Elements of Astro-Herbalism


Learn the foundations of Astro-Herbalism through the four elements of Astrology and traditional western medicine.

What you’ll learn

  • The Elements and what they represent in the chart as well as the personality and physical body of a person. 
  • The Energetics & Tissue states that the elements produce and organ Affinity 
  • How the Elements present when in and out of balance 
  • The lesson the element has to teach each of us 
  • How to increase and decrease the element in a person  
  • The elements in plants 
  • The physical characteristics of plants of that element 
  • Taste correspondence 
  • Herbal Action correspondence 
  • Tissue states they typically treat 
  • The spiritual message and medicine plants of each element. 

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Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 Introduction and Welcome
Module 2 Elements
Unit 1 Air  - Preview
Unit 2 Earth
Unit 3 Fire
Unit 4 Water
Module 3 Putting it together
Unit 1 Balance the Elements
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