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Lunar Return Package



  • 3 months of recorded lunar return readings 
  • 3 custom flower essences to support each cycle
  • 3 custom tarot spreads 
  • 3 written summaries & guides for each return



Step 1: Purchase

Step 2: Download the file & click the button to access form

Step 3: Fill out birth information on form & submit 

Step 4: Receive your recordings & guides via email in 10 days after submitting birth information.

Step 5: Check your mailbox! Your flower essences ship 10 days after submitting birth information! 


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*If you are outside of the USA, shipping will be a seperate charge* 


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What is a Lunar Return? 

Just like the New Moon that occurs each month, you have your own personal New Moon called the Lunar Return. This moment marks the energy that is going to emerge during the next month of your life. It’s a time for setting potent intentions that align with the personal energy of the cycle.


What is a Lunar Return reading tell you? 

It shows you what the focus will be your for your month and what to pay attention to. Personally, working with my Lunar return dramatically shifted my success in my efforts. Knowing which months were potent movers for business, and when the shadowy work called to me, changed how quickly I achieved results in my personal and professional life.

You’ll receive not only what your focus will be for the month, but what shadows will arrive that are cues that you’re out of alignment. It’s specific advice on how best to work with what is emerging. 


Why Flower Essences? 

Flower essences are vibrational remedies that are powerful remedies for altering your energy, responses, and shadows in positive ways. After looking at your chart for each month, I had select single remedies or create a blend that will support you best for what is arising in that month. That can look like a productivity & intention blend for months when you need to crush it in your business, and a deep cleansing and boundaries blend when you’re having a challenging relationship month.

Working with both the lunar chart and plant medicine in this way in my own life, and clients lives, has  accelerated the process of recognizing patterns, creating shifts to heal them, and remaining in alignment.


What is in the package? 

  • 3 voice recorded readings of each lunar return 
  • 3 written summary guides for each return 
  • 3 custom flower essence blends/single essences 
  • 3 custom tarot spreads for each return 


How will the package be delivered? 

✷Recorded Readings & Guides will be delivered via email 10 days after questionnaire submitted  

✷ Flower Essences & Printed instructions will be delivered via Snail Mail. (shipped 10 days after questionnaire submitted )


How many Months are included in the package? 

3 Lunar Returns, so 3 months!


I don’t know my birth time, can I purchase? 

Sadly, this isn’t for you if you don’t know your time of birth.



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