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Starting Habits Using Astrology

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

Starting Habits Using Astrology

Understanding Your Motivation:

Push/Pull dynamic: To successfully start and maintain a habit, you need to know what you're moving away from and/or what you're moving towards. The focus is usually on a physical manifestation of that goal. For example: "I want more money so I can stock my fridge with healthy food instead of having it be empty" or "I want to lose weight so I can look slim in my bodycon dress." However, for about half of all people, this approach doesn't work.

To determine whether this approach is right for you, look at your birth chart and see whether the majority of the planets are in the top half or bottom half of the chart.

Majority of Planets in Top Hemisphere:

Focus on physical goals, how others perceive your results, and outward accomplishments. Even if you're working on an inner goal like "more confidence," consider what that looks like on the outside. Does it mean increased sales or more compliments? Does it result in improved posture? Remember to focus on the external manifestations of your goals.

Majority of Planets in Bottom Hemisphere:

You should focus on intangible inner results instead of physical ones. For instance, it's not receiving a promotion or being featured in Forbes that will motivate you. Rather, it's feeling secure in your work or validated in your efforts. It's crucial to identify the essence or quality that a result will provide, rather than the result itself. It's important to be able to articulate how an outcome is changing you on the inside, rather than just the outside.

Getting Clear on Energy Required:

Small habits can be implemented gradually over the course of a year. To do this, you can use the moon cycle as a guide.

However, bigger habits that you have been struggling with for years require finding specific timing to support that action alongside the moon cycle.

Moon Cycle Support:

Waxing New - Full Moon: Starting New Habits (think, eating more vegetables, working out more, making more money, searching for a job, buying a house, more confidence etc)


Waning Full - New Moon:

Ending non-supportive habits (quitting smoking, quitting eating fast food, leaving a relationship, ending a job, releasing trauma etc)


Finding Specific Timing by House:

For Supportive Timing of Big Habits notice what planets are occupying what houses in your Transits & Solar Return Charts. 
For example, If you have several planets in the 6th House by Solar Return & Transit then this would be a big indicator that is a great time to work on your health. When the New or Full Moon happens in your 6th house, this would be the time to solidify and start/stop habits related to your health with good outcomes. 

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It's important to note that for smaller habits or mini-habits, you should look to the new/full moon in that house. For larger habits, you'll want greater support in those houses too. For example, Mars-Uranus transiting that house, planets/ascendant in that house in the solar/lunar return, etc.

For instance, let's say someone has been wanting to lose weight for years, but nothing ever works. Then finally they decide, "YES, I want to go on a health journey." Maybe they got sick and suddenly things are bigger. Supportive timing would be having planets in their 6th house in their solar return chart, Saturn is transiting the 6th house, and also finding specific timing where Venus is transiting the 6th conjunct the Saturn (supportive influence). That would be incredible timing for someone to begin a health journey.

However, for the purpose of this, it is likely you'll be using mostly the lunar cycle as that is easiest. But do look at the houses being activated in your solar return or by your transit planets. This gives you a sense of what "bigger energy" is at play in your life so you can make bold moves at the right time.

Another example would be feeling like you've wanted to renovate your home for years, and you think, "Okay, I'll start decluttering and preparing for the renovation when the full moon is in my 10th house, and then when the new moon in the 4th house rolls around, I'll start the renovation." Seeing that Mars, for example, or Jupiter is almost moving through your 4th house at that time says, "YES, GET IT DONE! NOW IS THE TIME!"

1st House:

Inner Habits:

Understanding your Purpose, Feeling supported by life, knowing who you are and where you’re going, feeling like you have a direction in life, feeling comfortable in your own skin, happy with your personality and how you’re expressing yourself.

Outer Habits:

Physical Appearance, Style, Skincare, Habits/Procedures that will alter your physical appearance, Greater endurance, Workout that will result in competitive advantage.

Putting yourself out in the world in a way that would result in a promotion, raise, or give you a competitive advantage.

2nd House:

Inner Habits:

Self Confidence, Self-Validation, Trusting in your Gifts, Recognizing your gifts/talents, Feeling like you’re stable + secure internally.

Outer Habits:

Money, Financial Skills + Organization, New Tangible Goods (that are moveable), Anything that will support being more resourced in your gifts, Magnetizing to greater luxury/ease.

3rd House:

Inner Habits:

Mindset work, trust in your intelligence, believing in your ideas, feeling safe to unleash your true voice, being authentic in your communication, allowing education from different areas of your life to come together in a unique way.

