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Presence Flower Essence



An essence to help you slow down and be present in your day to day. A gentle reminder to pause and to stop rushing through your days without time for play. To embrace spontaneity (and interruptions) with more grace, patience, and joy.


A flower essence to support finding peace in the present moment. A remedy for today’s fast paced world that has more people rushing and scrolling endlessly, rather than being grounded in the day to day. For mothers, caregivers, or those recovering from burnout and hypervigilance this helps you to slow down and gain some patience to do so. To find the sweetness in a moment, rather than seeking out a distraction to make it easier to quickly move through.

This essence was created with the energy Taurus, and accepting a pace of life that is both productive but filled with pockets of peaceful interruptions, pleasure, and play.



Clematis helps you to keep a clear head instead of drifting off into some daydream or to-do list, it helps you to focus clearly on what is in front of you. Including “distractions” or “interruptions” that may actually be the most important or special parts of your day. Ideal support for being able to look off into the distance, without falling over into a sleepy stupor.


When you have embraced hustle culture at any point in your life, or simply get frustrated that the pace of life feels too slow, Impatiens helps you to slow down and find patience. That there is no need to hurry or rush, that there is something right here in this moment for you. If you feel like you’re going to “miss out on the opportunity” if you don’t hurry up, Impatiens will slow you down and help you trust YOUR timing.  Reminding you that the winding road will get you where you want to go, with a much more restored nervous system as well. A must have essence for anyone recovering from burnout or hypervigilance.


When the Lilac is in bloom in early spring, it forces you to stop. The blooms becon to you, and the soft scent carries on the wind, as if to say bring a book and settle down below me. Magic awaits you. If you ignore the call and say “tomorrow, I’ll go sit with the lilac” then you’ll come back to find the blooms are already wilting. The moment has passed. Lilac is one of my favorite essences for Mom’s or anyone who dislikes the “interruptions” of life and feels too busy to just “stop and smell the lilac”. It allows you to receive these invitations for pausing with an open heart, and the ability to enjoy it without feeling like you’re missing out on something along the way.

Zinna –

Presence often requires spontaneity. It’s too easy when you slow down to see all the opportunities for playfully moving through life. If you’ve been caught up in any kind of hustle culture, it can feel almost too good to be true to get to enjoy life in this way. That you can be productive AND play!? No. It’s too good to be a true. Zinna helps you to tap into that inner child and go with the flow in a way that supports both productivity and enjoyment.



Sold in a 15ml dropper bottle in a rose & honey infused brandy.

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