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Scorpio 2nd House

Lesson 11 Chapter 2 Module 2


The Second house ruled by a water sign signifies your desire to accumulate for your emotional wellbeing, the ability to give back, and care for others. You, more than other signs, may have a resistance to accumulating wealth because it’s “selfish”, when that can’t be further from the truth. Allow yourself to magnetize to money so that you can have experiences that make you FEEL good. You’re chasing emotional security, connection, caretaking, and being able to give back. Procrastination and lack of action can kill your magnetism. You won’t be able to buy everyone in your life a home with your business if you never start it. 


You attract money through your ability to persevere, stick with it, and accumulate over time. How’s your follow through game, because it’s going to be important. Rather than sudden windfalls, you’re here for the long haul to allow big opportunities to grow over time. 

Scorpio on 2nd House-

The emphasis with Scorpio on your 2nd house cusp your possessions have is  about emotional security as well as physical. The priority is on accumulating wealth and possessions that have a deeper meaning and are long lasting, such as generational wealth and possessions that can be passed on that have story and connection ingrained in them. Bigger investments on things that will be timeless and last (and be functional) for the years to come are key. 

$$ Superpower: 

Understanding the value of something based on the meaning & connection it provides as well as it’s length of viability and usage. A wedding ring that can be passed on to a great-granddaughter. There is also an intuitive power of understanding which investments especially when it comes to buying/selling will pan out well (and with ones won’t) 

Magnetize yourself: 

By investing in pieces that you hope to pass down to your children (or nieces or nephews) and by keeping a running record of your life and of those who came before you. Spend your money on quality! Your abundance is directly linked to your ability to feel confident spending your money. Building generational wealth is of deep importance, but you have to be willing to put your money to work rather than just sticking it in a savings account. 

Be wary of: 

Of allowing money to determine your self-worth. What you have or don’t have has no impact on your skills, gifts, or the value you provide to the world. Becoming codependent emotionally and financially can also keep you trapped in cycles of not earning your own $$ (and leading to self-worth issues). Self-destructive patterns around money, such as spending on vices to balance emotional ups and downs should also be avoided. Check in on how you can meet your desires without either over spending (or with using what you have on hand). 

Practical but not exhaustive list: 

Therapist, Detective, Occult Professions, Physician, Midwife, Funeral Home Director, Sex Therapist, Engineer, Archeologist

Pluto as 2nd House Ruler- 


When Pluto is the ruler of your 2nd house the priority is on accumulating wealth and possessions that create your legacy and will last beyond you. Stories and Wisdom that can be passed down is the key to your magnetism to money. The more you commit to learning knowledge that is timeless and can positively impact generations after you are gone as well as collecting objects that also will remain valued timelessly are the key to your abundance. Magnetize yourself to money by focusing on building generation wealth, assets, traditions, and wisdom that can be passed on. The more you accumulate your own personal power the more your wealth will grow. Working with the unconscious desires and motivations of people is indicated. 

The Worst Places:  

This energy Is not suited for fast and flashy money or working with temporary stuff that fades in quality quickly. Fads are not tolerated. Working in an environment that doesn’t allow you to maintain your own sense of power or doesn’t align with your values will not suit. Fast fashion, fast food, or any objects/experiences/services that don’t have a deeper meaning and are not of good quality stifle your magnetism. 


Activate your Pluto through thinking about your actions and life in the context of how temporary it is. What actions can you take that will be helpful not only to yourself, but to those that come after you? The more you work on your own unconsciousness and shadow, the more your personal power will grow. You must be your own inner authority and be willing to transform over and over again.  

Do this:

Shadow work, Occult learning, Learning timeless Wisdom, Building generational wealth with the intention of passing it on, Writing your Story, Going through personal transformation, Accepting your Mortality, Honoring your Ancestors, Becoming a Good Ancestor while living 

Avoid this: 

Seeking power just for power’s sake, trying to make a name for yourself rather than a legacy that can be passed on, living from your desires, giving into compulsive behavior and thoughts, using force or manipulation to build your wealth/power, obsession with people/places/things/power 

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