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Lilac Flower Essence


Be fully present in the moment and give over to deeply pausing. An essence for those who want to be present in their bodies and quit rushing through life. To enjoy the here and now. 


 1/2 ounce dropper bottle in blackberry brandy dosage strength essence. 

Note: If you’d like your essence in a non-alcohol medium or in stock strength please just add that to the note to seller section of checkout.

Lilac Essence helps you to experience all of your senses. To end the mental chatter and endless to-do lists and actually enjoy being alive and in your body. To truly see what is in front of you. To experience the sensual pleasures in life, the scent of a flower, the sunlight on your skin. To honor the season of life you are in, the challenging and beautiful alike. 


A spiritual grounding comes when working with Lilac. The level of presence creates a balance between your spiritual self, and your physical one. To be fully alive, even just for a moment. An excellent ally for mothers, who have much to do, but also want to take pause and enjoy these temporary milestones. 


My lilac bush blooms twice. Once in the beginning of Spring and once in late fall, just before the final frost. When the lilac is out, it signals it’s time to slow down and take stock. To fully be here now connected to all senses, bringing about a grounded and steady energy. 

Qualities: Deeply pausing, patience, being present in the moment, slowing to enjoy milestones


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