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Liberated Flower Essence



An essence to support you in releasing energies, patterns, and habits that are not serving your next evolution. Working on the conscious and unconscious realms to gather up and eradicate beliefs and energies you are ready to be liberated from, making room for supportive energies and patterns to form in your life. Especially helpful when you’re feeling weighed down or like you’re “stuck” in a holding pattern in your life. 

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A flower essence to support clearing patterns, releasing energies, and freeing yourself from energies that are unsupportive to your path. So often blends or support like this is called “releasing” or “clearing”, but I’ve found that many people are looking at clearing patterns and just feel depleted and empty afterwards. This blend, down to the name, is here to remind you that you’re FREEING yourself from patterns to make room for supportive ones. That it’s not just releasing, it’s liberating yourself from influences that were dragging you down…so that you can invite blessings, newness, and support into your life.

Liberated was made reflecting strongly on the South Node and it’s transits, the deepest energy of clearing out patterns that don’t support you.


Ghost Pipe-

Growing up translucent from the forest floor, this plant is renowned for its clearing and healing. Helping you to clear attachments, traumas, and belief systems from your lifetime, your ancestral line, and beyond. You are always reminded that birth and new life is available to you beyond this energetic clearing, and makes accessing and working with these subterranean aspects of yourself more gentle than the typical uprooting process that we often have to undertake.


The new beginnings that the South Node portal opens up after you surrender to its influence can make for a rocky transition into the rebirth process. Hemlock makes bridging yourself into positive new energies, embodiments, habits, and beliefs an easier journey to take. Allowing you to peacefully detach from things that you may have clung from in the past. An invaluable ally for all releasing work.

Horse Nettle-

This plant is a bane to my weeding fingers, with spikes all along its leaves and spines. It’s a fiercely protective plant. To release often means setting up strong boundaries to protect the new growth arising in you, while delicately clearing out subtle energies that can hinder your growth. Horse Nettle often feels like a combing process, working through the finer layers of your energy to exorcise limiting beliefs, patterns, attachments, and beyond while fiercely protecting your boundaries and energy as you do the work.

Black Obsidian-

This gemstone is born in the fire of transformation. Created during volcanic eruptions, it inherently holds the energy of both transformation and cleanings. Rising up to change the landscape, arguably leaving it better than it was before as some of the most beautiful and vibrant islands in the world are created from such eruptions. A supportive gemstone for both releasing that which is ready to depart from your system, while also embracing the positive changes that are ready to take root in the new soil of your soul.



Sold in a 15ml dropper bottle in a rose & honey infused brandy.


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