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Taurus 2nd House

Lesson 5 Chapter 2 Module 2

Taurus 2nd House 


The Second house ruled by an Earth sign is in it’s traditional comfort zone. Your ability to magnetize and accumulate wealth has to come from a practical and sensible place. The more you can see tangible results from your efforts, from a house being built to the numbers in your IRA or savings account gaining ground will keep you growing. When you find yourself only accumulating wealth and not spending it, that’s a warning cry. You’re not here to be a dragon, you’re here to enjoy life. Take time to treat yourself with vacations, bodywork, and things that make your life easier. 


You attract money through your ability to persevere, stick with it, and accumulate over time. How’s your follow through game, because it’s going to be important. Rather than sudden windfalls, you’re here for the long haul to allow big opportunities to grow over time. 

The emphasis with Taurus on the 2nd house cusp is on surrounding yourself with possessions that increase your comfort and security. While there is a tendency towards luxury, it’s less about status and more about how things FEEL. Being able to meet your desires for a pleasure filled existence is key. Splurging on Foods and Linens for sure show up here. 

$$ Superpower:

Understanding the value of a place, object, or service based on how it makes others feel. You can craft premium experience (and luxury price tags) based on creating an entire vibe based on the sensual side of life.

Magnetize yourself: 

By investing in your own comfort, pleasure, and physical experiences. The more you choose to pamper yourself through updating your home or office, caring for your body (massage, good feeling clothes, top notch skincare), and investing in long term financial security for yourself will magnetize you to money. When you feel safe and comfortable you are able to bring massive energy and growth to your life.

Be wary of: 

Not taking any risks and over accumulation. If you find yourself not spending on luxury items or experiences that are so critical to your wellbeing and putting everything in savings or going on pointless shopping sprees…it’s time to start becoming more conscious with your spending. Take care of yourself. Regularly Marie Kondo your life and spending on the *right* things that make you feel good, not things that give you a temporary shopping high. Be sure you’re not surrounding yourself with *stuff* for the sake of having more things.

Practical Ideas, not exhaustive list: 

Luxury Brand, Spa Owner/worker, Banker, Financial Planner, Home Design, Brand Image Curator. 

Venus House Ruler- 


 When Venus is the ruler of your 2nd house the priority is on accumulating possessions and wealth in a way that brings pleasure, enjoyment, beauty, and connection to yourself and others. You desire to bring in wealth in a way that both supports + comes from your personal values.  Venus as the ruler almost always means money is coming in from relationships either with yourself and others or the relationship that occurs for example between a client and a piece of art (or other object). When you can work in an artful, pleasure filled way, that brings enjoyment to yourself and others you are best magnetized to money. You must be appreciated and regularly told so in your work. 

The Worst Places:  

Work that doesn’t fit your personal values. Dull, boring, unrefined environments that are scripted and cold. When you can’t beautify the space you work in or help to improve working relationships (between co-workers, clients, or through improving the custom experience) you can feel thwarted. Places where no one appreciates you, your work, or each other. Conflict riddled spaces where you can’t do anything to remedy it.


Activate your magnetism first through your relationship with yourself, spending time to focus on your pleasure + self love. Speak kindly to yourself, treat yourself, and take time to refine your surroundings (especially in your workspace + home). Get comfortable receiving in personal + professional relationships by asking for specifics that you need (like words of affirmation). Spending time cultivating good working relationships with and nurturing client/customer relationships (going the extra mile) magnetizes you to money. 

Do this:

Self worship, Prioritizing your pleasure, creating a sensually satisfying environment, working through any codependent behaviors, words of affirmation, spending time relationship building (personal + professional), getting clear on your personal values and how to align your actions + work in the world with them. 

Avoid this: 

Making your mood + energy dependent on how well all of your relationships are going (especially client relationships),giving away too much support without proper compensation (working overtime without pay, free services), Staying where you aren’t appreciated, Not enjoying at least half of the work that you do. 

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