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Aster Flower Essence


Aster essence helps you to fully experience the parts of you that are immortal, and that can never be harmed. A potent ally for coming to peace with your mortality and traumas by sensing the parts of your spirit that can never die. 


 1/2 ounce dropper bottle in blackberry brandy dosage strength essence. 

Note: If you’d like your essence in a non-alcohol medium or in stock strength please just add that to the note to seller section of checkout.

Even the most religious and spiritual of folks can experience fear of death. Even when you are fully trusting of an afterlife, apprehension arises. If we are not our thoughts or bodies, who are we? What part of us lives on? 


Aster essence helps you to fully feel that eternal part of yourself. To connect into it and experience the deep peace and groundedness from being present in it. Potent for those engaging in deeper spiritual practices and doing healing work. Your spirit can never truly die or be harmed. While doing parts or soul retrieval work, Aster essence helps you to tap into the part of you that has always been whole. 


An essential ally for those either coming to terms with your mortality, or actually at end of life. Helping those to feel more at peace with the process of passing, and also giving them the courage to share your heart in vulnerable ways while they are still on this plane. 


Qualities: Connecting to your eternal self, easing fear of death, living like you’re dying



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