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Virgo 2nd House

Lesson 9 Chapter 2 Module 2


The Second house ruled by an Earth sign is in it’s traditional comfort zone. Your ability to magnetize and accumulate wealth has to come from a practical and sensible place. The more you can see tangible results from your efforts, from a house being built to the numbers in your IRA or savings account gaining ground will keep you growing. When you find yourself only accumulating wealth and not spending it, that’s a warning cry. You’re not here to be a dragon, you’re here to enjoy life. Take time to treat yourself with vacations, bodywork, and things that make your life easier. 


Your money magnetism comes through allowing things to change form, be optimized, and taking on new roles. Allow yourself to be untethered from your expectations of how you should gain wealth and be free to follow opportunities as they come. Always be willing to make shifts to what makes sense in the moment, even if it’s unexpected. While making aligned shifts are great for you (i.e: multiple income sources or even changing career focuses multiple times) ever present restlessness without success or focused progress is a downfall here. Be careful not to change directions just before you find success. 

Virgo on 2nd House-

The emphasis with Virgo in the 2nd house cusp is you are quite conscious about what possessions you bring into your world and have an eye for details. The priority is to have practical possessions that make your life more satisfying and easier to manage. You need your money to spread in a balanced way between long term financial security, practical needs, and play/pleasure. 

$$ Superpower: 

Understanding the practical value of something based on the utility it provides and working into the details of expenditures to make a well rounded financial picture. Forget the sales hype, you can pinpoint exactly what something is worth based on how efficient and practical its use is. Spreadsheets are your friend, and you can bring large projects, budgets, and planning into balance without breaking a sweat.

Magnetize yourself: 

By keeping a balanced budget on your end and funneling some extra money into a special account that is only for your eyes and spending. Having control over your own resources is key and you need to be able to splurge on your own care, especially when it comes to optimizing your health and self development work. The more you are confident of the details of how your money is being utilized, and can calculate its return on it’s investment the more abundant you will feel. 

Be wary of: 

Getting too far lost in the budgeting that it becomes an obsession. You don’t need to track every single penny, everyday. You do need to know how much you’re spending in categories and make adjustments as necessary. Having someone else control the finances or only having joint accounts doesn’t serve your overall money energy. Make sure you have money you can spend, no questions asked, no oversight. Even if it’s only $20 bucks.

Practical but not exhaustive list:

Accountant, Editor, Project management, Planner, Office Manger, Health Coach, Nutritionist, Veterinarian, Biologist, Farmer

Mercury as 2nd House Ruler-


When Mercury is the Ruler of your 2nd house the emphasis is on accumulating wisdom, information, and status through intellect. The priority is being able to use your mind to make your money. This could be through doing “brain work” or through sharing ideas, messages, and information. It is important that you are respected for the way you think, communicate, write, and how you share your thoughts. Being able to splurge to acquire more knowledge/self development through experiences, higher learning, courses, or books helps activate your abundance.

The Worst Places: 

This energy would be stunted when you are not respected for your mind or don’t get the opportunity to utilize your brain power. When using your body can be therapeutic, mindless tasks that don’t allow you to be mentally stimulated is a magnetism killer. Repetitive tasks and scenery can be challenging here. 


Keeping your Mind moving (without giving over to restlessness or anxiety). Doing regular mindset work, meditation, and other tasks that help with mental acuity + focus. Allowing your curiosity or desire to continue on your self development path draws you to next experiences, ideas, and knowledge that will allow your mental strength and intelligence to grow. Chatting with others, speaking on subjects that are important to you, sharing ideas are key. 

Do this: 

Commit to keeping learning! Sharing ideas, teaching, meditating, keeping your mind sharp. Writing regularly. Reading more. The more that you’re able to articulate your ideas and use your intellect the stronger your money magnetism will be. 

Avoid this: 

Giving way to overly restless energy that can turn to anxiety. Take regular breaks to get into your body and “get out of your head”. Keeping your ideas only in your mind (not sharing them, writing, talking to others), Not feeding your brain new experiences, knowledge, ideas. 

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