How to Balance Your Energy with the Planets of Astrology


June 16, 2020

Your Astrology Birth Chart is cool and all, but how do you find success using Astrology now? Instead of waiting around for the stars to align with the right transit you can start unleveling your life now by getting your planetary energy into alignment! 

More than just your defining your astrology personality, the planets represent different facets of your life and energy. Beginning with your Sun as your personal energy source and working out the Saturn which is how you are showing up for your greater purpose and meeting challenges in your life. 


Quickly find where Astrology says your imbalanced and how to start getting back into balance today!

Read on to learn how the planets show up in our lives

The Sun
 is our internal battery. When you know what charges it up, you feel inspired and energized. You are self-confident and know your worth. You wake up in the morning with a full tank ready to take on the day. 

Sun Deficiency: This usually presents with fatigue and struggles with confidence. You may even feel disconnected from your purpose and have trouble finding the things that light you up. Begin correcting a sun deficiency with warming foods, Sun Herbs, getting outside, exercising, getting on a steady sleep schedule, and saying positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror. 

Sun Excess: You know your worth and you're ready to go out in the world and get things done! Do you rest enough though? Do you make time for fun & play? Or do you find yourself staying up too late trying to squeeze in an hour to yourself. Is the pace in which your living sustainable, or is burn out around the corner? Excess sun can lead to chronic heat & irritation in the system including heartburn,  high blood pressure, and food sensitivities. Begin bringing excess sun into balance with cooling foods, Moon & Venus Herbs, scheduling down time, making time to have fun, spending time resting, and getting a full 8 hours of sleep. 

The Moon is our emotional self and how we distribute our energy. If you've ever woken up full of energy & excited for the day only to stub your toe, spill your coffee, get stuck in traffic and find yourself suddenly drained of all energy and've experienced how the moon controls where our energy goes. In balance we are able to use our emotions and instincts to our advantage and consciously direct our energy to the people and projects in the best way that we see fit. 

Moon Deficiency:  This is a shut down & suppression of the emotions and instincts. It's better to push it away then let your emotions get the best of you or show them "inappropriately". This leads to stagnation and a loss of personal power. If you suppress your emotions, you suppress your energy flow. To get things moving again begin working on feeling your emotions fully, getting to the root of any blockages or stories around why you may feel like suppressing is necessary, working with your intuition, therapy, long baths, intimacy with friends and family, Moistening & Sweet foods and Moon Herbs can all help to restore balance. 

Moon Excess: This is when the emotions run away with you. Even when it goes against your best interest. This is marked by an oversensitivity and massive fluctuations in the emotional self. Instead of allowing your emotions to direct your energy to something constructive you often find your emotions moving you away from being able to complete tasks or show up in the way that you wish. Begin balancing excess moon with Drying & Astringent Foods, Sun & Mars herbs, restricting sugar in your diet, sweating regularly, and opening the elimination pathways. 

Mercury is how we are able to balance the relationship between our internal and external worlds. Can you communicate your personal experiences to others? Do you listen and hear the experiences of others? Can you integrate the two? In balance communication is exceptional and the mind is clear and sharp.  As the ruler of the nervous system it also brings about a calm, grounded, and balanced state of being. 

Mercury Deficiency: When mercury is underdeveloped communication becomes difficult. Many who are more tactile in their approach to the world can struggle to explain the detailed experiences in words. More often is comes in with a stubborn and rigid mentality. "I will not change" becomes the mantra of a deficient Mercury which eventually can lead to an unwillingness to communicate personal or collective experiences with anyone who doesn't already share the same opinion. Bring more Mercury energy into life by experiencing variety, spending more time speaking or writing your experience, talk or consume communications that have different ideas and opinions than what you already hold, read more, take a course, and work with Mercury & Air plants. 

Excess Mercury: is oversharing and a strong desire to communicate but maybe not feeling like anyone gets what you are saying. It usually presents with anxiety and nervousness. Excess Mercury is a state of being "out of body" and "stuck in your head". It's extremely imaginative but when the energy isn't grounded it sort of just keeps spinning and spinning in an endless circle of thoughts, speech, or writing. Often there is also wandering pain in the body from muscle spasms. The key to bringing an excess Mercury into balance is getting back into the body. Spending time outside in nature, yoga, turning off technology, grounding exercises, root vegetables, fatty foods. Herbs for the nervous system, reducing anxiety, and Herbs of the Sun & Saturn can prove beneficial. 

