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Sagittarius 2nd House

Lesson 12 Chapter 2 Module 2


The second house ruled by a fire sign signifies you must begin with your own desires and what energizes you. “Not feeling it”or having your rewards for your efforts being too far off in the future will dampen your ability to accumulate. Your money magnetism is run off of your passion. Follow what you can get your heart behind. Just don’t allow it to run you into the ground. If your work lights you up and you’re achieving what you desire, burn out is your real enemy. 


 Your money magnetism comes through allowing things to change form, be optimized, and taking on new roles. Allow yourself to be untethered from your expectations of how you should gain wealth and be free to follow opportunities as they come. Always be willing to make shifts to what makes sense in the moment, even if it’s unexpected. While making aligned shifts are great for you (i.e: multiple income sources or even changing career focuses multiple times) ever present restlessness without success or focused progress is a downfall here. Be careful not to change directions just before you find success. 

Sagittarius on 2nd House

The emphasis with Sagittarius on your 2nd house cusp your priority is on being able to grow, experience, and expand your horizons. It’s less about the *things* that you have and more about you being able to spend on what you ENJOY doing and brings you pleasure. This could mean travel, dinners with your friends, advanced studies, or whatever brings your heart delight. 

$$ Superpower: 

Understanding the value of a product, place, or experience that lights someone up and helps them to further grow. It’s hard to put a value on a spiritual retreat for example, because it’s not about the stuff you do…it’s about how you are changed as a person based on the experience. You know both how to cultivate incredible (products/experiences) and match them to the people or groups that need them. You speak to the value that something has to the soul. 

Magnetize yourself: 

By investing in your own growth, soul development, and untethered joy. The more that you feel good about life and cap regularly tap into your feelings of expansiveness and optimism, the more you’ll be able to tap into your abundance. This doesn't always have to cost big dollars, in fact, it’s important that you have regular (ideally daily) bouts of expansive joy rather than “big vacations” from a reality that is constrictive. 

Be wary of:

Overspending and being overly generous. The worst thing you could do is get a “let's live for today” mentality with your money. Don’t pay for the growth, experiences, and joy of your youth with a difficult and unplanned for later years. In all things, from spending to food, I am always seeking moderation. You definitely have a “lucky” streak about you and generally land on your feet. Having a backup plan will help ensure that always continues to happen.

Practical but not exhaustive list:
Professor, Adventure Guide, Philosopher, Coach, Flight Attendant, Outdoor Guide, Driver, Hospitality, Experience Curator, Mascot, Creative Director, Teacher

Jupiter as 2nd House Ruler

 When Jupiter is the ruler of your 2nd house you want to accumulate possessions and wealth in vast quantities. The bigger the better, but that's just limited to physical possessions but experiences like travel as well. Acquiring and growing your wealth helps you to feel expansive, enthusiastic, and a steady sense of growth. Having a clear understanding of what authentically makes you feel connected to something greater than yourself and genuinely abundant helps you to be magnetized to money. “Bigger is better” and generosity can also be a trap if you’re not doing it for the right reasons. Get in touch with the sensation of what things, experiences, and financial decisions make you feel wide, blessed, and hopeful. Don’t waste your time on the rest.

The Worst Places:  

This energy is stunted by either of two extremes. Fear and lack which will stifle the expansive and hopeful energy that is so key to your abundance. Being overly generous and spending too much will also stifle this. There is a great need for a balance of enjoying today and having the best, while putting back for the future. Being in situations (especially where money is exchanging hands) that lean either way are not for the best. 


Jupiter is activated through your own optimism and feelings of “faith”. This doesn’t have to mean a religious definition (but if that’s your jam…do that). It does mean being able to hold hope and focused belief that things are conspiring in your favor. Being able to hold the vision of abundance for your life and the belief that good things are on their way (better than you can even imagine) is the key to activation here. Spending and being generous with your energy/money/skills (within your means) stimulates this energy. 

Do this:

Create a practice to expand your optimism. Mindset work. Vision boarding. Connecting to “what is greater than yourself”, Spiritual practices, Giving back, GRATITUDE, taking practical actions to bring your visions into reality. 

Avoid this: 

Being stingy with your energy/resources, overspending/overindulging, spiritual bypassing, spending time around people who have a pessimistic mindset, Jumping into big decisions without thinking logically about consequences, Only trying to manifest without taking practical + consistent action.

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