Even Beginners can Read their Birth Chart with this step by step formula

Skip confusion, overwhelm, and wondering what you're missing with this easy to learn formula that professionals use to read charts!

LIVE CLASS: OCT 13, 6:30 PM ET/3:30 PM PT
(Recordings & All course materials available 10/15) 

Are you just getting started out learning Astrology? 

Or have you been learning Astrology for awhile but still get overwhelmed, lost, or find yourself wondering “am I doing this right” every time you pick up a birth chart?

Astrology has so many moving pieces it is easy and normal to feel like you can't package it together in a neat and cohesive way, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

If you've already read a few Astrology books you've probably stumbled on what feels like the great conspiracy; where they tell you lots of bits and bobs, but now how to put them together to do an effective reading! Or worst, you find a course teaching it and lose your jaw on the floor at the price.

Listen, I get it…

because I did all of that. I read dozens and dozens of books, looked for courses that weren’t asking thousands of dollars, and continued googling things on my own…but I still felt like when I sat down in front of a chart it was just bits and pieces glued together, no cohesive information that I could actually use to make my life better. 

It felt like such an insurmountable task that I almost gave up on it. Which was why when I was introduced to my teacher Dorothy who lives in my small town and has 51 years practicing as an Astrologist, I took it as more than a sign. It didn't take long for her to connect all the dots and give me the framework that was missing from so many books and modern courses! Now I am sharing it with you in the Read A Birth Chart Live Training (with forever access to the material through a course portal)

What you'll learn

Read Any Chart

This step by step process can be used as a basic framework for any chart that you're looking at. From Natal Charts, Persona charts, Solar returns, and beyond this framework gives you a step by step foundation for all there is to come!

The Foundation of understanding the chart

So you're not confined to cut and dry definitions that aren't always applicable to a given situation. Learn how to create your own understanding of a chart with ease!

The Secret to answering specific questions 

Learn the tips & tricks to going deeper in a reading and unpacking the layers of your chart as you grow

the step by step professional formula

I'm giving you the formula that the pro's quickly make sense of a chart and gather actionable and cohesive information. 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” - Aristotle 

Astrology is meant to be a tool for personal growth, transformation, and creating balance in your life.

Instead of just piecing together parts of your chart hoping to glean some wisdom along the way, this course will teach you the foundation of reading your chart (or anyone else’s). This is the same method that professionally trained Astrologers use to work with their clients.

You'll also be learning my personal method for activating your chart which focuses on not only where you have gifts, challenges, or imbalancesbut what you can do about it!

It is my firmest belief that Astrology is a tool for us to actively work with to create excellence, thrive even in the hardest circumstances, and live out extraordinary lives.

Who This Course Is For

  • Astrologers of any level looking for a step by step guide to interpreting charts
  • You want to intemperate charts without looking up definitions in books
  • You want to know how to correct imbalances & actively work with their charts
  • You want to gain a cohesive understanding of a chart using step by step process
  • You’re want to be able to read a chart on the fly without confusion or needing to google
  • Who This Course NOT For:

    • If you want loads of preset definitions (please purchase The only Astrology Book You’ll Ever need) 
    • If you are looking for reasons to blame bad habits on their chart
    • If you believe for any reason that you are “stuck” how you are and can’t grow/change 
    • If you’re wanting me to read your chart for you (please book a reading)
    • If you’re not willing to put in some work and effort to learn this

    For Less than the cost of 2 Astrology Books

    You will learn the step by step process to interpreting a chart and free yourself from having to look up definitions (that don’t always make sense).

     While I believe this is invaluable to learn, You can purchase this live training & lifetime access to the course for only $27.


    Kacy's training has given me a place to begin! This is exactly what I wanted.


    What You'll Get:


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    Forever access of the course materials and downloads through Member Vault beginning on October 15th


    A Copy of The Easy Peasy Guide to Reading Charts, the 7 page guide that walks you step by step through chart interpretation! 


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    What's included

    • Access to the LIVE training on Zoom October 13th @ 6:30 PM ET
    • Forever Access to Course Materials through Member Vault beginning October 15th
    • The Easy Peasy Chart Reading Guide
    • Access to the Foundations of Astrology Live Training & Recordings