Venus is our relationship with our pleasure self. In balance you know how to make yourself feel good, what you enjoy, how you like to dress, the vibes you like to give off, and how to enjoy the company of others. You're unafraid of intimacy, but you don't give your heart to people too soon. You value your relationships and know how to nourish your sensual nature. You balance giving with receiving and know the importance of beauty and pleasure for happiness. 

Venus Deficiency:  At it's best when Venus is lacking it is a separation from the pleasure self. It's a lack of understanding what feels good to you and a block around healthy sensuality. At it's worst it can become toxic masculinity. Not honoring depth in relationship and avoiding intimacy in favor of performative sexuality. Usually this is out of protection, because intimacy is inherently vulnerability. To bring a deficient Venus into balance working with the Venus Herbs especially those of pleasure, spending time discovering your personal sensuality, uncovering your personal sense of style, and spending quality time building intimate relationships that balance giving and receiving can help to bring Venus into balance. Sweet and moist foods, especially fruits are indicated. 

Venus Excess: This is a state of receiving. It's a "all play, no work" kind of mindset where it can be really difficult to get motivated to do the necessary but least pleasant tasks in life. It often comes with rushing intimacy in relationships (romantic or platonic). Generally, money is overspent on luxury or pleasure items and can make financial stability difficult. Venus in Excess people can have a hard time sticking to a routine or consistently sticking to positive habits that can change their lives. Working with Herbs of Saturn, sticking to a schedule, picking a handful of non-negotiable actions or habits that must be stuck to before having fun, creating and sticking to a budget, cutting sweets from the diet, and exercising daily can all create balance. 

Mars is motivation, action, and a willingness to show up for life even when you are afraid. In balance it means you have strong boundaries and will defend them honorable. You are willing to stand up for others who can't stand up for themselves. You are confident in your abilities and generally feel well prepared to move through life. You have a healthy drive to be active and feel lit up and turned on by life. 

Mars Deficiency: You find it hard to be motivated and likely even find yourself having a hard time having strong boundaries. You may feel taken advantage of or spend a great deal of time doubting your abilities. There can be a great deal of fear without Mars. Like no reward is worth any amount of risk, even if it's a justified risk. Leaving you stuck in the same situations that you know you don't want to be in, but can't find an "safe" way out. Eventually it can feel like giving up on all ambitions and choosing to stay safe & small but unhappy. When it's time to get motivated and spring back into action Herbs of the Sun & Mars, regular exercise, self defense classes, taking small risks, hot and stimulating foods can all help you get back into gear. 

Mars Excess: Are you quick to anger? Is burn out right around the corner? There is such a thing as too much motivation and ambition. When we keep ourselves in high gear for too long, this get burnt up and worn down. When we're running that high and hot it's easy to get frustrated and unleash it as anger on even our closest loved ones. Excess Mars can also show up as frequent accidents and injuries (physical, financial, or otherwise) Sometimes (but not always) as results of taking risks without fully considering the consequences. There are short periods of time where you can really kick your Mars into high gear like during HIIT workouts, training for a competitive sport championship, or for a high preforming project but afterwords you need to slow down and dial it back for awhile. To reduce Mars spend time resting, sleeping, not sticking to a diet, sweet and cooling foods, not sticking to a schedule, being in the water, meditation, and working with Herbs of Venus and the Moon. 

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Jupiter is our sense of joy and connection. Jupiter in balance is spiritually secure, laughs daily, and has an overall optimistic view of life. Usually there is a strong sense of faith and a personal connection to "something greater than themselves" such as an ideology or divine being. There is an openness to the world and a sense of safety that lends itself to traveling and taking in new experiences without fear or distrust. Overall, Jupiter in balance is hopeful, expansive, and deeply trusting in the experience of life. 

