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Is this the right business for me to start?

Who is my ICA? 

Is it time for my relationship to end?

Is this home a good investment?

How do I increase my income this quarter?

What is blocking me from healing this part of my life?


can be answered using Horary Astrology.

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What is Horary Astrology? 


Horary is a branch of Astrology that uses the exact time and place that a question is posed to give an accurate and in depth answer. Used for personal, global, health, or business questions alike. 

What type of questions can I ask?


Any specific question that is positively phrased can be asked.
"is he cheating"
"Who are my dream clients"
"At the end of the program, will I feel like my return is worth the investment?" 
"Is this home a good investment"

The options are endless. 

What questions won't you answer?


No questions around death will be answered, as it is a sacred pathway that is meant to be mysterious.

I reserve my right to deny any question. All denied questions will be refunded in full.

What is in my Answer?

When you ask a question, the chart helps us to see where the roots of the question are. Your question about your marriage, might really just be disagreements about money. Your question about your job may have its roots in how your career won't align with your ideals. Your question about your ideal clients will clearly outline who you are made to serve, but also what is blocking you from reaching them. 

Far beyond a yes, or no.

Get an honest answer with depth.

Answers are $40 

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