herbal medicine making Course
confidently make herbal medicines from home

It's more than just the coronavirus...

...It's cold & flu season that rolls around every year. 

...It's the sleepless nights and anxiety. 

...It's the sick kids (and adults) who are feverish and fussy. 

...It's menstrual issues, chronic pain, rashes, scrapes, burns, and those wrinkles around your eyes.

...It's wanting to have a strong enough immune system so the bug of the week passes you by.

...It's needing daily support for your whole system, so you can prevent larger issues. 

...It's needing to be empowered in the way you care for your & your families health.

It's needing an affordable, doesn't care what insurance plan you're on, 

and right outside your door, kind of medicine.

for an exclusive discount 


It's a skill that is just as useful during a global viral outbreak, 

as it is your daily life, beauty routine, or when you're sick.

Our modern medicine system is amazing, and saves so many lives. 

But as health costs and wait times to see the doctor rise,

Herbal medicine is just the ticket to supporting you and your family from home. 

It's preventative support and gives you to tools to handle the minor crisis's like digestive distress, muscle spasms, hemorrhoids, skin rashes, colds, the flu, menstrual issues, and make your skin glow.


Herbal medicine so profoundly changed my life that I created this course

to take you from confused to confident in making your own herbal medicines from home!

About the Course

Audio & Video instructions to making 20+ herbal medicines!

An exclusive guidebook to herbs & how to use them

A recipe book to get you started

Live Q&A sessions

Mobile friendly!


Hi, I’m Kacy Danae

The Course Launches

Wednesday 1st Apr/ 11AM

​About the Host:

Kacy is a Self-Healer, trained Astrologist, and Vitalist Herbal Practitioner. She teaches & guides womxn to become empowered self-healers. Her work is built on the belief that as womxn heal themselves that effect spirals out healing their families, communities, and the world. 

In this COurse

You'll learn about...

How to make 20+ types of Herbal Medicine!

Including: Tinctures, Decoctions, Oxymels, Poultices, Jello's, Lotions, Serums, Creams, Oils, and 

when to use them!

Recipe Videos & Instructional Audio's 

to guide you step by step. 

Plus Q&A sessions to answer anything that may come up for you

How to harvest, forage, grow and properly store herbs.

learn how to affordably build your herbal apothecary & herbal beauty products!

we start:


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