Jupiter Deficiency: This is a separation from your person sense of faith, optimism, and hopefulness. It can feel like life is out to get you or that there is no good way forward. You don't feel supported in your purpose or in the path you want to walk. You want something more for yourself, or even feel a calling to be something more, but can't muster the faith & trust to take the leap. What if you fail? What if it makes your situation worst? The focus is on what the outer world has to give you, and often it isn't much. To restore balance to a deficient Jupiter look to your inner world, mindset, and personal spirituality or ideology.  Working with the expansive herbs of Jupiter including Adaptogens that help you to withstand pressure and stress is indicated. Tapping into a greater feeling of faith and feeling connected to something larger than yourself (a movement, a spiritual tradition, or simply the world at large through travel), can all help you to begin feeling more supported and hopeful in the world again. Prayer, Meditation, and taking on Advanced learnings can also open pathways to balance. 

Excess Jupiter: Hello my overly optimistic friend! Even when it doesn't work out right, it still works out alright. You always seem to land on your feet in some devilish mixture of luck and sheer positive mindset. Though maybe it's time to start setting your standards of what is alright a bit higher. You can expect the best and still plan for the worst. Cutting back on the spending and sticking to the budget will make retirement way more fun! Taking a good hard look at the areas where you are overspending, over-consuming, or simply trying to escape the more challenging aspects of life is necessary. Life doesn't always have to feel good for it to be good. If you know you've got some big habits that aren't serving you in the long run, now is the time to shift into a more responsible and long term way of handling them. Bring this Jupiter back into balance by cutting out the bad habits, putting yourself on a schedule and a budget, seeing a commitment through to the end, focusing on your health and nutrition, and abstaining from addictive substances and habits (including any mindless scrolling). Working with Herbs of Saturn can help you to add structure and learn to put off the instant gratification. 

Saturn energy is how we live out our purpose. We have a unique way that we are meant to show up in the world, and it is our sacred responsibility to make sure we do so. Often what is required of us is rife with challenges, but for those with a balanced Saturn they show up regardless. Balanced Saturn people create a structure that supports them in their goals and pleasures. Always allowing their systems, habits, routines, mindsets, and goals to evolve as they move through life with each new experience. These people learn to utilize their strengths and honor their weaknesses, cherishing others in their life who have these strengths. They feel worthy, purpose-fueled, accomplished, and don't take criticism to heart. They know they are just as good as anyone else. 

Saturn Deficiency: This is an overall lack of structure and commitment to a path in life. There is a great deal of challenge around either knowing your purpose or living it out. You may know what your purpose is and how you are called to show up, but can't quite find it in yourself to rise to it yet. The flip side of that is a general disconnection from your purpose or work that is yours in the world. You may find yourself getting started on a project or committing to a path only to give up when the going gets rough. Success is the result of repeated failure. Criticism is made for you to grow, not for you to shut down. It is not made to be taken to heart. This energy can also show up as weakness in the teeth & bones. Literally, a break down of the structures of one's body and life. Finding it hard to stand or stay solid in the face of life's ups and downs. Increase Saturn's energy in your life with Herbs of Saturn, Root Vegetables, and nutrient dense herbs and foods. Weightlifting, Fasting, Spending time in solitude, and creating structure in your life through routines all help to increase this energy. 

Saturn Excess: This is simply too much structure and rigidity in ones life. This can become a tendency to be a tyrant to yourself or others. "Do it right or don't do it at all". There is no room for flexibility or flow. It's false integrity, by standing by everything you say you are going to do, even when it is far to much to carry, hold, or do. It's not reevaluating working on goals that no longer bring you joy or reward. It's a lack of fun and play. Who has time for those...when there is all this work to be done? It is a judgmental way of life where productivity is incorrectly linked to your worthiness. There can often be neck and shoulder pain or even walking hunched over, physical representations of the self created burden that you are carrying. Depression can be a regular struggle. Being balancing an excess Saturn with play, strong boundaries around work time and free time, taking vacation, massage, drinking plenty of fluids, talking about your feelings, and working with herbs of Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon.


Quickly find where Astrology says your imbalanced and how to start getting back into balance today!

The planets are living breathing energy in our lives and regularly checking in with our Astrological Balance leads to living in greater alignment and overall health. Share this article with a friend that would find this helpful! 

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