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Buttercup Flower Essence


A return to joyful presence. When you are craving to tap into playfulness, joy, and restoring a sense of wonder to your life. To see the world through the eyes of your inner child. 

Keywords: Playfulness, Wonder, Inner Child, Joy, Innocence 

☼ 1/2 ounce dropper bottle in blackberry brandy dosage strength essence. 

Note: If you’d like your essence in a non-alcohol medium or in stock strength please just add that to the note to seller section of checkout.

The “anti-adulting” essence. When life has felt like a series of serious days filled with things you have to do. Even things you found previously to be fun, like chatting with your friends, turns into weighty conversations, rather than laughter. Everything is sober, but maybe not you. You may find yourself turning to coping mechanisms like drinking in hopes of just letting go for a while. Lightening the load for a time. 

Buttercup essence helps you to shake off the seriousness of life, so you can tap back into your innocence and joy. Bringing your attention back to the simple things that generate happiness, like the feeling of the Sun on your skin. The warmth in a friend’s laugh. The games you played as a child. You soon begin to feel conversations about money, status, and the state of the world slip away as you see the world as it really is. A playground. 

You may be able to think back to a time as a child where you felt infinitely loved and worthy. You did not question your value because you played, napped, and squealed with delight. You didn’t have to DO anything or achieve anything to feel this sense of infinite worthiness and unconditional love. Buttercup is a return to this sensation. If you did not have those experiences as a child, Buttercup essence can help to restore these sensations to your inner child now. 

An excellent remedy for prolonged inner child work. Healing work can also be super serious, but not with Buttercup essence. It’s more like a hand tugging you out into the wilds pointing out butterflies and convincing you to play pooh sticks over a bridge. 


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