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Air Element Symbol

Air is changeable, moving, unanchored, communicating, fluctuating, intelligent, imaginative, and thoughtful. This element holds earth as represented by us being on a rock held in open space. Air is representative of the inherit intelligence in all living things that allows us to reason, witness, and communicate our experience.


Yang, Mind, Leaves, Movement, Gas state, Smell, Spring, Botanical world, The breath.

Keywords: movement, indecisive, unpredictable, communication, mental, thoughts, intelligence, unanchored, flighty, connection, shifting,

Body: The Air person tends to have a slight frame with long delicate limbs and extremities. They are either really tall or short and often have protruding joints and thin skin that readily reveals their veins. Overall their features can be described as thin and dry. Because they lack insulating tissues such as muscle & fat, they are frequently cold. Air people correspond to the Vata Dosha.

Energetics: Cold, Dry, Tense In excess air often presents as low functioning digestion with trouble breaking down and assimilating nutrients due to dry mucus membranes, and muscle spasms.

Air people at their best have the ability to process huge amounts of information and make it digestible. These are highly intelligent, mentally capable communicators when in balance. Out of balance they have a tendency to be living almost outside of their bodies and have a hard time rooting themselves into the physical plane. This manifests as being flighty, daydreaming, and otherwise being lost in the mental world. Highly prone to fits of anxiety and general nervousness. Often changing frequently and unable to make commitments, follow through on projects, and make decisions.

lavender an air plant

Air teaches us how to embrace change, to allow each season of our life to fall away to allow the next one. Air also teaches us how to balance our internal world of our perceptions and our experiences with that of the outer world of others experiences through communication. The mind is an excellent tool, one that is highly prized in our current air age of Aquarius, but it is only a tool. At it’s core, our mind is only a messenger between our other functions and in it’s highest evolutionary function it is made to serve our hearts.

Air people often have a fear of feeling their feelings and prefer to “think through them” instead. More than anything, these people need to experience the water element and feel their emotions.

Excess Air: Presents as the Dry/Atrophy & Wind/Tension tissue states. Poor digestions and assimilation, dry skin and hair, general weakness, poor nutrition, muscle spasms, anxiety. In the wind/tension state the muscles will often be almost constantly clenched, and the person will likely be under a constant state of stress and unable to move out of the Flight/fight/freeze reaction.

Balancing Excess Air: by applying earth and water. Getting out into nature especially in natural bodies of water, demulcent herbs, eating grounding and nourishing root vegetables, gardening, massage, baths, deeply resting, and working with gemstones such as hematite, black tourmaline, and emerald.

Deficient Air: Often presents with stagnation, accumulation, and overly relaxed, sluggish, and lazy states that are typical of excess earth or water people.

Increase Air: through breathing exercises, meditation, travel, cleaning, flying/flying a kite, eating light, dry, and crunch foods, having and open schedule and letting “the wind take you”, and working with gemstones such as moldavite, sodalite, and lapis lazuli.

Foods that increase Air: Bitter foods such as dark bitter greens, green tea, coffee. To a certain degree Pungent foods also increase air but they also tend to be warming.

Organ system: Lungs, Respiratory, Large Intestine, Brain and the Nervous System.


The air element corresponds to the leaves of the plant.

Air Plants: Slender, Wiry , Swirling, Feathery, Hairy, Spacey, and Delicate. these plants have an up and out energy to them, so climbing plants may also indicate a Air plant.

Air plants tend to be Drying but vary on being either cooling or warming. Used to treat Damp tissue states. Air plants as such are often used to treat Earth & Water imbalances.

Tastes: Astringent, Pungent, Bitter

Astringent: Dries out tissues and tones.

Pungent: Warming and drying, has an up and out force

Bitter: increases the air element and moves dampness down and out, anchors the vital force in the body.

Air plants are often Nervine, Carminatives, Spasmolytics, and Expectorants

Nervines: help treat conditions of the nervous system such as overstimulation.

Carminatives: Move excess wind (aka gas & bloating) out of the digestive system and improve digestion.

Spasmolytics: Help treat muscle tension through relaxation.

Excess Air is treated by Earth & Water plants that help to anchor the vital force in the body and moisten dried out tissues. Air people often desperately need to be warmed up but not at the risk of drying out their tissues further.

Air plants can help us to repattern our thought selves, communicate more effectively, and speak our truth. Air plants come into play when we have moving through the feeling parts of our traumas and we are looking for ways to express and put into words what we have been through to help heal for ourselves and for others who have been through similar wounding. Wounds that have to deal with words, such as being talked down to and bullied also can have healing from Air plants.

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