Damiana Elixir




Damiana, traditionally revered as an aphrodisiac opens up your senses. Not just bringing you back into your body, but gently turning your attention to the sensations, flavors, and textures of the world around you. The addition of rose, helps to soften the experience, guiding you to be here in the moment even if in your body in the past wasn’t a pleasant experience.

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Damiana Elixir

My number one recommendation for folks wanting to create a more pleasure focused & embodied life. The most delightful parts of being alive are the simple, slow, sensual experiences like sunshine on your skin, or the smell of lavender on the air. There are so many things in the modern world that can detach you from that part of yourself. The Damiana Elixir drops you back into your body and gently tugs you back to the present moment, help you to explore the sensual delights of the world even if you’ve had hard experiences in the past that have made you want to leave your body.

Combined with other herbs in the blend as well as the Zinna flower essence, this is a premier remedy for being IN BODIED. Present, prioritizing pleasure, and noticing the subtle sensations of aliveness. Considered a Shakti rising remedy, this helps you to tune into your body so that you can bring more energy UP through the body.

I always say, the planets are the map but the plants are the guides that walk alongside us on this earth. Working with herbal medicine and flower essences helps you to support the transformations you’re wanting to make in your life. They are like good friends, (there is a reason why people say their “plant allies”), that walk through a season of life with you, making the edges less rough and the way through easier to travel.

Making the Damiana Elixir:

Damiana, Rose, Hibiscus, Ginger, Cinnamon, Wildflower Honey, Flower Essence of Zinna, in a base of vodka in a 1 oz dropper bottle

Damiana is well known as an aphrodisiac herb, but the reason it’s considered an herb to turn you on is because it brings you back to yourself. It helps you to discover and cultivate pleasure in the present moment. Bringing you back into your body and making sensations stronger. My favorite herb to recommend to folks disconnected from their bodies and feeling hindered from all levels of pleasure because of large to-do lists, caring for others, and past traumas that have cause you to disconnect from your body.

Hibiscus & Rose are included in the blend to help you relax in your body. Rose is one of my favorite remedies for experiencing the sweetness of life after long periods of struggle. Or even the feeling that can exist from childhood that says “life is hard…do I even want to show up fully”. Rose can help you gently open up to new and old experiences with more faith and pleasure.

Zinnia flower essence helps you to embrace your playful nature. To leave behind the rigors of the world and embrace spontaneity, dancing, slowness, and joy.

How to Take: 

This Elixir can be taken up to 4x a day in doses ranging from 10 drops to 2 droppersful.



Damiana is not considered safe for pregnancy.

There is some evidence to suggest Damiana reduces blood sugar, if you have low blood sugar or are taking medicines to lower your blood sugar pay close attention to your levels after consuming Damiana to make sure they don’t too low.

As always, please consult your doctor or health professional about any herbs you’re taking.


Medicine Making Process: 

All herbs have been purchased from local herb shops or are from my own farm. The source that each local herb store is either a well respected bulk herb producer or local herb farms, and all are organic. I am so deeply grateful for my local herb stores (The Nettle Patch in Frostburg, MD & Tonic Herb in Shepherdstown, WV) it is my intention to keep shopping locally if I don’t grow the plant myself.



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