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"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." ~rumi

You are made of stardust and ancient soil

You've felt the crushing weight of trying to pretend that you're not sacred. That this world isn't asking you to be something that you simply, are not created to be. The call home, has come to you in your dreams and in those small moments of confusion, frustration, and despair. You're not wrong. You're not alone. It's time for you to

Remember Who You Are 
sovereign creator, wisdom keeper, healer, starseed, sacred being

Kacy began studying energy work, plant medicine, Astrology, and Human Design during her own Dark night of the Soul. Facing a life altering surgery as her "only option" to heal, she vowed to find another way, and the road appeared.

She uses combines cosmic modalities with plant medicine and vibrational remedies to support the highest expression of your Astrology & Human Design charts. She believes in your ability to co-create an extraordinary life. 

In 2019 she almost gave up on sharing her Astrology knowledge. While sitting in her local coffee shop she asked for a "Neon Clear Sign" if she was to continue offering this modality to others. A few days later she was introduced to Dorothy Malkie. 

Dorothy has been practicing Astrology for 55+ years, mostly in the Washington D.C. area. Her and Kacy almost share a birthday, and upon Dorothy viewing Kacy's chart for the first time she said "Welp, my Saturn is conjunct your Sun. I'm supposed to teach you everything I know. Are you up for that"? 

Kacy was. The sign was neon clear. Dorothy and Kacy meet twice a week to this day. Dorothy continues to support Kacy's cosmic knowledge, reviewing charts for readings & coaching clients as a teaching tool.

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