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Learn the system that makes getting results with herbs easy 

Have you been wanting to learn Herbalism for years but get totally overwhelmed on where to begin?  Do you find yourself asking "How do you quickly learn what herbs do what"!? Or feeling like it's going to take you years and thousands of dollars to be able to actually apply herbalism to your life in a practical way? 

We want you to be confident in determining what herbs are actually going to be able to help your family & friends and to stop having to rely on half baked articles about "the top 7 herbs for immunity". 

In this 3 part course you're going to learn what you need to confidently determine which herbs will successful in supporting balance and correcting a The course will take the confusion and overwhelm out of herbalism by giving you the key to successful herbal practice, for FREE!

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How to quickly determine what effect an herb will have in the body and how to determine what effects are needed to bring about balance. 

Why some herbs work really well for some people, and don't work at all on others; and how to make sure you're going to get yourself or a loved one an herb that will actually work! 

The organs, organ systems, and tissues in the body. How symptoms may be showing up in a system but are NOT the root cause of the dis-ease. 

The Holistic system that brought about massive "AH-HA moments" and will your herbal success rate from "sometimes working" to super successful!  

How to determine yours (or anyone's) constitution and how it shows you where you are most predisposed to disorders and how to PREVENT them from becoming a problem.

Strategies for incorporating herbs on a daily, situational and seasonal basis to successfully maintain vital health & wellness. 

What people have to say about the course:

"It gave me a place to start! I've been interested in herbs for years, but have always been overwhelmed with where to begin."

~Mary S.

"It was so informative and fun and makes me feel prepared!"

~Artine H.