You don't need a strategy.

 You need YOUR strategy.

Welcome to Defined, the course designed to show you who you are so you can sell what you're doing. 

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The recognition comes when you know who you are
not what you do.

You're not a Coach, Yoga teacher, Healer, Tarot Reader, Reiki practitioner, or Manifesting expert. That's what you do, not who you are. What you do doesn't set you apart from the crowd. Understanding who you are, how you operate, and express yourself. That's what makes you become recognizable in a way that nobody cares what title is in your insta bio today. 

warning: you may find yourself doing this after this course

  • Deleting all the people off social media that you followed for "inspiration" 
  • Have zero cares about what title is in your Instagram bio because you know the right people find you ALL the time
  • Making some serious magic and offering it to the world without making a poll to see if anyone is interested in it. 
  • Sitting down to make amazing content that doesn't feel forced or makes you question if anyone will even like it. 
  • Silently creating a masterpiece instead of telling your friends and hubs that "I think I'm going to do...." 
  • Showing up and telling people exactly who you are instead of waiting for that moment that you're going to go viral and everyone will see you. 
  • Swiping right past those targeted ads for free training in "systems" because you are confident in your own way of doing things 
  • Having a GOLDEN idea, and creating it without spending hours obsessing over why it won't work or be worth the effort.  

Course content

Through the lens of your Human Design and Astrology we're defining

Module 1

2 Chapters

Brand Identity 

What sets you apart from everyone else? Your natural energetic operating and gifts. Find what sets your business and personal brand apart from the crowd. 

Module 2

2 Chapters

Your Ideal Clients 

Knowing where your ideal clients shop is important if you're a fashion blogger. When your calling is deeper, they expect you to know them at that level. Get my secret to identifying the heart of your clients. No complicated Astrology involved.  

Module 3

4 Chapters

Aligned Offerings 

Break free from what everyone else is doing, and get crystal clear on the energetics and practical side of what exactly you do offer. 

Module 4

2 Chapters

Building Irresistible Offers

There's a million things you could offer, but only certain containers that you're meant to thrive in. Stop questioning if you're meant to hold masterclasses and groups and get clear on your energetic mastery zone for offers. 

Module 5



Your Messaging Style 

Imagine if Tony Robbins did poetry? Or Rumi wrote like a scientific paper. How you speak is as important as what you say. Find your messaging style. 

Module 6

3 Chapters

Social Media 

Turn your voice into social media posts that you're excited to share and get people interested in your work. Content based in your design, with examples and practical social media strategy.  

Module 7

3 Chapters

Launching & Selling 

You need a system for launching and a strategy for selling that is alignment with your values and energy. How to fall in love with Launching. 

Module 8



Tools for the Future 

I'm spilling my strategy to use these tools not only for building your brand, but for every single offering you launch. How to create content and understand the ideal client needs for every single offer. 

Course Begins July 19th
Recorded Tools & Live Classes:
Tuesday July 19th - 8 pm eastern
Wednesday, July 20th - 2 pm eastern
Saturday July 23rd - 10 am eastern 
Monday July 25th - 7:30 pm eastern 
Tuesday August 2nd - 9:30 am eastern
Wednesday August 3rd - 7 pm eastern
*all recordings will be available if you can't make it live*

Current pricing
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  • Lifetime access to course 
  • Lifetime access to Bonus Materials 


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  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime access to BOnus Materials 


WHen does the course begin? 

The Live classes begin July 19th and two early access modules open on July 4th 

Are there any live classes? 

Yes! There are 6 LIVE regular classes! 

Tuesday July 19th - 8 pm eastern

Wednesday, July 20th - 2 pm eastern

Saturday July 23rd - 10 am eastern

Monday July 25th - 7:30 pm eastern

Tuesday August 2nd - 9:30 am eastern

Wednesday August 3rd - 7 pm eastern

I don't have a business yet, but I want one. Is this for me? 

I wish I had this information before I got started. I lost a lot of time and money diving into strategies that were NOT for me. The clarity I got creating this course and working myself though Soul of Service previously led to some of the biggest breakthroughs in my own business. 

Do I need a lot of Astrology or Human Design knowledge for this? 

I am walking you step by step through all of the pieces that you'll need to know. You will learn along the way, but all the descriptions of what you're looking at will be spelled out for you. 

your teacher

Kacy Danae Cosmic Consultant 

Kacy went into business because the quote “Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s. ” by Anais Nin rang true. She believes Wisdom is what builds Wealth and Freedom, that Soulful Mission is what heals the world, and clarifying who you are is the key to creating potent offers.  She has studied Astrology, Human Design, and Herbalism extensively as her favorite modalities.