December 3, 2019


What if I don’t know my birth time?

That’s totally ok! The birth time determines your Ascendant and your houses. While this does add some depth to the chart, it isn’t the only information in a chart. You can still learn much and gain great clarity even without the birth time.

Where will I receive my reading?

The readings are sent as attachments to the e-mail used at checkout. If you would like the reading sent to a different address simply put that in the seller notes with your birthdate, location, and time.

When will I receive my reading?

Right now the turn around time is 7 days or less.

Can I order more than one reading?

Absolutely! Simply change the quantity of readings in your chart and be sure to put the birthdate, location, and time in the seller notes for each chart. If Purchasing both the Natal & Health readings please specific which readings you would like for each individual along with their information.

Can I have a reading sent to someone else’s e-mail?

Sure thing! Simply add their e-mail next to their birth time, birthdate, and birth location in the sellers notes.

Can I order both the Natal & Health readings?

Of course! In fact, we offer a discount. Apply coupon code: duo in the checkout for 10% off when purchasing both charts!

About the author 

Kacy Danae

Hi, I'm Kacy Danae! I'm a cat loving, herbal tea swigging, West Virginian Astrologer. I'm obsessed with helping women use the Stars & Plants to crush their goals, show up for their purpose, and optimize their energy alignment.

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