Outer Habits:

Buying a New Car, Taking a short trip, Starting a new course, Writing/Sharing something new.

4th House:

Inner Habits:

Trusting your intuition, meeting your own needs, deep restoration, spending time in your inner Sanctuary, connecting to your intuitive wisdom.

Outer Habits:

Remodeling your home,  Cleaning & Organizing, selling/buying a home, creating new traditions, working to create harmony/support in your home life or family, new cooking/eating habits, changing your routines for when you are at home (especially for more nourishment/relaxation and boundaries around that)

5th House:

Inner Habits:

Feeling comfortable in your self expression, ability to have fun, feeling more joy/pleasure in your life, restoring a sense of playfulness or ease to your life.

Outer Habits:

Major creative projects, intentions about your children, having children, vacations, taking up a hobby that is fun/creative.

6th House:

Inner Habits:

Feeling like you make a difference in the world, knowing how you’re of greater service to humanity, feeling like your actions make a difference or are respected, feeling worthy of having a supportive day to day life that you like most days, feeling energized and nourished by your routines

Outer Habits:

Healthy daily habits that have the intention of bringing balance or elevation to the system (for example, to just lose weight would be a 1st house intention…whereas a 6th house intention would be to be more energized and have a balanced constitution). Anything that is going to bring more balance and support to your day to day life.

Changing jobs, Changing job tasks that are more supportive (promotion if it’s because you’ll like the actual work more not because of the raise)

Receiving a mentor/teacher in how you’re of service

Organizing your day to day life, including your budget and finances. 

7th House:

Inner Habits:

Having strong boundaries with other people, self love, opening yourself up more deeply to safe people, intimacy, connection (being open to)

Outer Habits:

Dating, Marriage, New Friendships, Healthier relationship dynamics, Ending relationships, Setting new boundaries/expectations in a relationship

8th House:

Inner Habits:

Feeling comfortable with the intense parts of life, facing your own morality, shadow work, your sexuality from an inner perspective, having clearer energetic boundaries with the world

Outer Habits:

Sexuality Exploration, Better sex life, promotions/increase in positive circumstances for spouse or close partner, Healing Trauma Patterns.

9th House:

Inner Habits:

Belief system work, Inner faith, Staying open to new experiences

Outer Habits:

Long distance travel, starting & ending education (college, major courses), spiritual experiences that take you away from the day to day, stepping into mastery through teaching etc

10th House:

Inner Habits:

Trusting in your path, validating what you want to be acknowledged for in life even if it runs counter to the “traditional success models”, Seeing yourself deeply even when the world doesn’t.

Outer Habits:

Publicity, Promotion, Big Career moves, Applying and Receiving Awards (send in for that tedtalk), making major purchases that status is the desired outcome.

11th House:

Inner Habits:

Feeling safe to be your authentic self, feeling a sense of belonging in the world, feeling supported by your community.

Outer Habits:

Big moves on your hopes & dreams (lifetime goals), seeking out/starting community, spending time with community, social media goals, finding a sense of belonging in a club or organization.

12th House:

Inner Habits:

Inner peace, unshakable faith, connection to the other realms, spiritual calm, a sense of purpose that extends beyond this lifetime, being visited by the muse, opening up to a guide/guides, changing your energy, closing out a chapter of your life story.

Outer Habits:

Receiving a Guide, habits that are spiritual in nature, habits that are to facilitate peace in your inner world, testing your faith, time spent in isolation, Spiritual quests.

What is an Electional Astrology Chart

This is a whole branch of Astrology that is focused on starting things in the right time. While it would take a dozen hours to teach on this in a way that would be profoundly useful, I’d like to summarize it down should you wish to set specific timing to support your intention/habit.

Electional Charts are down to the minute and are a birth chart of the moment.

For example, Signing the Paper on a wedding certificate marks the marriage chart

Going on your first workout marks starting a new health habit

Pressing Activate on your dating app would signify starting to date again.

Basics to consider:

  • Are the “good planets” Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Jupiter in the house of the goal you’d like to start.
  • Where is the Moon and does it have positive or negative aspects? Is it void of course?
  • (a special note on void of course moons, they are a great time to get rid of non-supportive habits, but if you want something to go well to make something happen don’t ever start during a voc moon)
  • Do the Ruler of the Ascendant and Moon have positive aspects? It will be unusual to not have any “bad” aspects with both of these, but if you pull it off, amazing!
  • If you do have negative aspects, be sure to read them in the natal chart course of the Stellar Sanctuary to understand the energy that you’ll need to overcome in the growth of your project/habit.

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