Eclipse New Moon June 2020


June 16, 2020

June 21, 2020 | 2:41 am EDT


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This New Moon Eclipse at 0° Cancer brings with it sweeping changes, the old world is ending and now it’s demanding a new you to be born as well. There is no turning back. You have two choices in times of change and chaos, serve or suffer. Taking the path of service is the road less fraught with peril, but it is not necessarily the easiest. There is work to be done, and it starts with you.

During the past month we all got a collective glimpse of the future; of where we are headed. On a personal level you should have begun seeing what your role is in the that vision. We talk so much about systems, institutions, and culture on the macro level that sometimes we can forget about the micro. That it is individual people that make up these grander structures. The best way to begin changing the Macro, is by creating change in the Micro.

This month is calling you into action around that vision. What values are you going to embody? Kindness means nothing if there are not people being kind. Resiliency means nothing without resilient people. What kind of person are you committed to being? 

Let your gut guide you

It’s time to get in touch with our instincts. With Neptune & Mars still hanging out in the confusion and manipulative Pisces there are differing agendas at play. The truth is not being told. The only way forward is to put aside dogma and the news and enter into your own heart. When you are tapped into your instincts & intuition you don’t need someone to tell you how to move, you simply know. You don’t think, you respond. 

Where are you out of Alignment according to Astrology?

On the subterranean level we are being asked to take inventory of the places where we say we’re acting on “instinct” but really it’s our subconscious programing. The world is being reborn and that requires conscious behavior and intentional action. If you want a wold that is "woke" you must yourself be woke and stay there. Part of that is staying open to new information and making the changes to integrate it. 

You're failing the test of this Eclipse if you find yourself engaging in a mixture of hunkering down, hiding, and defensiveness. If you use this time to hide behind the curtains, molotov cocktail in hand, pretending like no one is've missed the call. Now isn’t the time for hiding, it’s time to grow

Healing is messy, but worth it.

Chiron, Uranus, Part of Fortune and the Ascendent are all at 9° at the time of the Eclipse in Aries, Taurus, and Cancer respectively. The part of fortune occupies the same degree as the Ascendent, reminding us that it is WE who create the future, and that by working on ourselves and being an embodiment of what we value is how that shift is created. Chiron in the mix demands that we stay present and fully feel these times and be willing to keep learning. You can't heal it if you won't feel it. There is much yet that we don’t know, and a steady commitment to furthering your knowledge will bring the healing that is so desperately needed. Uranus is speaking to the collective in this moment, calling forward those who are ready for the revolution. 

According to John Sanbach  "The Chandra Symbol 9° Taurus, [which Uranus is occupying] is “A talkative woman with tape over her mouth.” The bats of the Omega symbol are the contents of the subconscious (the cave) whose time of awakening has come, and who seek release from the place they've been dormant. The talkative woman seeks release of her ideas through speech, but the time of speech is over – now is the time to act – to allow the forces of the deep self to carry out their purposes without need of rationalization, justification, explanation, or any other verbal constructs.”

Another symbol, the Pleiadian Symbol for this degree, is a tree heavy with apples of pure gold. 

As we arrive at this place of uprising, rebirth, and chaos we must remember that this is a gift, even when it feels scary. The ability to change our world by changing ourselves is our gift.  

Vulnerability is the key to success in this month.

This is not a time to be rigid, it is a time to be soft and malleable. This is the hermit crab moving to a new shell. Your old home, mindset, values, idea of who you are, and exactly where you were headed need an upgrade. To find the new shell you have to be willing to take the risk to go out searching without your old shell. This is true strength, knowing that it could (and likely will hurt), but choosing to be tender, soft, and vulnerable. 

In that search for your new normal, safe space, and role the tension arises around how much you still have to learn. How much we all still have to learn. Personally and collectively we are feeling the brunt of how much that has been unconscious needs to be made conscious and this doesn’t happen overnight. When you are facing the confusion and uncertainty around what needs to be learned and actions needs to be taken, have the courage to be messy. Perfection is not the answer. Just start. You don’t need a 5 year plan or even a perfectly laid out course of action. Check in with your body and your intuition regularly to be guided on what your next steps to take are. 

This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

For people with Cancer Rising, Sun, or Moon this month brings an incredible awakening and shift to your identity. You more than the rest of us are being called into this rising. Be wary of any defensive tendencies that come up for you during this time.

Your personal eclipse message by sign

Aries & Aries Rising Eclipse Message: One warrior fighting to protect their home is worth 1,000 fighting for money. There isn’t a battle that you can’t win…when you know what your fighting to protect. Dive deep, what is home to you?

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Taurus & Taurus Rising Eclipse Message: You are the eye of the hurricane. The revolution needs self-care, peace, and long walks. Be the voice of the basics. Have you eaten? How does your body feel? Maybe you should take a nap.

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Gemini & Gemini Rising Eclipse Message: What skill do you keep hidden or out of use? You possess more than you are taking advantage of and it’s time to start living up to your full ability. No more hiding what your good at, the world needs your talent.

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Cancer & Cancer Rising Eclipse Message:
Tear down your walls, trust your instincts, and show the world who you really are. Show us strength by being soft & tender in a world full of edges. The days to hide are over, it’s time to be visible and in charge.

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Leo & Leo Rising Eclipse Message: In times of grief your ability to steal the show, cheer the crowd, and inspire is vital. Just make sure you’re asking for help. Don’t put on a smile for everyone else, and bear a heavy heart alone.

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Virgo & Virgo Rising Eclipse Message: Your friends and the world need you. You who knows how to take big goals and dreams and break them down step by step. Help yourself by helping those with the vision.

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Libra & Libra Rising Eclipse Message: Your days of keeping the peace are over. Screw Peace, be Justice. Be Balance. Find your center & keep your calm, so that you can come out into the world and do the work of balancing the scales.

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Scorpio & Scorpio Rising Eclipse Message: Queen of the unconscious, it’s time to go deeper. You can’t tear down something you can’t see. Find it, name it, and then show it to others. Drag up the pearls & the monsters that lurk.

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Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising Eclipse Message: Where are you receiving benefits from not rocking the boat, following your instincts, and doing what you know is right? Is it worth it? It’s time to find your own center. Trust yourself.  

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Capricorn & Capricorn Rising Eclipse Message: The walls you keep up with others have to come down. Share your thoughts, share your feelings. Now is not the time to stay closed off & clamped down. The risks of intimacy outweigh the benefits of isolation.

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Aquarius & Aquarius Rising Eclipse Message: The world is finally ready for you, and it’s time to get to work. Wherever your heart is screaming for change, it’s time to be of service. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just show up. 

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Pisces & Pisces Rising Eclipse Message: Your sensitivity & vision is needed to turn muddy waters clear. What vision do you hold in your heart? Paint an image of the life & world you want to live in and share it. It’s needed.

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