a great contribution to society. Make the history books in some way. 

Or B: Focus on building wealth, knowledge, and stories that can be passed onto the next generation through your children or your students. It was once someone’s job to share the stories of who we are, why we are here, and the deeper meanings + magic of life. This can be your job too.

Pluto can bring an obsession with building wealth, which isn’t a bad thing as long as you don’t make it mean something about your self-worth. As a building energy you may start with nothing and allow it to grow vastly over time. 

The more you grow your personal power, either in a traditional sense, or a spiritual/occult sense the more magnetizes you become to money. 

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