Birth Chart Reading


The Birth Chart Reading, All about YOU.

Your birth chart is the OG map to your life. In the reading you’ll discover information about…

✨Tapping into your purpose through your career
✨ Your money making activities
✨ How to do healthy habits YOUR way
✨ Challenges you face & how to overcome them
✨ Meeting your emotional needs
✨ Other pieces of your chart that stand out
✨ and any specific questions you may have

This is a session with Kacy that will be scheduled after you get your reading. When you receive your reading you’ll be given a link to schedule a live session. *if we cannot come to a time that works for both of us, this will be refunded*

The Birth Chart Reading

The OG astrology reading that focuses all on you! In the birth chart reading, i’ll move through how to step into your purpose in your life through your career, how to motivate yourself, how you best make money, ideal health habits, and the types of relationships that support you the best. Discover some of the challenges and opportunities in your life and how to turn them into GOLD, so you can create a purposeful and pleasurable life in alignment with your energies. Plus answer any questions about your chart you most want to have answered.

What can a Birth Chart Reading tell you?

This focuses on your energies. I’ll cover money making, career, relationships, health patterns, emotional needs, and beyond. It’s a snapshot of how you best operate in the world.

What’s in the Reading?

The Birthday reading is a 40-50 minute audio recorded reading of your Birth Chart. It will give you bullet point highlights about your career, money making, health, style, challenges, and opportunities in your life. A reading that you’re guaranteed to come back to time and time again in many seasons of your life. Curl up with a notebook, and I’ll take you on a supportive journey to help you make the most out of your year.

Why do you need to know my time of birth?

The time of birth is one of the most important parts of the reading, as it allows me to see your rising sign and houses. Which gives the reading a great deal of in depth guidance to support your path in life. This is NOT a reading Kacy will do without your birth time. If you feel like Astrology is meant to be part of your path, it’s highly recommended you find your birth time or get a rectification reading from an astrologer who does these readings (Kacy does not).

When will I receive my reading?

Please allow up to 14 business days to receive your recording.

Readings with Kacy

Kacy has privately apprenticed with a Master Astrologer with over 50 years experience. Her readings are always delivered with your personal evolution in mind, believing that you’re capable of creating an extraordinary life. Your nervous system is safe and supported through her guidance, even when it’s delivered with a dose of tough love to support your growth.


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