Birthday Reading


The Birth Chart For Your Year!

👉 Discover the themes, opportunities, and challenges (and how to overcome them) for your next year.

✨ Curl up with your favorite beverage and a notebook and get a play by play guide on how to tackle your year so you can make big moves like leaving your job, moving, traveling, or starting new relationships with confidence instead of “AM I MESSING EVERYTHING UP” energy.

✨ a 40-50 minute audio recording of your year ahead energy – Solar Return reading and relevant transits and progressions for the year

✨ Please allow up to 14 business days for delivery, these readings are custom recorded for you.

The Solar Return Birthday reading is location dependent. If you are traveling less than 75 miles around a hub city/town on your birthday that is the only location I will need. If you are traveling extensively, please list the cities.

This is a session with Kacy that will be scheduled after you get your reading. When you receive your reading you’ll be given a link to schedule a live session. *if we cannot come to a time that works for both of us, this will be refunded*

The Birthday Reading aka Your Solar Return Chart

Each year on your birthday, the sun returns to the place it was when you were born. This creates a “birth chart for your year”. It shows you where your grow zones will be, challenges you’ll face, and opportunities that you should ABSOLUTELY take. Take a journey through you career, relationship, and personal growth evolutions for the year, so you can know what to be on the lookout for.

What can a Solar Return tell you?

The Solar Return takes your birth chart energy and shows you where you need to be focusing your attention. In my own life, I’ve used the Solar Return chart to determine when to make big moves, like “Hey my love, I don’t care if it hurts this is a year that you need to quit your job if you don’t get a promotion you love. So often we’re faced with feelings of “is this the time to make a big move!?” and the Solar Return is a great guide to notice the aligned themes that are playing out in your life, so you know you’re making the right moves.

What’s in the Reading?

The Birthday reading is a 40-50 minute audio recorded reading of your Solar Return chart and relevant transits/progressions for the year. These give you a bullet point highlight of where to focus, what moves to make, and where to expect challenges (and how to overcome them) for your year. Curl up with a notebook, and I’ll take you on a supportive journey to help you make the most out of your year.

Why do you need to know where I’ll spend my birthday?

The Solar Return chart is location dependent! So I’ll need to know your location approximate city and state (within about 50 miles) of where you’ll be on from the day before-the day after your birthday (because the timing of your solar return is about 72 hours). Where you’re celebrating the Solar Return depends on how the energy of your year unfolds, which is why many people will purposely travel for their Solar Returns to make sure they have certain themes supported in their chart. If you’d like to discover the best place to spend your birthday, and are prepared to travel (possibly extensively) please send an email to support@kacydanae.com to discuss this offering.


When will I receive my reading?

Please allow up to 14 business days to receive your recording.

Readings with Kacy

Kacy has privately apprenticed with a Master Astrologer with over 50 years experience. Her readings are always delivered with your personal evolution in mind, believing that you’re capable of creating an extraordinary life. Your nervous system is safe and supported through her guidance, even when it’s delivered with a dose of tough love to support your growth.



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