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Projection Protection Flower Essence



An essence to help you detach from images and projections that you’ve picked up from other people who see you incorrectly. As empaths, HSP, or simply anyone who picked up a great deal of conditioning from family, this essence helps you clear those incorrect impressions from your system so you’re free to be who you really are…not who others expect you to be.



A flower essence to support clearing negative words, images, and ancestral conditioning that is keeping you trapped in loops of shame, unworthiness, and guilt. Projections…or when we see ourselves through the eyes of another can sink these images and conditioning into our very energy field. Like a kid in a classroom that is yelled at repeatedly for being the “bad kid” (even though they were unfairly singled out based on the teachers own experiences) over time starts to take on the identity of “bad kid”. Even when it isn’t the truth at all. This flower essence helps to clear the words, images, and conditioning that is stuck in your energy system due to seeing yourself unclearly by viewing yourself through the eyes of others.

It becomes a survival mechanism, but those who are Highly sensitive, empathic, or psychic are especially prone to picking up on these images from others. In trying to understand why someone is perceiving you a certain way, you see yourself through the lens of their conditioning…not realizing that you’re letting that image imprint on you. “How could they see me that way!?” “Maybe they are right to see me that way”.

Though this doesn’t just happen in the here and now in your life, though this blend helps to support you from picking up on more images and conditioning while in heavy projection spaces. It’s also the projections that were picked up through your ancestral line. While creating this essence one plant came through heavily and would not be ignored or put in another blend, that plant being bloodroot. A powerful ally for purging intergenerational stories. The ones like when your great-great-great grandfather wanted to start a business, or be a painter, and instead was told he had to buckle down and “be serious about life” and now you’re a 5th generation of workaholics carrying the image of being restful, creative, or stepping into your creating your own future as “ridiculous, lazy, irresponsible, and shameful”.

This blend helps you to release these images from your field, so you can see yourself clearly and unblemished by the incorrect perceptions of others.



Many people when they see a pattern happening in their life can go back to a moment in time or an image where someone said something to them…and it just stuck. “you’ll starve if you’re an artist” can lodge itself in your energy field and stay there for years or even generations. These images, a deep level of conditioning, can remain in your system operating on your subconscious for ages. Spiderwort helps you to detach from these images, words, and ingrained beliefs that need not be true for you.

For those who are empathic, highly sensitive, psychic, or just highly perceptive…it’s a survival mechanism to “see yourself through the eyes of others”. But in doing so, you may clearly see their perception of you and take it on as your own. Not realizing that it actually has nothing to do with who you actually are, but much more to do with how that person see’s themselves. Left unchecked though, you can have so many images stuck to you that you’re playing out….that aren’t you at all.

Spiderwort helps you to clear these images, see yourself clearly, and clean up your energy fields so that any new impressions don’t stick to you.


Hemlock makes bridging yourself into positive new energies, embodiments, habits, and beliefs an easier journey to take. Allowing you to peacefully detach from things that you may have clung from in the past, or that have clung to you as an intergenerational story, image, or projection. An invaluable ally for all releasing work.


Yarrow smells like honey when it bend down to sniff it, but don’t let it fool you. It’s a powerful protector, removing other people’s energies from your system and helping you to create strong boundaries in your life. If you’re picking up projections from one place more strongly than another, this helps you to put in not just energetic but physical boundaries around your time, energy, and resources so that you can keep your inner mirror squeaky clean.


I was actually surprised that bloodroot kept coming up when creating this blend, and was an adamant YES that it’s included. Bloodroot is strong medicine, usually reserved for working with ancestral healing and deep wounds of not feeling like it’s safe for you to belong. All the long winding lines of “DO THIS TO FIT IN or we’ll get kicked out of the village” slowly get purged from your system while working with bloodroot. A profound ally for intergenerational conditioning, that is often quite confusing because you may not know the story…but you find yourself playing it out over and over again. The words of your great-great-great grandfather that clung on all the way through the years into your consciousness through subtle conditioning in your family gets cleared while working with bloodroot.



Sold in a 15ml dropper bottle in a base of rose & honey infused brandy.




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