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New Habits Flower Essence


The New Habit Flower Essence

An essence to support you when you’re ready to make new habits, but get stuck in your comfort patterns, unhealthy sleep cycles, and lacking energy to make changes. This blend is made to help you both release patterns that don’t nourish your system, and give you a boost of momentum to steadily create new habits.


New Habits Flower Essence

When you’re ready to start creating healthy habits and patterns, things that you just *know* you will create a positive impact on your life, but you’re too “stuck” in your ways and tired to implement something new. It’s things like knowing morning sunshine and breakfast will change your life, but you’re always sleeping in…even though you wake up groggy and unmotivated. It’s not just “doing” the things you know will make a difference, but releasing the things that you know are holding you back. This essence helps to support the gradual letting go of unhealthy/unsupportive habits while energizing your being to put new habits in their place. A must have when you’re integrating new ways of being in the world physically and energetically.

Crafted with the Essences of:

Morning Glory:

One of my favorite essences to work with. Morning Glory is ruled by Saturn, the planet of practical responsibilities. No matter where you plant it, it grows up and over everything. In that same way it helps you to overcome, or overgrow the structures that you’ve had in place in your life….and create new patterns and habits. Things that have been deeply rooted in your system are no match for this plant. It has a particular affinity for helping to resolve weird sleep patterns and get you into a daily rhythm that is most supportive to your system.


Shooting up as the first big flashes of bright yellow in spring time, Forsythia is prime support for stepping into new patterns. Working not just on the physical, but in the belief systems and mindsets that may be subtly holding you back. Forsythia helps you to gain clarity and direction on what will be most impactful for you to implement, and get a clear eyed look at what is holding you back, so it’s easier to drop it like yesterday’s song that you’re sick of hearing on repeat.


When what you need to do in your life to create an impact is just…boring and mundane, hornbeam steps into to help you accomplish the ‘adulting’ style things that just need to get done but you don’t have a passion for. Don’t get me wrong, you can totally find ways to fall in love with what you’re doing once you get started…but sometimes those first few times or steps you really feel the weight of the task and none of the joy. Hornbeam helps you get to it, and stop putting off those tasks that just seem like a burden. Hello my fellow ADHDers. 😉


When creating new habits, such a big thing that holds you back is the things that you’ve gotten comfortable with. Sleeping in past your alarms, the candy in your desk, the binge watching netflix, and the hours of scrolling before bed..all the things that are subtly toxic to your system but “feel good” in the moment…these are the things that Walnut tackles. It helps you really clarify what isn’t supporting your system and makes the transition into something more positive for your life and wellbeing MUCH easier to make. So you don’t sit there thinking in your head “I REALLY NEED TO BE…” while you compulsively do the thing you know you shouldn’t be doing.


A massively creative essence, it helps to stimulate and energize you. The process of creating new habits isn’t always a sexy or passionate journey, this essence helps you to stay connected to the part of you who is passionate about the life you’re creating. Help to support you through the inevitable low points in the journey.


Sold in a 15ml dropper bottle in a rose & honey infused brandy.

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