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Relationships Reading


Make your relationships work better!

A relationship reading focuses on the charts between you and another person. Often utilized for romantic relationships, it can also help heal the energies between a parent/child or business partners. When you’re doing life together with someone the relationship reading gives you a clear perspective of…

✨ How each of you communicate and any issues you need to overcome
✨ Where fights or disharmony are most likely to arise and how to move through it
✨ The strengths of your relationship
✨ Activities and situations that bring out the best in your relationship
✨ How to help each other repair during times of stress or after an argument

A must have for any relationship for long term successful relationships romantic or otherwise.

The Relationship Reading

During a relationship reading I look at the charts of BOTH and the composite chart to understand the strengths of your relationship and places where conflict is most likely to arise. The focus is always on creating the right environment for you to thrive, even through conflicts. Focusing on how to repair any disharmony in the relationship, and how you can meet the needs of the other person and how to teach them how to meet your needs. So often the biggest conflicts come because each person operates differently, when we can notice the areas where challenges come up…and understand the differences between each other the relationship can become more loving, intimate, and quicker to heal.

What can a Relationship Reading tell you?

The most powerful things it can tell you is the parts of your relationship that are strongest. When you highlight these common interests and pleasures, you’re more likely to focus on the positives of the relationship. It also shows you conflict zones and what is needed to restore common ground when you enter into these territories. It gives you this bullet point version of how to confidently be in the high and low seasons of your relationship.

What’s in the Reading?

The Relationship reading is a 40-50 minute audio recorded reading comparing your birth chart with the chart and the chart of another person (romantic partner, child, business relationship) . These give you a bullet point highlight of the strengths, challenges, and action steps to strengthen your relationship. Curl up with a notebook, and I’ll take you on a supportive journey to help you gain clarity about your own needs, and the needs of the other person in the relationship so you can have the strongest most beautiful relationship possible in all seasons of your life together.

Do you need the time of birth for the other person?

The time of birth provides a depth of information that I like to have when doing any readings. I am open to doing this reading without a time of birth, but if it is at all possible…please get an accurate source for the time of birth for both parties.

When will I receive my reading?

Please allow up to 14 business days to receive your recording.

Readings with Kacy

Kacy has privately apprenticed with a Master Astrologer with over 50 years experience. Her readings are always delivered with your personal evolution in mind, believing that you’re capable of creating an extraordinary life. Your nervous system is safe and supported through her guidance, even when it’s delivered with a dose of tough love to support your growth.


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