Solar Return Reading

aka the Birthday Reading✨🎉

The Birth Chart of your year. Going beyond just your transits (because we cover those too) this chart shows events, challenges, and opportunities to focus on in your next year. Life is always working even in your favor (even when it’s a tough year) and all you need is a blueprint to your successful evolution in navigating your next year.

Best booked in your birth month & is dependent on the city you’ll be spending your Solar Return. (I’ll send you an email after purchase to confirm where in the world you’ll be).

This is a recorded reading with detailed guide to your Solar Return chart & transits. You will be able to ask follow up questions via email or voice chat


What’s Included: 

✴An Audio Recorded Reading of your Solar Return chart & transits for the year

✴ A written guide to your tranists, how to navigate them, and the timing

✴ A detailed pdf guide to your Solar Return Chart

✴ Email or Voice Chat access to Kacy to answer your follow up questions following delivery.

(voice chat access is via the free Voxer app.)



👉I’m ready to purchase, but what happens next? 

Once you’ve purchased, you’ll be sent a confirmation email with a link to give me all your birth chart details & where in the world you’ll be on your birthday.

Once you fill out the form your reading & guides will be delivered within 14 days to your email.

You will have 1 month from receiving the reading & materials to compile your questions and send them via email or Voxer. I will answer your questions in your prefered format within 5 business days. If you have more questions after our exchange you will be able to reach out again 2-3 times with questions.

Then, you ROCK your year, prepared to handle the challenges and master your growth lessons! 🎉


👉What is a Solar Return? 

Your Solar return is when the Sun returns to the same degree that you were born under. In Astrology speak, this is when your Sun is exact conjunct your Natal Sun. This begins a NEW cycle of your Solar self, or most bluntly…YOU. This chart is the Birth Chart of your year from birthday to birthday, showing you events, challenges, opportunities, and how to navigate them. A powerful chart.


👉 How is this different from transits? 

Transits are an important part of the picture and included in this reading. Transits show how you should MOVE through certain challenges at different times. A Solar Return chart shows the major themes, events, and focus points for you year. If transits were the weather on Thursday, August 15th, the Solar Return is the weather of August as a whole. They work best when layered together.


👉 Why isn’t this a live reading? 

Over my 4 years of offering live readings I noticed a trend that made me stop doing them for awhile…

Most people didn’t have questions on the spot. They needed time to digest the information and then ask questions. This formats allows for you to do just that. Listen on your own time and from a no-pressure space ask the questions that you need to understand your year. Because low key, astrology is AMAZING. But the questions people ask from their charts are far more insightful to answer than just what I see in your chart.


👉How many follow up questions can I ask? 

In general for email follow ups, please ask as many questions as you need. Expect to have a maximum of 3 emails or about 4 days on voxer for follow ups.


👉I want to buy this as a gift, How can I do that? 

Please just respond to the confirmation e-mail that you’re giving this as a gift and I will send you a gift email that can be forwarded to the person that you’re giving it to.


Fill out the form with their information and click the button that says “this is a gift” and put in the recepients email. It will go to them with a glitter gif of celebration!


👉I have a question you didn’t answer here!

Please reach out via instagram @kacydanae 

or email me at kacy@kacydanae.com with your question and I’ll get back to you.







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